Azumanga Daioh

Season 1 Episode 26

Graduation Ceremony

Aired Saturday 2:00 PM Sep 30, 2002 on

Episode Recap

First Graduation Ever: We start at Chiyo's house with her getting ready for school. She looks a bit confused at the fact she hasn't sorted any books or materials out for the day. Maya gives her a reassuring noise and she remembers that she doesn't need anything today. She calls out bye to her parents and then sets off. Mr. Tadakichi runs up to her to say good morning. As she is walking down their drive to the gate she tells him that "today is the graduation ceremony". She them comments on "it'll be the first time I'll be graduating". We then swap to Sakaki walking towards school. On the way she passes 'Kamineko' who hisses at her in warning. She decides to tell him that she is sorry that she has "been trying to pet you against your will all this time". She then walks off after a few seconds 'Kamineko' decides to follow her and gives her a 'meow'. She then asks him if it is okay if she pets him and it looks like he is going to let her, at the last minute though he bites her hand. We then swap to the school and see Chiyo walking into class and wishing everyone "good morning". Across the board Miss Yukari has written "congratulations on graduating". We then swap to Tomo been as boisterous as ever while reading an article that says "Female College Graduate Employment Rate At An All Time Low!" She then comments to Yomi that, "it might be pretty useless even if you go to college". Yomi seems a bit worried about whether she will be getting in and shouts at Tomo "I'm getting in!" Osaka then walks up with a box of tissues. Osaka goes onto tell her they are not "ordinary tissues" but really "high class" tissues. Chiyo then ask Osaka why she has them. Osaka replies this is why and sneezes, Chiyo then says oh its hay fever. Osaka also has some eye drops but for some reason can only apply them lying down. Kagura asks what Osaka is up to, so Osaka then explains the problem; she then sneezes very gently and quietly. Kagura says "Huh? Was that a sneeze?" and then bursts out laughing and says "That's great!" Osaka replies, "there's nothin' great about it" but Kagura keeps laughing each time Osaka sneezes until she starts crying. Tomo then exclaims that "hay fever looks like fun" and Yomi rounds on her and tells her it's not fun. We then swap to the hall where the diploma presentation ceremony is to be held. A Thousand Emotions: The graduating students walk up the hall been applauded by their fellow students and also the staff and parents. The principal then delivers a speech. "To those of you who are graduating, congratulations. To our guests and guardians…" Osaka then sneezes and diverts the entire halls attention. The principal then recommences his speak when their attention returns to him "Thank you very much for…" Osaka sneezes again and once again diverts everyone's attention. The principal continues again sounding a bit agitated "Thank you very much for coming today. Now, for those of you who are graduating…" The student representing the graduating students is then called forward. At this point Tomo decides to ask why she isn't representing the graduating students and Yomi is surprised that she can't answer that question herself. Tomo replies but she's the strongest and then hits Yomi. The others look at her in shock. The "student who achieved the highest grades this academic year" is told they will receive the Kinran Award. Tomo stands up as if she expects it is going to be her and Yomi pulls her back down saying sit down, it won't be you. Tomo then stands again and Yomi shouts at her. The winner "Miss Chiyo Mihama of Year 3, Class 3" is then called. Again Tomo stands up whilst Chiyo is left sitting in shock at what she has managed. Chiyo sounds surprised when Osaka reminds her that is her. When Chiyo receives her certificate she looks over the moon. Tomo then decides to give her a very over the top celebration which slowly the rest of the school join in and give Chiyo a standing ovation. The entire school then sings a graduation song called "Aogeba Toutoshi". Tomo stands with her fingers in her ears whilst singing it because Yomi's singing is so bad. Chiyo has tears in her eyes whilst singing it as does Miss Yukari. We then change to some pictures of the empty school while the song continues. Chiyo ends up crying in earnest so Osaka turns and offers her a tissue while the others turn to try and cheer her up. Sorrow: Miss Yukari turns up to there homeroom classroom crying her eyes out. This sets Chiyo back of and she cries out a very distraught "Miss Yukari!" sympathizing with her. We then find out that the reason Miss Yukari is upset is that she has lost her wallet. Chiyo thought that it was because she was sad to see them leave. She then gets on with presenting the diplomas. Tomo complains that Miss Yukari had totally wrecked the mood. We then swap to Osaka who is playing with her tissue box. She writes donation box on it and goes and puts it on Miss Yukari's desk. Miss Yukari then starts calling out the students. First up is Kagura she puts a 100 yen in the tissue box, then it is Osaka who adds 10 yen, next is Tomo who adds 1 yen. Miss Yukari gives her a black look which sets her searching through her pockets and she then adds a hamburger half off voucher to the tissue box. Miss Yukari complains she doesn't need Tomo's cheap sympathy. Miss Yukari then hits her desk complaining over and over about her "10,000 yen bill!" and that she is sure there was one in