Season 2 Episode 10

King Tuttle's Vote

Aired Unknown Oct 23, 1989 on CBC



  • Trivia

    • The Jungle Journal headline reads "King Babar to woo Tuttle on anti-pollution vote", but Rataxes reads it as "King Babar to woo Tuttle FOR anti-pollution vote".

  • Quotes

    • Young Babar: We need you and your men to search the palace.
      Cornelius: And the city.
      Pompadour: And the forest.
      Fire Chief: Right. And if we find any fires, we'll put 'em out!
      Young Babar: No, we want you to search for King Tuttle.
      Fire Chief: Is he on fire?
      Young Babar: No.
      Fire Chief: Then who's on fire?
      Young Babar: Nobody's on fire!
      Fire Chief: Right! Then our job here is done!

    • Fire Chief: Where's the fire?
      Young Babar: There's no fire. We'll explain on the way.
      Fire Chief: On the way to the fire?

    • Pompadour: You are a vision of loveliness as always, your grace!
      Queen Tortoise: Save it, Pompalmoose!

    • Young Celeste: (about Tuttle's kingnapping) Someone really should tell the Tortoise Queen about this.
      Pompadour: Have you gone mad?! Give me one good reason why we should tell her King Tuttle has disappeared.
      Young Celeste: He's her husband!
      Pompadour: Details, details!

    • Alexander/Flora: A sailing we will go, a sailing we will go, high-ho the merry-o, a sailing we will go!
      Pom: Avast, ye swabs! Stow that racket, or else you'll taste the wrath of Greenbeard the pirate!
      Alexander/Flora: "Greenbeard"?
      Pom: All the other colors were used up!

  • Notes

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