Baby Blues

Season 1 Episode 1

God Forbid

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 28, 2000 on The WB



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    • Most of the characters in this series were not in the comic strip. They might have been added because it seems that a sitcom cannot revolve around two characters and the occasional interloper, like in the strip.

    • Elizabeth Daily is credited as E.G. Daily.

    • The five first season episodes that start with the production code 225-2 were animated at Rough Draft Studios in Los Angeles. The pilot and half the first season episodes that start with the production code 225-0 were animated at Varga Studios in Hungary. The other half were animated in Korea.

    • The series was very nearly called Bluesville at the WB's insistance. Why? Well, their executives didn't think their hip teenage viewers would want to watch a show with "baby" in the title. Their executives didn't seem to think at all, given how many papers the strip appeared in. The producers eventually managed to make their case, and the network caved in and let them keep their name. The producers didn't get to decide which episode aired first, though. This one certainly wasn't supposed to. God only knows why it did.

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