Baby Blues

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Darryl turns to Carl for assistance after he and Wanda return home to find Bizzy hanging out with her juvenile delinquent boyfriend, Johnny. A wiz with security cameras, Carl has every room in his house wired, allowing him to spy on his family from inside a secret central intelligence agency he built in his basement. Darryl doesn't have a secret room, so Carl gives him a teddy bear with a hidden cam located in its eye. Meanwhile, when Wanda gives Bizzy a ride to a trendy club, she realizes just how far out of the loop she's gotten since she had Zoe. In an attempt to get hip again, Wanda hires Bizzy to come over a few extra nights a week, hoping Bizzy's influence will rub off. Darryl decides to use the opportunity to test Carl's Teddy-Cam, and check out what Bizzy and Johnny are doing when she's supposed to be watching Zoe. Darryl is at first relieved when he views the first night's tape, showing Bizzy blowing off Johnny to take care of Zoe until Wanda comes home and starts flirting with Johnny. Fearful of what Wanda and Johnny might do when he isn't there, Darryl goes out to a restaurant with them and Bizzy, and gets himself worked up when Wanda breastfeeds Zoe at the table. Johnny offers to take Wanda motorcycle riding, and Bizzy worries that Johnny is about to break up with her. Darryl regains his trust in Wanda and never watches the second night's tape, so he never sees her rejecting Johnny's advances.