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  • Awkard???

    Awkward is to catch myself willingly watching this piece of crap. That's really awkward.
  • Season finale?

    Episode 10 was it the finale??

    I hate eva she is a evil psychotic and a compulsive liar!! i loved Jenna + ,Matty but now Jenna does not deserve him anymore and Matty WAKE UP Eva is turning you against everyone you know for god sake how can you believe Jenna would ever just make up lies about Eva. I mean i get why Matty would believe Sadie would do that but not Jenna. You have a right to be angry at Jenna but please DUMP EVA'S LYING ASS. I BET SHE IS FAKING THE PREGNANCY...
  • length

    I really like this feel as if the episodes should be on an hr block tho, it feels like they try and cram all this drama into a 22 min episode so it ends up being kinda funky.... Idk maybe it's just me that feels this way. Otherwise great show.
  • stop making Jake and Tamara happen, it's never gonna happen bad chemistry all over it!

    I just finished watching the latest episodes and I'm very disappointed. Matty is being an a giant pain in the butt and humiliates Jenna in front of the stage for everyone to see and Jenna seems like she's the one that is sorry. For once I hope Jenna, fight will call off Matty when he is walking all over her. Next issue, Jenna's new love like a lot like who Jake was in season 1, yeah the good-two shoe guy who will rescue the damsel why nor bring back Jake-Jenna since they have nor just good but amazing chemistry together. Lastly, please stop making Jake and Tamara happen, as Regina George would say, it's never gonna happen. Tamara just become more annoying and obsessive with Jake. A lot of times I stopped watching for Jenna and waited for other characters like Val, Lacey, Sadie and Lissa would say because they are more likable than the main character.
  • this show was great but alas

    When this show came out it was fresh and insightful , it cleverly juggled a teen drama with comedy but alas it has over stayed it's welcome is only around to collect a pay check , this makes me sad. It has over stayed its use by date by a season.
  • Love the show, but my happy feeling from earlier seasons has turned to sadness

    Wow... i love this tv series but I can't say that I loved Jenna turning into a bad girl. If Matty would have cheated first, and then it resulted in Jenna's bad phase, I could have been more understanding. But Matty was being a good guy and he wasn't being the cheating jock stereotype that I might have expected. I loved the Matty and Jenna connection, and I was happy they got back together after the Jake incident. But now that she did what she did, she doesn't deserve Matty. However, this doesn't stop me from being sad about the Bailey and Matty connection. Grrr... Why did Jenna have to be such an idiot and cheat and throw away a good thing. Obviously this happens, but doesn't mean I have to be happy that it does. So here was my rant, please forgive me.
  • a great show!!!!!!!!

    i really think that matty and jenna should get back together......................... they make a good couple............ <3 <3 <3.............. cant wait for the new episode 2night!!!!!!!

  • Top Shows - Quirky, unexpected, sensual, cuss fest :D

    Mostly 3 seasons, 4.1 (12-14)
  • this show

    I used to love this show so much!!!!! Until jenni cheated nd started doing stupid junk i hate her character now whats wrong with u directors because of jenni or whatever her real name is ill never watch that show or any shows shes in again .
  • first season was great but now formulaic

    I loved the first season.

    It was quirky and original.

    But the second season has just turned into a run of the mill teen romantic "comedy" (It's not even at all funny anymore).

    no going to bother with the third.
  • Only for people who enjoy a certain type of humour

    Personally, I couldn't get past the first 9 episodes. The characters are one dimensional... Jenna can literally only think about one boy and makes all her decisions based on him and the plots aren't particularly exciting... for me at least. It's obvious this isn't an intelligent show, but literally nothing that happens makes you use your brain cells at all. That said, if you are looking for a silly show to watch and aggravating characters don't bother you, then by all means go ahead and watch it. My 15 year old sister adores this show, so maybe you just need to be of a certain type to enjoy it.
  • So awkward

    I love this show but sometimes it's too awkward for me to even watch :DD lol
  • Good Show

    I think its a pretty good show, theirs just too much bullshit. They talk about boys all day everyday. Inst there some other thing you could talk about Jenna i mean cmon!
  • Awesome but....

