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Ayakashi Ayashi

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 2007)



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Ayakashi Ayashi

Show Summary

Ayakashi Ayashi tells the story of Yukiatsu Ryoudo. Yukiatsu is an employee at a bath house but also has the power of Ayagami, the ability to find the words behind things which can be used to fight the Youi, a beast that has come to feudal Japan to ravage. Desperate to run from his past and not get involved in the conflict with the Youi, Yukiatsu evades members from a Youi fighting force that call themselves Ayashi. When saving a woman and her young child from a Youi encounter, Yukiatsu is finally forced to deal with the past he has been running from.
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  • An interesting show with some very strange elements... worth a look.

    The show follows Ryuudou Yukiatsu a wanderer who has the power of Ayagami. This power allows Yukiatsu to extract the power of an object or person by knowing it's name. He is eventually recruited by a strange organisation that wishes to use his power to fight demons known as Youi.

    After that it is pretty much your standard superpower anime. What makes it stand out however is that the show is much more cerebral than most animes and dwells on surprisingly philosophical subjects. It also has some very beautiful animation and some very interesting characters as well.

    All in all this is well above average and definitely worth a look.moreless