Baby Blues

The WB (ended 2002)


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  • Umm best way to describe it..."Yes Dear" only animated.

    Although with only one main set of parents (Carl may be seen as kind-of analogous to Jimmy), less selfish parents. more focus on the actual parenting and the kids who need parented, and well actually better. Never-mind the fact that Mike O'Malley plays Daryl in this(think Greg MUCH less selfish) and also plays Jimmy in "Yes Dear." It's some what similar as it takes a sitcom-ish style of story telling, but stays truer to the comic strip stories, which (being an animation major) I find to be a good thing. The parents although animated drawings, come off as more genuine and real then characters in the live action sitcom. Granted Jimmy(O'Malley) in "Yes Dear" is a much better, and all around more believable character, the others come off too stiff. Yes I know which show I'm reviewing here. I'm only doing it to demonstrate that Mike O'Malley is a fairly good actor and as most of the main cast in "Baby Blues" is as well. That along with animation that sticks to the comics style almost to the letter I think are a few of the things that make this a good series. Parents who've been there will love it, and those without kids will enjoy as well.