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  • Following 6 highschool girls, 2 teachers and some extra characters, it started as a monthly installation of 4-paneled manga in the Dengeki Daioh magazine ('99 to '02). It got serialized in its anime form in '02 and got released in English in '05.

    By far my all-time favourite manga and anime!

    I absolutely love the work of Kiyohiko Azuma but Azumanga is his best!

    The characters unfold their stories and their oh-so-many special little quirks that make them unique in a series of mundane yet exceptional stories.

    Tomo, the loud-mouthed tom-boy. Yomi, good student with a weight obsession. Osaka, air-head and lovably weird. Chiyo-chan, the girl genious. Kagura, athletic and competitive. Sakaki, a cool-looking young woman with an obsession for cuteness and cats. Yukari, homeroom teacher and irresponsible driver. Nyamo, PE teacher, responsible, old-time friend of Yukari.

    The story follows the girls until they graduate: we get to see their tests, their vacations, their special events and their blossoming friendships.
    The characters are lovable, easy to relate to, quirky, unique and real!

    A must-see for any anime lover! ^__^
  • Haha, awesomeness forever!

    Haha, awesomeness forever! I love it, I have only seen a few episodes, but i think its great. My big brother watched probably ten seconds of it, and then switched his tv off, lol. But who cares about him, Azumanga Daioh is hilariously fun to watch, six fun, crazy girls in high school with (my most favourite character...) Miss Yukari!!! lol! I would get the whole series if I could, but oh well.. lol, Exciting, full of friendships, laughs and awesomeness and totally crazy things the girls get up to, I couldn't resist watching it, I think I watched it like... three times in a row, lol. Awesomeness forever! Miss Yukari rocks!!! LOL x :)
  • Just because it doesn't have a plot doesn't mean that it isn't a great show!

    Azumanga Daioh is one of the funniest anime I've seen in a while. I'd heard about it from a friend and immediately checked it out. From the first episode to the last - I was laughing all the way. Azumanga Daioh follows the everyday life of six high school girls. Even though they have no supernatural power and probably the most violent thing in the show is a girl being attacked by an evil gang of cats, it's still a great show.I guess you could compare it to Lucky Star - without all the unnecessary anime references. Overall, Azumanga Daioh is a great and funny show that is defiantly worth the watch.
  • A show I should've found a long time ago...

    If you like FLCL, if you like the(sometimes)nonsense of Naruto, if you even like Ghost Stories, this is the show for you. It follows the lives of Tomo, Chiyo-Chan, Yomi, Sakaki, Osaka, and Kagura as they go through all three years of Japanese High School. Even if they don't mean for it to be, this show is sometimes educational. They teach about JHS's sportsfests, culture fests, How much 5 yen is worth, and other stuff. Then there's the crazy shmit where we find out Chiyo's father, why Mrs. Yukari and Mrs. Nanali have a rivalry that goes back to thier high school days, but we don't find out how Tomo always keeps a full insanity level in her system. Anyways, this show is one I should've found out about a long time ago, but thanks to my friend(who has a roommate who likes the show), I now know about it and it's one of my favorite animes ever. I seriously recommend this show. It may look girlish, but trust me....ITS NOT!
  • one of the best anime series ever!

    when this show first came on Propeller TV I thought: "ok, this doesn't exactly sound great so I'll just watch the first episode and just see how it goes". from that moment onwards I was hooked! basically this show is about the lives of 6 High School girls as they go thru 3 years of Japanese High School education. sounds pointless doesn't it? well thats where you're wrong because it's the complete opposite! it's bizarre, it's zany but most importantly it's extremely funnny and highly entertaining! if you are a fan of anime comedy then you must see this absolutely awesome show!
  • This show has no real plot, and that's what gives it it's charm.

