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Ashley Rickards is suiting up!
Aug 18, 2016
The Flash Is Bringing in an Awkward Villain This Season
Awkward Star Ashley Rickards Joins The Flash Season 3 as The Top
welcome to angst-fest
Feb 12, 2016
MTV Sets Premiere Dates for Awkward's (Probably) Final Season and Faking It Season 3
Mark your calendars because your favorite teen comedies will be back soon!
is this real life?
Jul 30, 2015
MTV Sets Return Date for Finding Carter, and Releases New Trailers for Faking It and Awkward
Let's just say Carter makes some poor life choices this season.
you're welcome?
Oct 08, 2014
MTV Is Kicking Awkward. Out of the House When It Finishes High School (After Season 5)
The show has been renewed for a fifth and final season.
Jun 18, 2014
Awkward's Eva Problem
The following post contains spoilers from the latest episode of Awkward, ‘Snow Job’, as well as the rest of the series’ fourth season, so if you haven’t watched it all, come back later once you have!
swallow it whole
Jun 12, 2014
What Types of Shows Are Best for Binge-Watching?
Which shows are best consumed in single-episode servings, and which are perfect for a buffet?
May 11, 2014
Awkward S4 Ep2 "Listen To This!"
In this episode Jake is filming a music video for one of his songs which Tamara and Jenna are in as "side hoes". While on break Jenna admits to Tamara that she had sex with Matty. Which I cannot believe happened I mean I thought that relationship was squashed. But anyway it happened and the last thing Jenna said to Matty post-sex was "Peace". Really Jenna? Really?

Then as Jake was opening a bottle, the cork flies, hits Jenna in the face which causes her to trip over and hit her face on cement flower pot. She got a bloody nose and chipped her teeth. And lemme tell you it was hard for me to watch her when she smiled.

I'm Fine

Matty takes her inside to clean her up (#MattyToTheRescue) and he finds an unknown document. Matty becomes upset and distant towards other people including Jenna and saying that he wants ...Read more
is nothing sacred?
Jan 11, 2014
News Briefs: ABC Is Destroying Childhoods and Developing a National Lampoon's Vacation Comedy Series
Plus: A new trailer for Season 2 of Da Vinci's Demons, Melissa McCarthy will host SNL again, and The Walking Dead's David Morrissey has a new job.
He's pissed
Nov 20, 2013
News Briefs: Frank Darabont Has a Very Strong Opinion About The Walking Dead
Plus: MTV gets more Awkward., Necessary Roughness is over, and a big shakeup at The Bridge.
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