Ax Men

Sunday 9:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Mar 09, 2008 Between Seasons


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Ax Men

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It is a material we see in almost every structure and it is essential to many of us for furniture; wood. Ax Men is an unscripted reality series about men who deal with the everyday dangerous environment of logging.

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Season 9 : Episode 15


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    • First and last post to all the idiots on AX-MEN -or- IDIOTS WITHOUT AX's

      I am guessing in order to qualify to be on this show one must not have an education surpassing the 3rd grade. In fact the older the cast member the dumber they seem to get. I find it hard to believe that these people are not in jail just for the destruction they impose on the environment. With that said, I would like to say that the next time I tune in will undoubtedly be to watch the trial on COURT-TV because these idiots killed someone. Thank you God for the lock out button on my remote and that I am not related to these dysfunctional family's.moreless
    • Love this show!!!

      Love this show!!!!
    • An environment of logging..... Wow!

      This show proves the savageness of our country. You speak of an environment of logging, please! What about the environment your destroying? Do you realize how much deforestation is occurring and destroying our atmosphere as we speak? Everything in nature should work as one, unfortunately this is not the case. We love showing what we as Americans do best, rape, butcher, and steal.
    • GREAT EXCEPT!!!! Remove the river loggers.

      This show is pretty fascinating. it has some comical parts with the Bayou Red Kneck Shelby to lighten some of the tense moments from the true mountain axe men. Great so far BUT!!!!!!!

      Please Please remove the worst, joke, unreal, unintelligent, painful to watch, fake, over dramatized and just bad television part of the show called the river loggers. I actually have to record the show first and fast forward all the dumb river logger parts. It is actually insulting that the producers think people believe the stupidity of it. Please i am being cheated out of my time while i watch wanting more of the real raw logging on the mountains. Please you have Shelby be the comic relief and get rid of these untalented jokers please. I would give a 10 but these guys weigh the show down.moreless
    • Dumber than a Stump

      You know out of all the Red Neck, Hillbilly, TV shows on tv. Ax Men the Cheese who slid off his cracker Shelby, takes the cake for God, leaving out brains. That boy is a danger to himself and humanity and some day will kill someone or himself trying to act normal.

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