    I'll admit, I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I watched the first episode. But once all the introductions are done, the show really gets moving. There's an awful lot of laughs and sillyness to be had in this series. There's also a few heartwarming moments that are real sweet. The whole thing is character driven, and you grow to love all the characters. (Well, Mr. Kimura is special in his own way)

    Every episode is all the wacky things the main group of girls do together. While some of the stuff is cliche (trips to the beach, athletic festivals), they manage to make it fun to watch. On the very last episode, I felt so sad, simply because I knew there wasn't going to be anymore of this show. It really touched me, and is one of my favorites to date.
  • Azumanga Daioh rocks! :)

    I just love Azumanga Daioh! It's REALLY funny! :) I get a lot of laughs from watching this show! The main part why I like this show is because it has no plot. It's really random and stupid, which is why it's SO funny. It's also really cool how each member of the group has a different personality that is unique to only them! :) Take Yomi for example, she's the only one who gets angry pretty easily. I also like how some characters' personalities contradict eachother. Such as Sakaki. Everyone thinks shes cool and mysterious but she has a secret obsession with cute things. XD My favorite character in the whole series is Tomo. She's so hyper all the time and adds fun to the group! All in all, I believe Azumanga Daioh is one of the greatest animes of all time.
  • One of my favorite shows ever!

    Azumanga Daioh is a animated comedy filled with eccentric surrreal humor similar to Bobobo-bobo-bobobo.The story of six high school girls is a good one.Yomi,a mature geek,Kagura,a tomboyish athlete with low grades,Osaka,a girl with a lazy and dumb personality that knows her own modo"ignorance is bliss",a cat loving,soft spoken one is Sakaki,Chiyo the 10-year old genius,and the hyperactive loose cannon is Tomo.Now I have two complaints,I don't know why I'm not laughing at such a good show,and it's only 26 episodes.Great another Elfen Lied-like series.The characters look really well designed and neatly voiced without Osaka's silly southern accent.It's a really good show to watch if you like anime though.Usually the jokes on the show somekind of goofy humor that this guy made up,that will sure keep us laughing.
  • awesome!

    this is the most awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest awesomest anime ever!!!
  • A cutesy anime!

    A gorgeous anime with cutest characters ever to hit my television screen. Not the most serious of life lessons to be learned from this anime as it is mainly for teenagers. It is not a romantic comedy although some of the moments with a certain male member of staff are hilarious and offer a well needed chuckle here and there.

    The story isn't really set; it just follows the high school girls around their school life over a period of six or so years and then focuses on them getting into university. Where it ends.

    Although it is not my favourite anime it is still a highly enjoyable one to pass the time with. If you like that sort of thing.
  • This was the best anme comedy I've ever seen in this Universe!! and I'm serious, they never showed have ended it, at least a little more then 26 episodes. I'd do anything to see more episodes!

    I just like to say that the show is much like the Manga, both funny and clever. I would say my favorite character's are Sakaki and Osaka(Ayuma) because of their wacky and sometimes surprise on the show. I would say the best episodes were the Summer vacation ones when they go to Chiyo's summer house. Osaka, Yukari and the Knife was a classic moment on the show. I'd say that the voices done on the show wasen't too bad, they really connect with the characters. So in conclusion, I'd would say this is a good anime show and that they should really bring it back! thanks for your time
  • Azumanga Daioh is a show following the adventures of a group of high school students.

    This show has got to be one of funniest things I have ever seen in my life. the characters are all inteersting and unique, such as Chiyo-Chan and Osaka. When i first saw the theme song for this show i thought "WTF?!" but after the first 5 minutes of it I grew to love it, i only wish that they had made more episodes. This shwo is definitely ground-breaking
  • Pretty darn weird....

    This isn't one of my favorite animes but its really not that bad! Tomo makes me laugh alot but some of the other characters, like Miss Sakaki get on my nerves after a while. The character dynamic is very interestingly placed and exceedingly well done though.

