Season 6 Episode 12

Land of the Treasure Hunt

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 2006 on CBC

Episode Recap

When Babar and his family find themselves in the middle of a championship treasure hunt, the children are sure they can win, after all, they go on treasure hunts all the time back home in Celesteville! But they didn't count on the fox team who wins every year. At first, Babar and his family are discouraged when they find themselves losing the treasure hunt, but soon find out the real reason the foxes are winning... they cheat! Everyone knows you must have mental as well as physical strength to win a championship treasure hunt; and Babar and his family have both! After a long and exhausting hunt, Babar's team wins the race and the fox's team's respect. Maybe it is true, cheaters never prosper and hard work does pay off in the end!

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