Azumanga Daioh

Season 1 Episode 1

Miss Yukari

Aired Saturday 2:00 PM Apr 08, 2002 on

Episode Recap

A Child High School Student: Yukari-sensei is riding her bicycle on the way to the first day of class. She is in a hurry because she doesn't want to be late again, but the chain on her bicycle comes off. When a passing student stops to find out what is wrong, she goes on a cursing rampage and kicks her bicycle. The student sees that the chain is off, but meanwhile, Yukari steals his bicycle so that she won't be late. When she finally gets to school, she goes into the wrong classroom at first, but eventually ends up in the right homeroom. She introduces a new student, Chiyo, who is a ten-year-old genius. She's A Prodigy: Chiyo-chan spends time tutoring an embarrassed Chihiro, one of her classmates. At lunchtime, Chiyo explains to two students that she didn't have to pack a lunch in elementary school, and it's a pain for her to get up so early and pack her own lunch. The girls are astonished and think she's a flawless superhuman. When Yomi asks if there's anything she can't do, Chiyo replies that she is bad at tongue twisters. Later, Chiyo nearly has a nervous breakdown when she realizes she forgot to do her homework. Scary Maybe?: As helper of the day, Chiyo-chan goes around and collects the career choice surveys. When she sees what Sakaki wrote as her career choices, she decides that Sakaki is a good person after all. (Sakaki had written: #1 Veterinarian, #2 Florist, #3 Stuffed Animal Store Owner.) Kaorin's longtime infatuation with Sakaki begins after she sees a cute kitten on Sakaki's clothes while she changes. She is about to ask Sakaki to be in the Astronomy Club with her, but chickens out at the last minute. The next day, Sakaki is walking to school when she sees a gray cat sleeping. When she tries to pet the cat, it bites her hand, and she goes to school with a bandage on it, causing Chiyo to think she was in a fight. Sakaki tries to pet it again after school but it chomps down on her hand again. Wild-cat Tomo-chan!: Tomo comes to school late the next morning and voluntarily stands out in the hallway holding two buckets as punishment. She tries to last, claiming she's always wanted to have that punishment, but after twenty minutes she falls over. Later, Tomo declares that she's going to challenge Chiyo at schoolwork. When Yukari asks Chiyo a question, she replies that she doesn't know the answer. Tomo proudly raises her hand and says that she doesn't know either, so it's a draw between them. Her second challenge is an athletics challenge with Sakaki, and they run a 100m dash. Tomo loses but claims that she was semi-victorious anyways. The Osakan Girl: Yukari-sensei introduces Kasuga Ayumu, a transfer student from Osaka. While she is introducing herself to the class, Yukari forces her to use Kansai dialect because she thinks that's how all Osakans talk (see cultural notes - click blue title link). The students bombard her with questions about life in Osaka, and they are dismayed when she is nothing like they assumed someone from Osaka would be. During English class, Ayumu chants that she will get her act together while in Tokyo. Tomo bestows the nickname "Osaka" on Ayumu, which she is called from there on out.