    I've known other people to say its a "Love it or hate it" type of show and I think that's right....even though I'm in the middle. You need a certain type of humor to appreciate all of the aspects of Azumanga, even though it is mildly entertaining otherwise. There's not much of a consistent plot though there are recurring gags that frequently appear, one of the most famous being Miss Sakaki versus the kitty cat, or Chiyo's pigtails. I think if there was a weak plot at least carrying through the series it might have stepped up the quality a bit, but the randomness is all a part of the fun! If you're not a random person, this show is definitely not for you.

    For me, its one of those shows that I would just pop into the DVD/comp on a rainy day and sit back and have a marathon of it, but I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it. I'd recommend "Yotsuba&!" which is also by the same creator, but I personally prefer it to Azumanga.
  • Yay Randomness!!

    I love this show it has got to be the most random and randomly hilarious show i have ever seen. Honestly, i have never seen one as pointless as this. I absolutly adore it honesly i do. Chiyo-chan is adorable and hilarious. Tomo is the stupidist girl ever next to Osaka yet has more confidence in herself then anybody else combined. Also, the way Nyamo and Ms Yukari get along is hilarous to watch more fun then the other anitcs all put together. Also, i like how despite the randomness there is an attempt at a plot wedged in there that at most times is completly irrelevant. I liked how this series ended as well a clean break no real loose ends except what they are all going to do during thier collage lives.
  • I loved it.

    This show was one of my favorate shows of all time, it is ilariuose beyond all doubt, The fantasticly written jokes are not only funny beacause of there actions, but they impliment the awkward pauses that make this worth wile. I do however think that they might have "Overdone" themselves on this with the long puases. However they help to create the overall "Mood" of this show. I enjoy the "Cute Humor" demonstrated. I do not, however like the english voices for this, sorry to say but osaka's voice is alot better in japanese, I dont exactally like the southern accent for that charicter, also there where some questionable DUBs throught the anime that I did not find apealing. HOWEVER. I do infact think that this is well deserving of it's score. I must thank the creators for there hard work.
  • Azumanga Daioh is the story of a group of high school girls: Kasuga Ayumu “Osaka”, Mihama Chiyo, Takino Tomo, Sakaki, Mizuhara Koyomi, and Kagura; with 3 teachers thrown into the mix as well.

    I need to say right off the bat: this show is weird. And it’s the kind of show that you either like or hate, and you usually can tell within the first episode or two whether or not you’ll continue watching.
    The characters are what make this show so entertaining and funny. Osaka is sooooo far out there, Chiyo is the bright young student that skipped junior high completely, Tomo is a loose cannon, Sakaki is the shy athletic cat lover that always gets bitten by the animals she loves, Yomi has a short temper but can reign in Tomo when needed, and Kagura the tomboy round out the main cast; with a couple of others popping up at times.
    The zaniness can be a turn-off for some people, so to make up for it there are a few serious moments in most of the episodes. If you don’t like a lot of silliness, this isn’t the show for you. But if you like a mix of insanity in your anime, definitely try this one out.
  • Cool manga, OK show

    It\'s Awsome (and I\'m hard to please, too!) It follows the life of a few teenage girls. There\'s Chiyo Chan, the Child genious, Tomo, the loose cannon, Osaka, the local air-head, Sakaki, the school jock who longs for a pet of her own, and Kaguara, the....well...idiot, and Yomi, the short tempered one. For reasons unknown, it also includes Miss Kurosawa (the P.E. teacher) and Miss Yukari (the English teacher). I think the Manga is alot better than the show, though. There is a few things I don\'t get:
    1) Why does everyone think Chyio Chan can fly?!
    2)If Sakaki likes cats so much, why is she afraid to tell anyone?
    3) whatever happend to Kaorin?! (she got lost in vol. 2)

    Whatever, It\'s still awsome! I would give it a 9.1
  • Hang on...a schoolgirl anime show that isn't THAT sinister? HUZZAH! Be warned, not a patch on the books if you've read them first.

