Season 6 Episode 11

Land of Treats

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1994 on CBC

Episode Recap

Babar and his family arrive in a town where everything is made out of treats and every store they go into has better tasting delicacies than the last! That is, until they find a bakery with the worst tasting cakes in the land. Every one of his cakes is burnt! This poor young baker must pass the inspection of the Prince or he will lose his shop forever! Fortunately, Celeste is a master baker herself and she teaches the baker the tricks of the trade. The Prince however is flabbergasted when he finds raisins in one of the cakes and the group is banished to the town jail. The family retaliates with kindness however and they throw the Prince a party with the most delicious of treats and of course - no raisins! The Prince is overjoyed and once again, the family departs having saved their friend's bakery and showing the Prince that kindness is much better than being mean.