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Chiba TV (ended 2008)


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Kusaka Yuu is an average high school student who lives an average life with the weight of the death of a childhood friend always on his mind. Little does he know, there is a war going on where creatures, called Ayakashi, and their users fight among each other, that is until he meets Yoake Eimu. Bearing a striking resemblance to Kusaka's childhood friend, Eimu is an Ayakashi user and her chance meeting with Kusaka, will change his life as he knows it forever.
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  • Pretty much what you would expect of a 12 episode action anime, fast paced, lots of fight and a plot which can be difficult to follow.

    The show centres on the life of Kusaka Yuu an average highschool student who has had to live with the death of his closest fiend since he was very young. ONe day he meets a girl called Yoake Eimu who looks just like his dead friend. Yuu is quicklyy drawn into a strange world where fearsome monsters called Ayakashi and the people of can control them fight for the sake of humanity.

    As you can see the plot is pretty much like a lot of other anime out there, but it is well written and unlike some shorter anime shows not too confusing. The charcaters are well designed although I find the main character a little bit annoying for my taste.

    All in all it is standard anime no better or no worse than many others you will find.moreless