    To say AD is a quirky show is an understatement. What should be a straight forward comedy slips in and out of bizarre fantasy/real sequences for reasons that only make sense the more you watch it.

    I read the manga collections beforehand, which the show is based on, and found the one-shot format of three panels (backed-up overall with long story arc) to be pretty enjoyable; like a cross between Peanuts and The Far Side.

    The manga style doesn't quite come across in the show (some events are changed to fit in with the show's compressed version) and so it slightly suffers from this feeling that, even if you've never read the manga, that you're never quite in on some of the jokes.

    Now, before there's ardent fans screaming abuse at me, I have to say I really enjoy the show itself. I love the bizarre concept concerning the adventures of some schoolgirls without it ever decending into stereotypical sinister perviness. When that 'perv' factor rarely comes through, it's played with a with comedy in mind, hence that freaky male teacher's weird appearence. Towards the end, it's mostly a coming of age tale that doesn't come with a dose of the sacchrine. Which is definately a good thing. It's got a heart and soul in the right place without falling into self-parody or cliche.

    There's memorable characters galore, though everybody has a fan in Osaka and Chiyo-chan. The girls innocent or spaced-out reactions to mundane events or even each others habits makes them instant icons. They also help make the moments of surrealism more believable. Let's not forget that this is an animation anyways, it's allowed to defy the boundaries of what film can achieve.

    If you want the full extended story, then hunt down the manga and some (not many) of the little stories that make up an episode will make more sense. But even without the manga, it's still a slice of anime surrealist work that deserved to be a cult hit, if not huge elsewhere.

    Plus it has two of the best anime theme songs ever. Trust me on this one, okay?
  • Its so funny i really love this show can't get enough of it

    everytime i watch this show i alway end up laughing its a great show and everytime i'm feeling down i watch it and it cheers me up i remember when they all had those good luck charms and they were chop sticks and chio chan couldn't break it right and the dum one of them all broke it perfectly i couldn't stop laughing but the episode i really love is when sakaki took in the cat she met on her school trip and it was so adorable i wanted to cry it was so sweet and i act the same way with my cat i can't get enough of it this show rocks I love it
  • More people need to watch this show, but maybe after reading the manga first.

    Azumanga Daioh, Kiyohiko Azuma (the creator). I thank god for Azuma-sensei, without him he would've never made this really really funny show and without him I would've never met my dream girl, Sakaki (me and her are alike, both quiet and a loner). After finally getting to watch the rest of this show, I was so happy (though I don't show much Happy), one of the problems with Azu is that it's a love it or hate it Anime, 90% of Anime fans love it while 10% don't makes me wonder why somtimes. I will agree some jokes are used to death a few time here in there but I don't care. My higlight at the end is that I cried (yes Cried) at the end because I knew the Azu gang so well and seeing them leaving and never coming back makes me cry. I wish Azuma will atleast make one more manga or episode that shows what the gang is doing after the graduation and stuff. One of my problems (and only so far) is that it's somtimes not as funny as the Manga it's a little more serious but it's meant to be funny. I do caution some new people to read the Manga first to like the show better other wise you'll become part of the 10% people. So go, get the Manga and read. And remeber, "Cooking is so fun, Cooking is so fun, now it's time to take a break to see what we have done."
  • I wish I had the English dub.

    Well of course it didn't air on Adult Swim, but I did watch it here in the Philippines. Its just they speak it in Japanese with English subtitles, which is cool. I like how they speak with the tone of Japanese voices, but it dosn't make sence to me in a way. I wish I had the English version of AD, that would make it better for me to watch.
  • Another cute anime. This one about a homeroom class, following the story of two handsfull of girls, as they take their journey through high school.

