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Season 2 Episode 9

Homewrecker Hamilton

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 23, 2012 on MTV - Music Television
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    Awkward. "Homewrecker Hamilton" Review: Blowing the Whole Thing Up

    Jenna comes up with a plan to right her wrongs, but will it get her into deeper trouble?

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    Jenna struggles with her love life, and a text message makes things even worse.

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    • Boy. Oh. Boy.

      Note: Spoilers ahead.

      This weeks episode of MTV's Awkward was definately, maybe the best Awkward episode so far..Why you ask? Because this was a hell of an episode. Surprises, surpirses and surprises every second.

      This intriguing and exciting episode was devilishly too long, yet too small. Doesn't make sense? Well you will understand what I mean soon enough.

      Starting with Jenna asking Jake why! Why did you break up with me? The episode seemed simple. But, little did I know, Jenna's life was about to be a disaster. How do I put this? Jenna is in the worst situation she has ever been in. She's the 'Homewrecker Hamiltion'.

      But, why? Because soooooooooooooo much happened. Jake replied to Jenna's question with a tacky photo of Jenna and Matty on the bed, and the words - You're a cheater - written in caps and bold. Now this is serious.

      And so Jenna tries to tell Jake that it isn't what he thinks it's. But SURPRISE! He knows EVERYTHING. And so Jenna goes and tells Matty that Jake knows EVERYTHING. And damn the once uber cool bromance between innocent kid Jake Rossati and self conscious loser Matty McKibben dies in an instant. So Matty does the moral thing. He goes to Saide and calls her a bitch. But, Saide ain't a person who would feel bad after being called a bitch. Infact, she said thank you. A true bitch. Sadie Saxton. But, she tells Matty something which makes sense! Jenna and Matty are also the villains in Jake's life. Is that right?

      And so in a desperate act to talk to Jake, Jenna goes to play the wheel of fortune from season 1 episode 1. And boy, oh, boy, things go bad. Sadie, being the bitch she is calls Matty on the stage and Jake goes bezerk. Jenna and Matty are asked to kiss each other, and when Matty denies. Jake punches him. Not once. Not twice. But thrice! And then Matty finally loses his temper. So he does what none of us though was possible. He punches Jake, who actually goes down in an instant. But this ain't impossible. Matty then shouts, and I quote, "I f***d your girlfriend". (Now this is exactly what it sounded like. Thanks to MTV for beeping it. But, we all know what this means. TROUBLE!) Now, I said that a rivalry has begun. But, THIS. I'm psyched.

      Then in front of Valerie, Matty tells Jake that it wasn't Jenna's fault. And Valeries supports Matty. (Seems like Valerie is team Matty).

      Now even Ming has a problem. YES! MING! The guys she's dating tells her the difference between a white bitch and an Asian bitch. So, a white bitch goes and tells that she's after you. But, an Asian bitch derives from the ways of a ninja. She uses stealth. She's everywhere and nowhere. Uh oh Min. Trouble is everywhere and nowhere. (This made me laugh for a long, long time)!

      And not to forget Jenna's dad gives her a car. But, Jenna's smarter than that. A divorce is on the way. Thanks to someone named Hannah. Poor mother Lucy Hamilton. Jenna, tells her mother in a very un-Jenna way that her a divorce is about to come.

      And soo Jenna blogs again. But her anonymous friend gives her the crappiest advice ever! To make this small little private blog, public! And so, the once invisible blog goes viral. At least in school.

      So the very next day, Jenna very gallantly goes and asks Jake if he read her blog? And damn he snaps out. So now, Jenna didn't cheat on Jake, but she did humiliate him. That too bad. And then in an instant Jenna realizes that her blog wasn't just bomb for her, but also for everyone she knows too. So she follows Jake and just misses hitting a car. But, Sadie's a bitch. That too a sadicstic one. And so she ends the show with the words, "OMG! Jenna Hamilton just tried to kill herself. AGAIN!"

      Now you get what I mean? Jenna becomes the homewrecker of three relationships. And so much happened in that short time period of 21 minutes. Now all I want to say is WHO THE HELL DOES SHE CHOOSE? I am team Matty. Maybe, because I can relate to him. He's self conscious. And so am I. SO GO MATTY.


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