Azumanga Daioh

(ended 2002)





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  • A show I should've found a long time ago...

    If you like FLCL, if you like the(sometimes)nonsense of Naruto, if you even like Ghost Stories, this is the show for you. It follows the lives of Tomo, Chiyo-Chan, Yomi, Sakaki, Osaka, and Kagura as they go through all three years of Japanese High School. Even if they don't mean for it to be, this show is sometimes educational. They teach about JHS's sportsfests, culture fests, How much 5 yen is worth, and other stuff. Then there's the crazy shmit where we find out Chiyo's father, why Mrs. Yukari and Mrs. Nanali have a rivalry that goes back to thier high school days, but we don't find out how Tomo always keeps a full insanity level in her system. Anyways, this show is one I should've found out about a long time ago, but thanks to my friend(who has a roommate who likes the show), I now know about it and it's one of my favorite animes ever. I seriously recommend this show. It may look girlish, but trust me....ITS NOT!