Ax Men

Sunday 9:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Mar 09, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • First and last post to all the idiots on AX-MEN -or- IDIOTS WITHOUT AX's

    I am guessing in order to qualify to be on this show one must not have an education surpassing the 3rd grade. In fact the older the cast member the dumber they seem to get. I find it hard to believe that these people are not in jail just for the destruction they impose on the environment. With that said, I would like to say that the next time I tune in will undoubtedly be to watch the trial on COURT-TV because these idiots killed someone. Thank you God for the lock out button on my remote and that I am not related to these dysfunctional family's.
  • Love this show!!!

    Love this show!!!!
  • An environment of logging..... Wow!

    This show proves the savageness of our country. You speak of an environment of logging, please! What about the environment your destroying? Do you realize how much deforestation is occurring and destroying our atmosphere as we speak? Everything in nature should work as one, unfortunately this is not the case. We love showing what we as Americans do best, rape, butcher, and steal.
  • GREAT EXCEPT!!!! Remove the river loggers.

    This show is pretty fascinating. it has some comical parts with the Bayou Red Kneck Shelby to lighten some of the tense moments from the true mountain axe men. Great so far BUT!!!!!!!

    Please Please remove the worst, joke, unreal, unintelligent, painful to watch, fake, over dramatized and just bad television part of the show called the river loggers. I actually have to record the show first and fast forward all the dumb river logger parts. It is actually insulting that the producers think people believe the stupidity of it. Please i am being cheated out of my time while i watch wanting more of the real raw logging on the mountains. Please you have Shelby be the comic relief and get rid of these untalented jokers please. I would give a 10 but these guys weigh the show down.
  • Dumber than a Stump

    You know out of all the Red Neck, Hillbilly, TV shows on tv. Ax Men the Cheese who slid off his cracker Shelby, takes the cake for God, leaving out brains. That boy is a danger to himself and humanity and some day will kill someone or himself trying to act normal.
  • Really getting stupid!

    This show is getting more pathetic each week we watch! We come from 5 generations of loggers and if anyone of them acted like these idiots they would not keep a job for 5 minutes. Much less get rehired every week like Gabe whats his name. COME ON! There has to be more than just one guy to run the landing in the whole state! Why do they keep bringing back the same dopes?? Gabe is not any better than the Bozos he hires... including his dad. Bring back the Browning crew. For the most part there were no drama queens working for him. The guys doing the swamp logging are even worse. I find myself laughing (and then getting furious) at their in-bred ways. I have just about given up on this show. Shelby Stanga is a pretty real seeming man. He does not puff himself up for the cameras and talk about how great he is like the other freaks who do the swamp logging. Why is everybody their "son"? Ithink they should all go to a REAL logging site and see how people should act! I will not give this show any more of my time! Goodbye!
  • Another History Chanel Dud

    Like Pawn Stars, This is a nother predictible Dud. Choreographed and phony. In one episode you see aguy shooting a bow at one of the aqua loggers. Todays TV is bombarded with useless reality shows. History Chanel is renowned for phony shows with language unfit for young children.
  • Great show

    I'm watching an Ax Men marathon today - 4/1/2012.

    Great variety etc.

    When someone says "logging" I always thought of lumberjacks.

    This show shows many different facets of "logging" - you got your NW lumberjacks with this show.

    But you also have your Louisiana swamp man trying to pull a log that's been under water for 150 years from out of a swamp - to men in the SE pulling recently cut pine out of thick forests with horses.


  • Axmen

    My name is David Hahn owner of all pro tree service Levi brown is my nephew. I truly enjoy the show,
  • A show that follows the lives and work of timberfallers or lumberjacks

    If you have not seen one of these Ax Men shows then you will find it a refreshing change of pace. Ax Men follows the work and lives of several lumberjacks or timberfallers. The problem I have with this particular show is that it become repetative after about three or four shows. Once I've seen a tree fall and dragged up a mountain, how many times can I see it before I become bored? About four shows apparently. Also this particular show doesn't do a good job of caracter development. While we know what these fellows do for their jobs we do not see their lives away from work very much. We do not see their families. We do not see what they work so hard for. We do see these things in a very horrible couple of episodes at the end of the season, but by that time the show barely had my interest at that point. It was hanging by a thread and that was only because I had stuck with the show for so long that I wanted to see the season ending. Will I watch another season? Maybe. The show would definately have to do way more character development. It would also have to humanize their jobs alot more than it shows. Further more the show will have to figure out how not to fall into a repetative trap. IF they can figure out how to do those things, then I will be a repeat customer
  • A fascinating look at how lumber crews work.

    We all use furniture, baseball bats and even paper, most likely without thinking much about how it gets to your home or office. All wood products start out as trees, and it takes a lot of hard work from lumberjacks to get this underway. "Ax Men" shows you the daily efforts of a group of lumber workers, on location as they harvest the trees. It's dangerous work, with the weather, chancy equipment and differences in knowledge all figuring in as risks on the job. Will the new recruits learn what to do in time? Will the crew bosses be able to find enough locales to turn a profit? As with "Ice Road Truckers," the History Channel has created another fun and engrossing new show that really delves into its subjects' lives. You won't look at this topic quite the same way again.