Azumanga Daioh

Season 1 Episode 23

Last Sports Fest In High School

Aired Saturday 2:00 PM Sep 09, 2002 on

Episode Recap

Got a Bite: Kagura and Tomo have a competition to see who can finish their lunch first. Kagura wins, and then they then go over and complain that Osaka is still eating. Yomi who also has not yet finished her food replies "No it's you guys that they eat too fast". Chiyo then turns up with a print out that shows the events that are going to feature in the sports fest and that they have been completely changed from what has featured in previous years. Osaka excitedly exclaims that she hopes there will be a "bread eating contest". Chiyo happily confirms that there is. Osaka then decides that she should practice. She can't however figure out how they hang up the bread. Kagura worries her by saying she thinks that they use a hook like you would use when fishing and put the bread on it as you would bait. Back in class Tomo asks Miss Yukari if she will treat them to juice if they win, after all she will be betting on them and making a profit if they do. Yukari replies by explaining that even when she does make a bet she never gets to keep it anyway, she decides to use Osaka to demonstrate this. She tells Osaka that she is Mr Yukichi, she then explains when she wins she gets Osaka but soon afterwards she would leave to be with Nyamo. Motivator: Kagura and Tomo are already fired up for the sports fest the next day but there resultant hyperactivity and competitiveness makes it hard for anyone else to achieve anything. They quickly manage to demolish a tent that Chiyo and Yomi where setting up. Whilst Kagura is apologetic, Tomo decides to blame it all on Kagura. Kagura gets upset by this and decides that she will fix the tent and assemble it on her own to make up for the trouble she caused. Tomo had been expecting Kagura to reply in kind to her taunt. Chiyo and Yomi offer to help her, just as they have it back up Tomo thinks it would be funny to run into Kagura and knock her flying and demolishes the tent again. This makes Kagura rather angry with Tomo, Yomi then asks Tomo to leave them be. The girls then go to get some food; Kagura gets "pork cutlet over rice and a big bowl of buckwheat noodles", when the others look surprised at the amount she tells them not to worry. No matter how much she eats she never gains any weight and when she doesn't eat much she always feels short of energy. This annoys Yomi who is always very careful about how much she eats as she fears putting on any weight. Osaka then further annoys Yomi by saying that half even a third of what Kagura eats would make her full this further annoys Yomi. Hadn't Thought of That: The sports fest has arrived and the girls are all fired up with anticipation. Yomi makes a comment that she wonders why this school still has the girls wear bloomers an over excited Mr Kimura then turns up and worries them and makes them feel rather embarrassed. The events then start and the class has mixed fortunes in the early events. Then the costume race arrives in which Tomo and Chiyo are teaming up. Kagura asks what they are dressing up as, Yomi tells her that she thinks it is a police women. When they turn up this is correct and she has "Chiyosuke" chained to her as a "perp"*. By some debatable tactics they somehow manage to win. This event is closely followed by the bread eating contest. Osaka is really fired up for the event but then the commentator tells her that they have hung up bread with a variety of different fillings and that they should go for whichever they like. Osaka can't decide which to go for and has a conversation with herself about the differences between all the alternatives on offer because of her indecision she ends up in last place but is happy because she gets some melon bread to eat. We'll All Run Together: Kaorin sees Yomi practicing for cheerleading and comes across to say hello and compliment her on how cute she looks. She then sees Chiyo and repeats the sentiment. Tomo then turns up and complains that there is a spy (Kaorin is in Nyamo's class) around. Kaorin turns round and is surprised to find Tomo and Kagura wearing boys' uniforms. Tomo explains that Sakura is also part of the group wearing that uniform. Kaorin reacts in her usual manor to Sakura's presence. The final event is a class relay race. Most of the girls are fired up and ready for it though Yomi is worried that Tomo maybe a bit too fired up. Chiyo though is worried about how she is going to perform. Sakaki tells her not to worry that her and Kagura should be able to cover for her. Osaka decides to show them the tactic she has come up with, running with her arms out so she can't get passed. United: Then the time comes for the start of the 4000m class relay race, Tomo has the first leg. She is dancing all over the place before the start the girls fears are put to rest though by her amazing start however before she reaches Yomi she runs out of energy and everyone else passes her. They manage to regain a lot of the places then the baton gets to Osaka. She tries out her tactic but a lot of people pass her. Then it is Kagura's turn she manages to get them back to second place for the hand over to Chiyo. Chiyo tries her best but she gets passed by everyone because she lacks their speed and strength. A boy from another class taunts Chiyo that annoys Sakaki and gets her really fired up, she decides to adjust her hair so it won't get in her way. Chiyo says she is sorry when she reaches Sakaki and is told not to worry. Chiyo is distraught but Kagura compliments her on how well she performed and Yomi tells her confidently that Sakaki will win it back. Chiyo is not certain because the other classes have boys and track and field people. Tomo comes over and tells them to look at the race where Sakaki is passing everyone. They then get to the final person and are worried to find out it is their teacher Miss Yukari. They also are surprised by how fast Nyamo is. Sakaki is happy when she notices that Chiyo has cheered back up and is not distraught anymore. When Nyamo manages to pass Yukari she decides to take her out and they end up finishing in last place. On the way home the girls seem disappointed that they didn't finish in a higher position apart from Chiyo who declares it was fun. The rest of them are surprised by this and remind her they finished in last place.