AWF Warriors of Wrestling

(ended 1996)


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AWF Warriors of Wrestling

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Paul Alperstein's American Wrestling Federation attempted to become the third national professional wrestling promotion in launching a nationally syndicated one-hour weekly television show entitled "Warriors of Wrestling," on the weekend of September 21 - 22, 1996. The exclusive distributor for the 1996 series was BKS/Bates Entertainment with advertising sales handled by All-American Television, Inc. in New York.

The launch of the AWF as a third major professional wrestling organization resulted from the initial test launch of "Warriors of Wrestling" as a syndicated series in spring 1995. According to Jason Robar, the 1995 series "seemed to disappear after a short period of time. The original version of the Warriors of Wrestling was filmed in a softer, film-like tone, and featured many of the current regulars in AWF. All AWF matches were contested on a round system, with non-title matches scheduled for three four-minute rounds and all championship matches scheduled for 12-round bouts. The outcome of matches which did not end in a pin fall or submission was decided by the scoring decision of AWF judges at ringside together with the referee.

Despite its backing by BKS/Bates Entertainment (a television distribution joint venture linked to Bates Worldwide Advertising with billings of nearly $6 billion), the show was broadcast for only 12 weeks before folding under financial pressures. -'s Match History Section Broadcast history
Spring 1995: "test launch" syndicated in some markets
September 1996-December 1996: Weekends, nationally syndicated Feel free to leave your comments on the Viewer's Comments page Awards
Figure Four Weekly Year End Awards
Worst Promotion:
1996: Winner

Rec.Sport.Pro-Wrestling Year End Awards
Worst TV Show:
1995: Second Place (winner: WCW)
1996: Winner

Worst Organization:
1996: Winner AWF Title Histories AWF World Championship Won By Won From Date Location Shown on Tito Santana * 11/29/94 Chicago, IL AWF Warriors Of Wrestling 4/25/95 Bob Orton Jr.** Tito Santana 10/5/96 Ft. Lauderdale, FL AWF Warriors Of Wrestling 10/19/96 Tito Santana (2) Bob Orton, JR 10/5/96 Ft. Lauderdale, FL AWF Warriors Of Wrestling 11/2/96 and 11/9/96 * Santana defeated Orton in the finals of a tournament. **AWF Commissioner Jim Brunzell held up the title due to Sheik Adnon's interference during the title match. Santana defeated Orton in a rematch for the title AWF World Championship Tournament Chris Adams____ |Adams_______ ?______________| | |Adams______ Greg Valentine_ | | |Valentine___| | ?______________| | |Orton Jr____ Bob Orton Jr.__ | | |Orton Jr.___ | | ?______________| | | | |Orton Jr.__| | Koko B. Ware___ | | |Ware________| | ?______________| | |Santana Tommy Rich_____ | |Rich________ | ?______________| | | |Rich_______ | Sgt. Slaughter_ | | | |Slaughter___| | | ?______________| | | |Santana_____| Tito Santana___ | |Santana_____ | ?______________| | | |Santana____| Mr. Hughes_____ | |Hughes______| ?______________| also in the tournament: Hercules, Jim Powers, Michael Hayes, Johnny Gunn, and Tony Atlas AWF World Tag Team Championship Won By Won From Date Location Shown on Tommy Rich/Greg Valentine * 5/21/95 Tampa, FL n/a * beat Tony Atlas & Koko B. Ware in the finals of a 12 team tournament to become the first AWF Tag Team Champions AWF World Tag Team Championship Tournament Johnny Gunn/Jimmy Powers___ |Gunn/Powers_______ Texas Hangmen______________| | |?______________ Tom Zenk/Charlie Norrus____ | | |Zenk/Norrus_______| | Bye________________________| | |Rich/Valentine___ Hercules/Mr. Hughes________ | | |DDQ_______________ | | The Renagades______________| | | | |Rich/Valentine_| | Tommy Rich/Greg Valentine__ | | |Rich/Valentine____| | Bye________________________| | |Rich/Valentine Koko B. Ware/Tony Atlas____ | |Ware/Atlas________ | Super Destroyers___________| | | |Ware/Atlas____ | Ron Powers/Fidel Sierra____| | | | |Powers/Sierra_____| | | Bye________________________| | | |Ware/Atlas________| Chris Adams/Konnan 2000____ | |Adams/Konnan______ | Samoan Swat Team___________| | | |?_____________| Nailz/Executioner__________| | |Nailz/Executioner_| Bye________________________|moreless