Azumanga Daioh

Season 1 Episode 1

Miss Yukari

Aired Saturday 2:00 PM Apr 08, 2002 on

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  • it got me hooked

    this was the first ep i ever watched (duh) and it was great i got caught on it hook line and sinker (wow please excuse ze lameness its 12am :D) funny funny funny all the way through and it was really random which is just a whole other element of funniness to it. right from the start it just didnt stop with its crazy craziness. I loved Yukari and Osaka in this episode and Sakaki and Tomo's race was hilarious:
    "Sakaki your breasts are 8cm larger than mine so move back 8 cm"
    haha love it
    recommend it to anyone i havnt met someone yet who hasnt liked it
  • The first episode.

    It's a nice little way to start an AMAZING series. It introduces the characters: Tomo, the hyper, energetic one, Yumi, the down-to-earth one, Chiyo, the new student who is 10 years old but is smart enough to be in high school, Ayumi(Osaka), a daydreamer who is very empty headed most of teh time, and Sakaki, the "cool" girl in the school who, althought she may come off as mean and cold, she is actually very sweet, escpecially when it comes to her soft spot for cats. They also introduce one of the three teachers. Yukari, the English teacher. She makes her own rules in life, adn if you don't follow them, then you better watch out! Enjoy. ^_^
  • This was a good starter episode.

    It starts where one of the teachers, Miss Yurari, bike chain breaks. So when a student volenteers to help out, she takes his bike and rides off to school. She ends up going to the wrong room, so when she goes to the right room, she intraduces the new kid, Chiyo. Chiyo just wants to fit in, but everyone thinks that she is perfcet. Tomo tries to challange her in a battle of smarts, but it didn't work out to well. Then Tomo tries to beat Sakaki in a 100 cm dash, she tells her that her boobs were bigger then hers, and told her to move back. But Sakaki still won. Yomi thought that Tomo was in over her head to many times. Then the new girl Osaka turns into Tomo's rival just because Tomo thought that she was a theret.
    Other parts of the episode were Sakaki was walking around and saw a cat, she tried to pet it, but it bit her hand, twice. Then Chiyo over reacted to not doing the homework, she got scared and told the teacher why she didn't do it.