    And I thought this was going to be to cute for me. I'm a little surprised I got into this one, but it has all the elements of a good anime. Sure it's flashy at sometimes, with quick animations of violence. But it's sweet and funny, and has the all so important massage of friendship. The characters are all so unique in their own way, it's hard to get them out of your head.Especially the ever so cute Chiyo chan. If you want that warm fuzzy feeling, I really suggest this show.
  • This is a really amazing show, the only problem is that it's 26 episodes...

    The life of 6 "cute" teenage girls. What else can beat that? It's not an ordinary life, but it would be funny to see all of these things happen. A perverted teacher, a 11 year old genius, a lazy-ass teahcer, not the mention an Osaka girl who thinks Chiyo's pigtails will suddenly fall off!

    I rate it a 9.8 out of 10, but 5 stars. If it had more episodes to it, it would be a straight 10 out of 10.
  • The life of a group of high school girls as they go from sophmores to seniors and finally to graduation. The plot seems boring...right? Who would\'ve thought that is this is one of the best things I have ever seen?

    Azumanga Daioh is one of those series that you just love from the opening scenes of the first episode to graduation. The anime is a strange one in the instance that there is no plot per se. It is a what you see, is what you get sort of anime- and yet one would expect this to be a pretty dull anime, right? WRONG!

    This series is another immersive one where the characters are just too charming not to get emotionally attached. From the genius chiyo mihama, to the silent sakaki, all of the characters in the clique created just fit in your heart in some way, shape or form.

    Though it\'s not just the characters in the clique that are charming, the teachers are an even greater treat. Granted, the school is your similar japanese \"gifted\" school, but if you had a discussion with Yukari sensei, you would think that the school is for retards. She is absolutely the female version of GTO, and I love her for that because she is so off the wall and out of the box. All the teachers that have a recurring role are out of the box...

    The execution of the very simple plot is excellent. The progression between seasons and years are developed very well and the character evolution over time is also an excellent treat.

    Music is cute, and fitting for most of the moments in the series as well...

    All in all, this is a perfect series for the person that loves something extremely cute or just a person that loves something different
  • Why isn't this on Adult Swim?

    Instead of wasting our time with this Saved by the Bell drek and killing their ratings like a suicidal teenager who slashes their wrists, Adult Swim need to air this show. Why? Because people love it!

    Azumanga Daioh ranks right up with FLCL by Adult Swim standards. Adorable girls, crazy cats, non-stop comedy, and one creepy teacher who goes to school where all this happens.

    And you would think that such a great series would work perfectly to transition between the comedy and action shows right? According to Adult Swim "Wrong!"

    This show is red pill programming. Its funny! Its exciting! It has a great story and outstanding characters. But what does Adult Swim do? They take the blue pill and decide to continue spread The Virus (a name that I have given the over all trend in TV at this point) that eMpTyV and The Ocho (formerly ESPN, ESPN 2, and Fox Sports) have contracted to an epidemic extent.

    If you want to watch something excellent, watch Azumanga Daioh. If you want to watch something completely stupid and virulent, consider playing in traffic. If you happen to be part of the problem, that is if you currently work in television and have promoted The Virus, please consider playing in traffic.

    Azumanga or bust!
  • The show looks pretty good.

    Chiyo really young girl, she\'s 10. We get to see her as a total perfectionist. Then we get to see the missunderstood Sakaki, who everyone loves but fears. She is really sweat at heart, but no one wants to see it. She loves all animals, especially cats, even when they bite her hands. Then there\'s Tomo, who\'s very, very competive. She tries to out do everyone, and will take the smallest things as a challange. She also calls herself as the loose cannon high school girl, that\'s as energentic as they come. Yomi, the sarcastic one. Their English teacher Miss Yurari, who\'s a bit full of herself at times.
    The show is mainly about a bunch of high school girls trying to get through the years in one peice.
  • Sets in a modern day Japanese Class room with a wide variety of different personalities. This is a must watch for anime comedy fans. :)

    It centers around a group of girls and how they mostly end up in the same classroom for there entire high school life. It mixes comedy with slice of life, which is really great. There is no bad guy/girl or protagonist to love or hate just characters that you aren't forced to accept. I like this because it doesn't pressure you to feel a certain way about any one in the series unlike most animes. The comedy gets alittle nutty at times but it is always enjoyable. The characters are down to earth making it easier to connect to them. It would have been good if it lasted longer then 26 episodes but it is still enjoyable.
  • Azumanga Daioh can be and is one of the best Anime Series ever.