there. She then moves onto some final words "Well, everyone, goodbye." Tomo again complains that Yukari has wrecked the mood. The Nyamo turns up with Yukari's wallet that someone had turned in. Now much happier Yukari gives them a far more energetic congratulations. For some reason Tomo also had run for the wallet and jumps up as if to grab the wallet from Yukari, so the two of them are mimicking each others actions. We then swap to Nyamo's room where the students have gathered round to applaud her arrival and to thank her for everything. Nyamo at first looks surprised by this reaction but soon is very happy that her class appreciated her hard work. She worries them though by joking that there might not be diplomas for them all. We then swap to Mr. Kimura's class who is telling them how rewarding a time he has had teaching them. On his board he has written "Youth turns to old age quickly, And learning is not gained easily, Do not make light of even the shortest of moments (see notes)". Mr Kimura seems truly moved by the fact this is their last day together and even makes Kaorin feel sorry for him. This is short lived though when he states that, "Kaorin and I will be together forever!" We then swap back to Miss Yukari's class where Kagura is presenting her with a big bouquet of flowers from everyone in the class. Kagura explains there is one flower from each of them. Yukari looks moved by the gesture but as normal puts her foot in it by joking "that she wonders who's will wilt first". Chiyo then still tearful goes up to her for some reason Nyamo grabs her nose and doesn't let go until Chiyo is completely out of breath. When Chiyo ask Nyamo why she replies, "Dunno, just kinda had to". Chiyo then comments that they will no longer see each other every day and sees sad about it. A disruption at the back of the class diverts Yukari's attention to where Tomo is attacking Osaka with the case that her diploma is in. Yukari says she thinks they all will be fine but can't say that for sure whilst looking directly at Tomo. Alma Mater: We now switch to a scene with Tomo walking around taking pictures of several of her class mates. Kaorin walks by and asks Sakaki if she can get a picture with her. Kaorin then demands a picture from Tomo who replies "sure thing! That's 1,000 yen" at this looking distraught but deciding it is worth it anyway Kaorin tries to give Tomo 1,000 yen whilst Tomo has to insist that she was joking. Kaorin complains that while taking the photo Tomo tilted the camera down. Kaorin seems completely obsessed with getting the picture that Tomo then takes. We then change back to the class room. Miss Yukari enters to find Kagura in there by herself. Yukari asks Kagura if something is the matter. Kagura asks could she take a desk or a chair home with her. Yukari explains that as Kagura thought that would be bad. Kagura goes onto explain she wanted a keepsake to take with her. Yukari tells her that she is already taking something with her "her memories of the time she spent with everyone". This thought brings tears to Kagura's eyes. Yukari looks shocked at Kagura's reaction and even more so when she thanks her. Back outside in the hallway Chiyo is suggesting that as a graduating trip they should go to Magical Land, especially because Yomi didn't manage to go last time. Tomo suggests that it should be before Yomi's acceptance announcement. Tomo once again annoys Yomi by suggesting that she might not get in though they agree to go after the time when Yomi gets her announcement. Osaka then says it will be great if Yomi-chan gets in too. She then asks to see the charm that Chiyo had given her. Osaka then tries to put her power into it. Yomi tells her that is totally unnecessary. When Yukari exits the classroom she complains when she finds the rest of the girls still hanging around. She suggests they should hurry up and go home. Tomo suggests they should go on a trip in the summer again, Yukari replies that she will see them around. The girls the bow in silent gratitude as she walks down the hall way away from them. When leaving Chiyo almost forgets not to put her indoor shoes back in her hole. Chiyo is still sad to leave. Everyone: Yomi looks annoyed when she hears her friends' voices when she turns up to see if she has been accepted or not. Yomi didn't think they had been serious when they had suggested going to magical land directly after the announcement and seems a little annoyed at the idea. Tomo explains in the end they had no choice as this was "the only time that worked for everyone". Tomo then tells Yomi not to worry that they have already worked out what to say to comfort her. Osaka asks to see Yomi's good luck charm so she can put her powers into it one last time. Instead of giving it to Osaka she gives it to Chiyo because after all even Tomo somehow had passed. Yomi goes off it when Tomo says that she can't find Yomi's number because Chiyo is still in the middle of giving her good luck charm her power. This makes Yomi go running to check if it is there. She quickly locates it on the list. She then quickly runs back to her friends and tells them it is there and they all congratulate her, when Tomo congratulates her though Yomi hits her for making her panic like that. Kagura then suggests they should hoist her up. Kagura decides Yomi is too heavy so they do it to Chiyo-chan instead. Chiyo then realizes that even though they have graduated they still all can be together. They then all go off very happy. "The End."
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