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  • stop making Jake and Tamara happen, it's never gonna happen bad chemistry all over it!

    I just finished watching the latest episodes and I'm very disappointed. Matty is being an a giant pain in the butt and humiliates Jenna in front of the stage for everyone to see and Jenna seems like she's the one that is sorry. For once I hope Jenna, fight will call off Matty when he is walking all over her. Next issue, Jenna's new love like a lot like who Jake was in season 1, yeah the good-two shoe guy who will rescue the damsel why nor bring back Jake-Jenna since they have nor just good but amazing chemistry together. Lastly, please stop making Jake and Tamara happen, as Regina George would say, it's never gonna happen. Tamara just become more annoying and obsessive with Jake. A lot of times I stopped watching for Jenna and waited for other characters like Val, Lacey, Sadie and Lissa would say because they are more likable than the main character.