    Overall Review (not to rip-off GameSpot reviewers but I like this reviewing style):

    Entertainment: 10
    Graphics: 9
    Sound: 10
    Tilt: 10
    Value: 9

    The Good: Unique, cute, funny style, differs from all Anime Series; can have some of the best animation and voice acting in Anime yet; amazing scripts; unique, unforgettable characters; awesome looking characters and backgrounds.

    The Bad: The Series fall on being short; characters can sometimes look a little weird; animation is a little bit repetitive at times.

    Azumanga Daioh. The show is nothing more than just about the adventrues of 6 female high school students and two teachers with very unusual personalities while going trough the years of High School. Meet Sakaki, the shy cat lover, Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga the day-dreamer and slow one, Rich, polite, genious and super cute Chiyo-chan, Eccentric and Energetic Tomo Takino, The manly and challenging Kagura who often hides her true feelings, Intelligent short-tempered Koyomi "Yomi" Mizuhara (considered the most normal one of the group). Meet the teachers Miss Yukari Tanizaki who is the very childish, crazy, betting-lover english teacher, and Miss Minamo "Nyamo" Kurosawa, the normal, sane gym teacher that easily gets drunk (really bad isn't it?) You can expect crazy stuff when Minamo gets drunk!
    Azumanga Daioh: The Animation is based on the original Manga by Kiyohiko Azuma.

    When I first knew about this series, I was like "uh...". I didn't got it at all, but I decided to watch an episode. I watched episode one and two, after watching them, I just fell in love with the series. I bought the DVD's containing the entire series, and enyojed every second of it. Who can forget the "Hiccup" episode? I was dying out of laughter.

    You can feel like if the characters are alive because of the amazing animation and voice acting, it just makes you stay tunned and dont lose any second of it.

    Azumanga Daioh isn't not only very funny, it's also educational for people that aren't japanese, as you get to learn about the japanese culture, habits, traditions, etc. It even teachs other things at times!
    It can also teach and make teens think before saying anything about high school, and try to take the best out if it!

    You can expect from Azumanga Daioh very funny, often weird, but memorable events, that can remain in your life forever. Not many series have this.

    By all means, Azumanga Daioh is a must see anime series for every anime fan, a great break for the many series about giant robots, or teen heroes that save the world. But you dont have to be an anime fan to enjoy the series. It has a good Value, since you can pass countless hours enjoying it again and again. Although the series are relatively short, Azumanga Daioh can be and is one of the best Anime Series ever.

    Thank you for your time, and enjoy Azmuanga Daioh the best you can. Maybe there won't be anything like it again.
  • It will keep you laughing..

    If this show has made me laugh multiple times.. it can defintely make you laugh..

    But it would be really funny.. if you saw this episode at the beginnin gof the season. It will keep you laughing with those moments in Azumanga Daioh

    Fast cars, a girl thinking that a knife was a pot and spoon, and one scene where Kagura, Osaka, and Tomo called Ms. Yukari a cheapskate and she chased them back.. This show will make you laugh..
  • One of the best Animes ever.

    I loved this show. the first time i watched the show i was, not impressed to say the least. i didn't like the format of animation, or anything. but after the 2nd episode i was in love. L-O-V-E, love.

    this is a cutting edge anime that is so ahead of its time, that i honestly don't think anything lke it will ever come along again. I don't want to get into the details of the show, since you should just buy it and watch it, but it is simply a great show about a high school experience of 6 girls.

    watch it, and love it.
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