Azumanga Daioh

Season 1 Episode 22

Entrance Exams Study Camp!

Aired Saturday 2:00 PM Sep 02, 2002 on
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It’s the girls’ last summer vacation together. Tomo wants to go to Chiyo’s summer house and continue their tradition, but the girls have to study. So, they attempt to do both at the house.

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  • This was definitely one of my favorite episodes.

    I love Azumanga Daioh, and this is one of the episodes that explains why. It has so much humor and a mild shock effect at the same time. The plot was also very "out there." When I found out from the episode preview that there was going to be another summer vacation episode, I was really happy, since the previous two were excellent. This episode also brought me much laughter.

    This episode had a lot of scenes that made me smile. For example, when Yukari comes into Chiyo's driveway with her busted-up car, and Chiyo just runs into Nyamo's car, I just started cracking up. Tomo seemed very weird since she actually enjoyed Yukari's driving. Also, this episode has the infamous, and my favorite, knife scene. I was so excited when this part came on, and how it ended made me laugh so hard. This episode was definitely one of the best Azumanga Daioh episodes out there.moreless
Kaytha Coker

Kaytha Coker

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Don Rush

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Hilary Haag

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    • Osaka: When you think of autumn, don't you think of chestnuts with rice? Grilled sauries seem good, too. Kagura-chan, how much of a grilled saury are you?
      Kagura: I'm nothing like that.
      Osaka: Beans with rice...Super sized.

    • Nyamo:So...we have nine people this year. We're going to have to take two cars.
      Yomi:Nine people? Two cars? D-D-Don't tell me...
      (Yukari's really beat up car appears)
      Yomi:Y-Yukari's car...
      Kaorin:What happened?
      Kagura:So that's the thing Chiyo-chan rode to become emotionally scarred two years ago.
      Kaorin:Emotionally scarred?!
      Osaka:Chiyo-chan's already inside Nyamo-sensei's car!
      Kaorin:How exactly does she drive...?
      Kagura:What are you gonna do?
      Osaka:Does someone have to ride in Yukari-sensei's car?
      Yomi:Well, excluding Chiyo-chan...
      (Yukari drives her car up to them waving and laughing)
      Kaorin: I get car sick easily, so if you don't mind...
      Sakaki: Then, I'll go.
      Kaorin: I'll join you!!
      Osaka: (slowly) So cool...

    • Tomo: Of course you shouldn't goof off! But let's goof off!

    • (Osaka enters Yukari's room)
      Yukari: (Halfway woken up) Huh, oh it's you Osaka.
      (Looks at Osaka holding a knife)
      (Yukari gasping and faintly screaming)
      Kagura: (In the kitchen with Tomo) Oh man, you splattered everywhere. Ugh!
      (Licking the ketchup off her hand)
      Yukari: Wh..what?!
      Osaka: You woke up yourself. Then I've failed.
      (Osaka walks back in the kitchen)
      Chiyo: Miss Osaka, what in the world are you carrying around?!
      Osaka: Huh, wh..what? I was holding a frying pan just a minute ago. Where'd it go?
      Chiyo: Aah! Miss Osaka, please don't swing it this way!
      Osaka: Do you know what happened Chiyo Chan?
      Chiyo: Please stop swinging it around! (Chiyo screams)
      Yukari: Kn..knife...flying!

    • Tomo: I lied!
      Chiyo: So bluntly!

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