Baby Blues

Season 2 Episode 4

A Baby Blues Christmas Special (a.k.a. The Christmas)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2002 on The WB



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  • Quotes

    • Rodney: I know where babies come from.
      Darryl: Good for you.
      Rodney: Megan and Shelby came out of my mom's stomach, but I came out of her butt!

  • Notes

    • Cartoon Network airdate: February 24, 2002.

    • This, the pilot, was produced in 1998 and intended to air that holiday season. The network postponed it to 1999, meanwhile ordering a further five episodes. Then Christmas 1999 rolled around and it was again postponed -- as was the rest of the first season that was tentatively scheduled to begin in January, 2000. It turns out the WB hated it. (Not that they were all that crazy about the other episodes.)

    • Elizabeth Daily is credited as E.G. Daily.

    • Music: "Blue Christmas"; "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby; "Jingle Bells" by Tony Bennett; "Meet Me Under the Mistletoe" and "Old Time Christmas" by Randy Travis

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