Baby Blues

Season 2 Episode 1

Wanda Proof

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 2002 on The WB



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    • Wanda: Where's the mercury?
      Rodney: I know where it is... (laughs).

    • Melinda: Ooh, padded walls. The kids have wanted these ever since we visited Grandpa.
      Wanda: Yeah, Darryl thought the house should be safer.
      Melinda: Carl's a safety nut, too. He puts the loaded guns on the top shelf -- no exceptions. You can't be too careful with your most precious possessions.
      Zoe: Ah-choo!
      Wanda: Uh-oh. I think Mommy better take your temperature.
      Melinda: It's just a sneeze.
      Wanda: Yeah, and before I would have let it pass, but Darryl's got me spooked. Here we go, Zoe.
      Melinda: Oh, you do it _that_ way.
      Wanda: [hums]
      Melinda: So, you see the Richard Gere movie?
      Wanda: No. What made you think of that?
      Melinda: I don't know.
      Wanda: [pause] Wasn't Richard Gere in Deliverance?
      Melinda: I think that was Ned Beatty.
      Wanda: Ohh, that's right.
      Melinda: [pause] By the way, how long is the Chunnel?
      Wanda: About 50 kilometers.
      Melinda: Huh.

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