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Awesome Adventures is an American award-winning, educational adventure series for young people, produced by Steve Rotfield Productions. Episodes follow the presenter and a group of teenagers to destinations all over the world, such as Belize, Jamaica, St Lucia and Hawaii. During their stay in the designated area, the group explore the environment and take part in a range of activities such as firing a cannon, cliff diving and crocodile safari. Awesome Adventures is an interesting and educational programme that provides the opportunity to learn about different cultures, customs and nature.

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  • Steven Bowcutt (cabarete)

    Love your show-- Cannot believe that you have not been to Cabarete yet! This is potentially the coolest place on the planet. I brought my wife and children here 8 years ago to live.The lifestyle we wanted to live was unatainable in the USA, so here we are. This is an outdoor sports mecca. From beach walking, to kitesurfing,windsurfing,surfing, mountain biking,laser sailing, sailing, SUP on both flat water and waves, hiking, caving, snorkeling, boogie boarding, canyoning and so much more. This is a community that is working towards going more green each day and well known as one of the best places in the world to kitesurf.

    All of this and just a skip from the USA and cheap flights too.


    Cabarete, Dom.Rep.moreless
  • stupid

    richards is sickening. the poor baby. dump his ass
  • Someone needs to do something

    Has no one else realized that this guy is totally all over those young girls how is this show on the air. Someone needs to put a stop to it.
  • Actually, my children and I enjoy watching show, as the hosts inspires my children of today to be adventurous without limits; also, I like the great display of camaraderie between the different races as they travel across the globe.moreless

    Quickly, I would like to respond to "smtsr1956." I realize that this show is on the Fox network and your historical thoughts are a lost cause; however, I wish that you can find it in your heart to allow your children and grandchildren to see people beyond race. We are no longer in 1956, the world is such a beautiful place; please give the gift of peace to your offspring and no more hate. Aren't you tired?moreless
  • is this a black oriented show.all the major players are black.they're r other races of this world besides black.i will not let my children and grand children watch this after seeing an all black castmoreless

    all black cast talking they're black slang not the way i want to bring my grand children up.lots of grandparents try to teach they're grandchildren about races are equal and this show is all black cast and talking black slang which should be an educating show for children and it is not.its putting the wrong impression in they're minds.when you decide to to make your show equal between races i and all i know will change this channel when we see it on our grandchildren television shows.eqal means not for one race but for all.hope yoiu change your standards.thank youmoreless
  • repeat:
    Will they repeat the show:12/13/08 - 7:30Also, who were the two kids on the show last Saturday from 12:00-12:30, 3/7/09?If someone...