Baby Blues

Season 1 Episode 7

Rodney Moves In

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

Darryl and Wanda are exhausted when Zoe's continuous crying keeps them up all night. Wanda looks to Carl for some help who in turn is looking for some help with Rodney. They soon see that Rodney's the only one that can make Zoe stop crying. When he gets home from work, Darryl is amazed that Rodney is Zoe's new babysitter. Melinda is amazed when she comes over late that night to claim Rodney, only to find him sleeping peacefully with Zoe. Wanting some time apart from her son as much as Darryl and Wanda want some time apart from Zoe's crying, Melinda leaves him there which is fine with the MacPhersons since it means they get to have sex that night. The next morning, Rodney doesn't want to leave and his parents don't want him to leave even though Megan wants him back. Darryl makes him leave, and Zoe goes right back to crying. He and Wanda have no choice but to take Rodney in as Zoe's full-time babysitter. But it doesn't take long before the little extortionist demands money out of the MacPhersons to continue keeping Zoe quiet. At one point, Megan gets so lonely that she and Shelby visit Rodney. Megan demands Rodney to come back, but Rodney says that he's now a full-time babysitter and that he can't leave. So she and Shelby (who was hitting his bat on the ground constantly when they were leaving) leave. Then Darryl and Wanda's parents come to visit to see their granddaughter, and are horrified that they're letting her sleep with an 8-year-old. After they paint a picture of Zoe growing up to be a hoodlum who says she wants to kill her parents on The Jerry Springer Show, Darryl and Wanda tell an unhappy Carl he has to take Rodney home. It's a rough night for both of them, but Wanda finally gets Zoe to sleep on her own. Plus, Carl, plus Melinda and Megan laugh when he tells a joke to them.