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In this episode Jake is filming a music video for one of his songs which Tamara and Jenna are in as "side hoes". While on break Jenna admits to Tamara that she had sex with Matty. Which I cannot believe happened I mean I thought that relationship was squashed. But anyway it happened and the last thing Jenna said to Matty post-sex was "Peace". Really Jenna? Really?

Then as Jake was opening a bottle, the cork flies, hits Jenna in the face which causes her to trip over and hit her face on cement flower pot. She got a bloody nose and chipped her teeth. And lemme tell you it was hard for me to watch her when she smiled.

I'm Fine

Matty takes her inside to clean her up (#MattyToTheRescue) and he finds an unknown document. Matty becomes upset and distant towards other people including Jenna and saying that he wants to go to a college far away. Meanwhile, Jenna gets her teeth fixed and is unable to talk for the next 24 hours which makes it even more difficult to talk to Matty about why he is avoiding her. The day after Jenna confronts Matty thinking its her fault that Matty is avoiding her and that they are repeating the secret relationship they had in season 1. Matty says that it's not all about her and explains that he is adopted and walks away. In the end Jenna looked like a little brat who thinks the world revolved around her.

As we all can see Tamara and Jake's relationship are obviously on the rocks. Tamara thinks Jake has become irresponsible and the music he writes is crap. Jake thinks that Tamara is rude and just plain mean. Which I don't believe I just think she is unfiltered. But when Jake writes another recent song which he emails out to everyone, Tamara promises to get to it explaining that she is busy. But when she does she loves the song but when she goes to tell Jake this, Jake ends the relationship.

Also Sadie and Lissa have a minor fight because of Lissa's new position as cheer squad captain. They both fake having new friends which some were forced (#LaughLikeYouMeanIt). But end up being best friends after Sadie admits to working on a sausage truck because she's broke.


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May 13, 2014
The name Of Show Should be

May 13, 2014
Uh, Jenna. I was a big supporter of her throughout Season 3 (even sometime after she cheated on Matty), but now... I mean, can we go one entire episode without her being self-centred the entire time? Not everything is about you Jenna, and Matty deserves a better friend than that at the moment.

Honestly Tamara and Jake's break-up felt very forced. The writers wanted drama, so they broke them up by having Jake transform into a completely different character between seasons (one that clashes with Tamara more). Tamara even tried to make amends at the end of this episode - and Jake still dumped her, so yeah, it didn't seem too realistic to me.

Just wondering if you're planning on doing more reviews like this in the future? I'd be happy to read and comment, I've considered doing one for the series myself, but I have a love/ hate relationship with the show that stops me from investing too much time in it.
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