    Awkward is absolutely awesome! It's so funny, so smart, and so original. Great characters and great jokes. But one thing is really bugging me. Jenna's hair look the same EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! It's getting annoying. Change it up a little would you? Put it up, let it down, cut it off, do SOMETHING! But the braid on the side is getting pretty damn old pretty damn fast!
  • guest star

    I've never watched this show before. Anthony Michael Hall is my reason for watching it now. I'm a big fan of his. I watch any show or movie that he is in. I hope you keep him. by the way he is very talented,too. I growing on the show I get back with you on that. Yeah,MIchael........................
  • awkward

    I loved awkward there is another episode coming on in april 13,2013. I think they should make alot more episodes and they might want to go a little faster than they are going because there is alot of people that act like they can't but they can it is so great that you have to act like you can't wait because i know that i can't wait but i know i can but now i know that i don't want to wait. I i need to watch more so i can choose a team matty and jake are so hot. I wish that i could date jake or matty i really wouldn't care. i just know that i am going to keep watching episodes that i have already watched until they make more episodes. So i hope that they make more episodes.
  • I'm awkward!

    I love this show, I watched both seasons in 2 days. TEAM MATTY
  • cccooolll

    i love mmmaaatttyyy ttteeeaaammm mmmaaatttyyy all the way jjeennaa and mmaattyy should be togather instead of jake bbbbbooooo


    I have no life and am obsessed with Awkward. Im frickin #TeamMatty all the way. Seriously best show ever. Whoever doesnt watch it is messed up and is stupid. hahahah! Its sooooo intense!

  • Yes Please!

    I knew I was going to love this show before I even saw it. I never missed an episode and I loved it. It was funny and I found myself able to relate to Jenna in some ways. It is very enjoyable to watch and I'm already fiending for the next episode.

  • Love it

    This Show is funny it's gives a real acual real point of view how high school really is cruel and sometimes funny and that you can't really make in high school with out friends when season came out I thought that this show was going to be terrible because how the previous season ended but the second was acual better than the first but if this season goes for a 3rd season i wonder how the story between jenna will change and also the storyline
  • Very nice

    If you decide to watch this show, you will get what you expect and what you want: High school drama. You will love the characters that you are suppose to love, and hate the ones you are suppose to hate (probably hate them very much). Also the parent and counselling characters are very good (not to mention funny!).

    So far, season 2 is only slightly worse than season 1, but then again, season 1 was super.

    If you can find an episode in which you DO NOT smile or atleast SMIRK at you're not human (soory jenna) but your life sucks LOL but i enjoy laughing at it with the rest of my friends!

    Lines like- Tamara "I think we lost Meng to the far east..."

    Sadie: What's up suicidal slut? [Sadie shoves a dollar in Jenna's shirt.] Get used to it sex is gonna pay your way through college. You're welcome

    Matty: And this is...

    Jenna: ...a girl he deflowered at summer camp

    Jenna: The only thing open about Ally were her legs

    Jenna: Sadie didn't just hate me she hated herself. She was as powerless to the stigma of her weight as I was to the stigma of my fake suicide. Was it possible that we had something in common?

    [Jenna reads Sadie's food diary]: Jenna Hamilton is an oozing skitch!

    Jenna: F- that, I had to take the bitch down.

  • Refreshingly (and surprisingly) really good.

    I honestly don't know what it is about this show that makes it so worth while, there's just that "IT" factor that not many shows possess, that and good writing.

    Yes, it's a high school show that's obviously aimed at girls, but it's actually funny and doesn't make the audience out to be idiots like many shows do. For example, the characters actually make decisions that follow their emotions instead of just being catalysts for the plot to move forward 100% of the time (this can be difficult to pull off) and for a scripted series on MTV it's doing quite well, I hope MTV knows they have a gem on their hands with this series.

    The main character Jenna is extremely likable as are a few of the antagonists (such as Sadie, even though anyone who actually talked like she does to other people, would get their face bashed in) but that's part of the fun. You love to hate the b***h.

    Awkward's really well written and anyone who's looking for some good laughs but also a good story, this one's for you.
  • Enjoyable

    After Awkward ended its first season my friend practically begged me to watch it. After about two days of that I finally gave up and let myself try it out, seeing as MTV proved it could come out with a decent show with Teenwolf.

    Awkward is far better than what I expected, the school, characters, and the feelings make the show seem more real than any high school I've seen on television before. Watched some behind the scene thing for the wardrobe department and how they reuse clothes and stuff to that effect, made me love the show and the thought that goes into it even more.

    Awkward is a return to programming for teenagers that does things other than idolize brainless party-goers and drunk divas.
  • Awkward is brilliant

    This is a show that is easy to dismiss if you are just flipping through the channels. On the surface it's just another teen-drama-high-school-show. But if you actually watch it it is extremly good. The thing that won me over is that, even though it's a tv-show and the events are outrageus I actually believe that the characters react in a way that real people would react to these circumstances. So you can actually learn a little bit about life if you watch Awkward.
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