Axe Cop

Saturday 11:00 PM on FOX Premiered Jul 21, 2013 In Season


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  • Awesome action show.

    Love it
  • Not my cup of tea TBH

    Similar to the web-comic, the series features the titular police officer Axe Cop, his partner Flute Cop, and their allies Sockarang, Grey Diamond, Liborg, Bat Warthog Man, and Wexter as they fight various "bad guys" and avoid getting into conflict with the Normal Police.

    I am gonna be really honest with you, I was never into Axe Cop as well as the FOX Animation Domination High Definition block. Why? because they wanted to make an Adult Swim 2.0, but it's didn't worked. They took adult humor too far for me to handle it (that's why they were TV-MA, but now that's I 17, I am officially old enough to watch them, but I refuse since it's too much; I rather watch superjail than this). I don't competently hate this show, but it is still not good. I also think it's overrated. What

    s the big of this? Hell, Brooklyn Nine Nine is a hundred times better than this (they're both cop shows). B99 handles the cop comedy genre very well while AC falls flat. One of the episode had poop in it and there's actually real a piece of crap. That's why I stop watching Fox ADHD. I'm glad they got rid of the block, but sadly, FOX announced that they're still gonna air this show, No thank you. I rather get Glee cancelled than this (but I'd rather this than that stupid show). The animation/art is poor because it looks like I was an anime for some reason. I hate how anime are designed so that's why I barely watch it nowadays (except for Pokemon). Overall, I don't think this show deserves to come back because it is so poorly done. The creators of this should have stick AC as a comic not a show. Sorry fans. 4/10
  • Just the right amount of silliness for an Adult Cartoon

    Updated (13-14)
  • So, so insane

    I'm not really a big fan of the sort of meta cartoons you see on Adult Swim. Most of them just seem really stupid. The only one I ever cared for at all was Sealab Something?

    But for some reason, I just love the very meta Axe Cop. I love it because it acts like it's the stream-of-consciousness ramblings of a hyper 8-year-old brought to life. It makes no sense, but it makes perfect dream sense. It is often quite heartless and always wildly funny.

    After six episodes it seems to have disappeared; I hope it's not cancelled.
  • Ron Swanson as a cartoon

    I like this show. It's a little dark , really silly and It's exactly what I'd expect an animated Ron Swanson to be like. The animation quality is excellent.
  • Utter garbage, even from a five-year-old

    This is one of the worst pieces of garbage ever broadcast. Even for a five-year-old, this is childish and poorly written. The plot (if you can call it that) is worthless and non-existent, and the dialog is excruciatingly juvenile. I can't imagine even a child could enjoy this.

    When I was five, our teachers encouraged us to improve lauded *good* creative works from us, not every piece of crap we spewed out.

    FOX should be ashamed to have put this on television instead of leaving it where it belongs: in the garbage can in the corner of the room of the child who thought it up.

  • What's wrong with you ?

    This show beats every stupid show FOX tried to make us laugh at , but fails terribly
  • Eh...

    This is another one of those, you need to be stoned, or drunk... to think it is funny or you can understand kinda show...