Baby Blues

Season 1 Episode 6

World's Greatest Dad

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 11, 2000 on The WB
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Episode Summary

World's Greatest Dad
Melinda invites Wanda to take a day off to go to a ceramic painting place. To pacify Darryl, the ladies arrange for him and Carl to have their own fun day out with the kids.

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    Mike O'Malley

    Mike O'Malley

    voices of Darryl MacPherson / Jack

    Joel Murray

    Joel Murray

    voices of Carl Bitterman / Rich Guy on Cruise

    Diedrich Bader

    Diedrich Bader

    voices of Kenny / Reverend / Officer Murphy / Doug / Flack Mueller / Record Store Guy / Radio Shed Workers / Heritage Depot Guy

    Nicole Sullivan

    Nicole Sullivan

    voices of Bizzy / Midge / Older Zoe / Heritage Depot Lady / Kenny's Secretary / Meowing Kitty Clock

    E. G. Daily

    E. G. Daily

    Baby Midge & Zoe

    Kath Soucie

    Kath Soucie

    voices of Rodney Bitterman / Megan Bitterman / Sylvia / Becky Quillen / Bunny / Happy Birthday Lady / Beach Cop / Wanda's Co-wor

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      • Rodney: (after breaking a pipe) Hey, Mom! This pipe's blowin' stinky air!
        Melinda: (to Wanda) Ugh, see ya tomorrow. I gotta go call the gas company.

      • Bizzy: Hey, McDaddy. I can babysit Saturday if you need me. My boyfriend's got a ton of papers to grade.
        Darryl: Thanks, Bizzy, but I've really come to cherish my special time with Zoe at Gumdrop Station.
        Bizzy: Oh yeah, yeah, I celebrated, like 200 birthdays at that place. Well if you see my dad there, tell him my mom says he's late with the checks!

      • Kenny: You're kidding! Darryl McPherson went to a strip joint?! Which one? Cumber Buns? Chilly Willies? I'm surprised our paths didn't cross...
        Darryl: Well, I wouldn't call it a strip joint.
        Kenny: I'm gonna have to stop calling you a bottle warming baby toting wuss.
        Darryl: You never call me that.
        Kenny: (under his breath) Not to your face.

      • Wanda: So, what are you painting this week?
        Melinda: It's a mother spider trapped in her web being eaten by her babies.
        Wanda: Melinda, is everything alright?
        Melinda: Why do you ask? (to the kiln attendants) Hey, can I get some more blood red here?

      • Rodney: (as the Happy Birthday Lady performs) This place really pays attention to the suggestion cards.

      • Darryl: Geez, Carl, how do you stand this place?
        Carl: Ya gotta come prepared. (brings out two cartons of milk)
        Darryl: Don't they sell milk here?
        Carl: Not this kind. (opens the cartons, which give off a slight spritz)
        Darryl: Hey, is that -
        Carl: Does a body good! Cheers! (they both have a drink) Hits the spot, eh?
        Darryl: Don't ever sell that cow! (both chuckle) I gotta hand it to you, Carl. I never would have thought to smuggle alcohol into a kiddie fun center.
        Carl: Eh, don't feel bad. I've been a father a lot longer. Hey, I've got a chocolate milk if you'd like a margarita.

      • Wanda: There's no way you work as hard as I do.
        (Darryl flashes to his typical day at work where he and Kenny are flinging rubber bands)
        Darryl: (in the flashback after successfully flinging a rubber band over the cubicle wall) Yes! (after the flashback) I bust my hump!

      • Melinda: Thank God tomorrow's Saturday. Carl takes the kids to Gumdrop Station so I can unshackle my spirit and let it soar free like a bird.
        Wanda: How do you do that?
        Melinda: Paint ceramics.

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    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Fighting Over Changing Diapers / Mortal Kombat
        When Wanda and Darryl argue over who should change Zoe's diaper, the scene is similar to a typical fighting game. However, judging by the format of the game, they are most likely referencing one of the more popular fighting game series, Mortal Kombat.