Season 1 Episode 12

Two Birds

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 17, 2012 on NBC

Episode Recap

Reality 2

Michael meets with Dr. Evans and tells him what he learned in the other reality about how Hawkins engineered the accident and killed Michael's family. She's intrigued that he used his dream to access his memories, but suggests that Michael saw Hawkins at the crash scene after the accident, and is making up the memory of Hawkins staging the accident as a way of avoiding personal responsibility. Evans points out how unlikely it is that Michael could have seen Hawkins' face at night in a neighboring car, and that he would never accept such a story from a witness. Michael insists that it's not a hypothetical case and that he knows what he saw.

Reality 1

Michael explains to Dr. Lee how he couldn't wake up until he worked out that Hawkins was the killer, but the psychiatrist suggests that he's making the whole thing up. He also points out that there's no evidence to support his story, and that people remember what they want to. However, Michael insists that he knows what he saw.

Reality 2

Michael tells Evans that he's sorry for bothering her and has work to go, and then goes home and starts assembling all the information he has on Hawkins and the accident.

The next morning, Rex is web-chatting with Emma about their book reports and their upcoming beach to the week. Once he signs off, Michael explains that he wants Rex to leave town and stay with his aunt for a few days because he's working a case that might get rough. He overrides Rex's objections and Rex wonders what the guy did, and Michael tells him that everything will be fine.

Detective Ellen Kramer tells Bird that she can't reach Michael on a case because he's called in sick again, and Bird goes to Michael's house. He doesn't get an answer on Michael's phone and looks into the garage, and sees his partner's board of information on Hawkins and the accident. Bird then goes to see Evans, explaining that he's concerned about his partner. Evans refuses to break doctor-patient confidentiality but, after hearing Bird describe what is happening, she suggests that he should consider an intervention sooner rather than later.

That night, Michael breaks into Hawkins' house and holds him at gunpoint, demanding answers. When Hawkins plays innocent, Michael shoots him in the leg and the crooked cop explains that he and his co-conspirators were using Westfield to store heroin that they stole from Evidence and planned to sell themselves. They had to move the heroin when Michael started snooping around Westfield and now they can't move it until he's out of the way. When Michael demands to know who is backing him, Hawkins directs him to his laptop and a particular file. Before he can get the password, Bird pulls up outside. When Michael is distracted, Hawkins attacks him with a fireplace poker and the two men fight for the gun.

Bird gets inside and finds Hawkins, dead. Michael gets the drop on him and tells him that it was self-defense, and asks Bird to give him his gun. Once Bird hands it over, Michael handcuffs him and gets him into his car. En route he tells his partner that the laptop has the evidence they need but he can't go to anyone in the department because he doesn't know who is in on it. Bird reminds him of Francis, a hacker they used on a case, and Michael agrees to contact the man. He pulls over and reaches into Bird's jacket to get his cell phone, and Bird knocks him out.

Reality 1

Michael wakes up and gets dressed, telling Hannah that there's a case he's working on. He discovers that she's hidden his spare gun and Hannah points out that he's been acting erratically. Michael says that he doesn't need the gun and asks Hannah to stay out of the house until he can call her letter. He then calls Bird at Western Division and asks for his ex-partner to meet him later and not tell anyone, particular Bird's new partner Hawkins. Bird agrees and then tells Hawkins that his mother is having plumbing problems.

Bird and Michael meet at a park and Michael tells him about Hawkins. He wants Bird to copy the encrypted file from Hawkins' laptop, appealing to him as his former partner. Bird agrees, unaware that Hawkins has followed him and is photographing the entire meeting. Hawkins then meets with Carl Kessel and Captain Harper at a parking garage. Harper doesn't want to eliminate Michael but Hawkins and Carl both insist that it's necessary and that Bird will have to be eliminated as well. The captain has no choice but to agree.

At Western Division, Bird goes to Hawkins' laptop and starts downloading the files onto a thumb drive. He sees Hawkins coming and distracts him by asking him to buy a soda. Once Hawkins leaves, Bird finishes the download and gets back to his desk just in time.

Harper stands alone on the roof of the parking garage, crying.

Bird sends the file to Michael, who takes it to Francis at his basement shop. Francis refuses to let him in at first until Michael explains what he wants. Michael pays him with a gold Rolex that he inherited from his father and Francis puts his people to work on decrypting the password.

Carl is giving a briefing to his men at Western when Bird gets a text message from Michael. Bird goes to the restroom and takes the call, and Michael tells him that the decrypted file has a lease agreement for a storage facility in Carl's name. The lease is dated the day after Westfield was shut down, the same day of the Brittens' accident. They figure that Carl has assigned Hawkins to watch Bird and make sure Michael doesn't pass anything on. They agree to meet at Bird's house that night and then Bird goes back to the briefing.

As Michael leaves the shop, Francis asks him where Michael's father got the watch, and Michael tells him that he inherited it from his father. Touched, Francis gives it back and claims that he's rather have Michael owe him a favor. Michael then goes to the cemetery and vows over Rex's grave to get revenge on the man responsible for his death and Hannah's in the other reality.

That night, Michael goes to Bird's house and uses the spare key to get in when no one answers. He finds Bird shot dead, and Hawkins comes in behind Michael. He explains that he'll claim Michael went berserk and attacked Bird, and Hawkins had to shoot him in self-defense. Michael stalls, saying that he knows all about the lease agreement and the password that Hawkins uses. Distracted, Hawkins wavers long enough for Michael to leap out the window and go over the back fence. However, one shot hits him in the side.

Once Hawkins reports in, Harper calls her men together and tells them that Michael has had a psychotic breaks, and it's their job to take care of him. As Vega comes in, she tells the officers that they're authorized to use lethal force and shouldn't hesitate to shoot if they need to protect themselves. Harper then calls Vega to her office and asks what Michael may have told him about any delusions of conspiracies. Vega insists that Michael could never have shot his ex-partner, but Harper dismisses his suspicions because of his lack of experience and tells him to find Michael.

Michael takes refuge behind a dumpster as Hawkins closes in. The killer is forced to leave when a patrol car passes nearby, and Michael passes out from shock and blood loss.

Reality 2

Michael wakes up handcuffed in the back of the car, and is relieved to see Bird alive in at least one reality. He says that he now knows what the password is, explaining that it's another of the things he couldn't know but does. Bird reluctantly tries the password and opens the file with the lease agreement incriminating Carl.

The partners go to see Harper at the station. She knows about Hawkins' death and warns them that they only have circumstantial evidence that the man was involved in drug dealing. Harper becomes interested when Michael says that his memory is returning, but he admits he doesn't remember anything besides Hawkins. She confirms that Hawkins didn't mention any of his other conspirators and then says that she needs to send a CSU team to Hawkins' house. Michael warns that doing so will warn Carl, and Bird suggests that he take a team to check out the storage facility. Harper agrees, but warns Michael that if his claims don't pan out, he'll be locked up for Hawkins' murder.

Before he leaves, Bird locks Michael up and says that he hopes his partner is right, and Michael says that he does as well.