Away We Go

CBS (ended 1967)



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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Sheila MacRae / Teddy Neeley Five
      --Teddy Neeley - "If She Walked into My Life" --Teddy Neeley Five - "Contact" --Sheila MacRae sings "San Francisco" --Sheila MacRae and Buddy Greco sing "The Honeymoon Is Over" --Buddy Greco - "Away We Go," "She Loves Me," "The Lady's in Love with You" and "I Love You"
    • Rodney Dangerfield / 5th Dimension
      The guests are singing group The 5th Dimension and comedian Rodney Dangerfield.

      --The 5th Dimension - "Go Where You Wanna Go," "California My Way" and "Up, Up and Away (My Beautiful Balloon)."
      --Buddy Greco sings "Real Live Girl" and a "Music to Watch Girls By"/"Somewhere" medley (with the Miriam Nelson troupe's female dancers).
      --Buddy Greco plays "Autumn Leaves" on the piano.

      Comedy segments:
      --Rodney Dangerfield does a fast-paced monologue.
      --George Carlin portrays the "Hippie-Dippie Weatherman."
      --A hipster (George Carlin) gives his version of "Jack and the Beanstalk."
      --Announcer Buddy Greco talks with Congolia Breckenridge (George Carlin), an octogenarian who gives advice to the lovelorn.

      --Co-hosts Buddy Greco and George Carlin sing "Brush Up Your Shakespeare" in a production number with dancers.
    • Pete Barbutti / Sallie Blair
      The guests are singer Sallie Blair and pianist-comedian Pete Barbutti.

      --Sallie Blair sings "You've Got Your Troubles" and "Where Am I Going?"
      --Pete Barbutti and Buddy Greco perform a medley ("Alone Together," "The More I See You" and "That Face").
      --Buddy Greco sings "I Had a Ball."
      --The Miriam Nelson Dancers perform a "Let's Dance" routine.
      --The regulars and guests appear in an "Everybody Ought to Have a Maid" musical sketch.

      --George Carlin does a monologue about an officer inside the famous Trojan horse.
    • Charlie Manna / Grace Markay
      The guests are singer Grace Markay and comedian Charlie Manna.

      --Grace Markay sings "Alfie" and "What the World Needs Now."
      --Buddy Greco sings "Come Back to Me" and a "Sherry"/"Cherry" medley.
      --On piano, Greco performs "A Walk in the Black Forest" and "Who Can I Turn To?"
      --Finale: Pianist Dick Palumbi joins Grace Markay, Charles Manna, Carlin and Greco for a medley of Summer songs ("Summertime," "Up a Lazy River," "Mountain Greenery," "In the Good Old Summertime," etc.)

      --In a comedy monologue, Charlie Manna sings "Granada" and gives his interpretation of the song's history.
      --George Carlin plays "The Great Carlini," a hippie mystic.
      --Door-to-door salesman Buddy Greco tries to sell cosmetics to a beatnik couple (Carlin and series dancer Bonnie Evans).
    • Michele Lee / The Blossoms
      --Michele Lee sings "Everybody Loves My Baby" and "I Believe in You" --The Blossoms (vocal group) - "Somewhere" and "Dancing in the Streets" --Buddy Greco - "Your Cheatin' Heart" and "Cold, Cold Heart" --Buddy Rich & band - "Mexicali" & "Here Comes Charlie"
    • Hines, Hines, and Dad / Kaye Stevens
      --Hines, Hines, and Dad - "You're Just in Love"
    • Tom Patchett & Jay Tarses
    • Carmen McRae
      Carmen McRae
      Episode 7
      --Carmen McRae sings "Here's That Rainy Day," "Got to Get You Into My Life" & "Haven't We Met?"
    • Susan Barrett / Hal Frazier / Cathy Rich
    • Spanky and Our Gang / Mary Grover
      --Spanky and Our Gang - "Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me" and "Sunday Will Never Be the Same" --Mary Grover - "What Makes Me Love Him?" and "The Sweetest Sound" --Buddy Rich - "Willowcrest"
    • Richard Pryor / Teddy Neeley Five / Taro Delphi
      Music: --Taro Delphi - "Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine," "Bound to Fly" and "Something Wonderful" --Buddy Greco - "Born Free," "Goin' Out of My Head" & "Feeling Good" --George Carlin, Buddy Greco and Buddy Rich - "It Was a Very Good Year"
    • Joanie Sommers / David Frye
      The guests are singer Joanie Sommers and impressionist-comedian David Frye.

      --Buddy Greco, George Carlin, and Buddy Rich open the show with "I Love Being Here With You" (with the Miriam Nelson Dancers).
      --Joanie Sommers sings "Trains, Boats and Planes" and "I'm All Smiles."
      --Buddy Greco sings "Love's Gonna Live Here," "Georgy Girl" and "Sunny" (with dancers).
      --For the finale, the entire cast does a "Thoroughly Modern Millie" production number.

      --Joanie Sommers and George Carlin sing "Two Lost Souls" in a sketch spoofing blind dates.
      --In a radio station sketch, George Carlin plays a fast-talking DJ, with Greco & Rich as the station's reporters.
    • Lana Cantrell / Skyles and Henderson / Frankie Avalon (cameo)
      The guests are Australian singer Lana Cantrell and the comedy team of Skyles and Henderson.

      --Lana Cantrell sings "Nothing Can Stop Me Now" and "Stay."
      --Buddy Greco sings a medley ("How Insensitive," "So Nice" and "A Day in the Life of a Fool").
      --Buddy Greco, on piano, plays "Slaughter on Tenth Ave" in a production number with dancers.
      --Lana Cantrell, Buddy Greco, George Carlin and Buddy Rich - "Around the World."

      --Skyles and Henderson demonstrate various sound effects.
      --George Carlin plays a swami who selects a helper (Lana Cantrell) from the studio audience.
      --Carlin also appears as a late-night talk show host in a sketch that features Frankie Avalon (in a cameo appearance).
    • Sheila MacRae
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