Ax Men

Sunday 9:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Mar 09, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • A show that follows the lives and work of timberfallers or lumberjacks

    If you have not seen one of these Ax Men shows then you will find it a refreshing change of pace. Ax Men follows the work and lives of several lumberjacks or timberfallers. The problem I have with this particular show is that it become repetative after about three or four shows. Once I've seen a tree fall and dragged up a mountain, how many times can I see it before I become bored? About four shows apparently. Also this particular show doesn't do a good job of caracter development. While we know what these fellows do for their jobs we do not see their lives away from work very much. We do not see their families. We do not see what they work so hard for. We do see these things in a very horrible couple of episodes at the end of the season, but by that time the show barely had my interest at that point. It was hanging by a thread and that was only because I had stuck with the show for so long that I wanted to see the season ending. Will I watch another season? Maybe. The show would definately have to do way more character development. It would also have to humanize their jobs alot more than it shows. Further more the show will have to figure out how not to fall into a repetative trap. IF they can figure out how to do those things, then I will be a repeat customer