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  • Would like to see these again.

    I can certainly understand why people dumped on this show at the time with horrible sequels and ripoffs of the Bruce Willis talking baby film going around, however, I was pleasantly entertained by the handful of episodes I saw. I would really like to re watch them somehow to see if time has polished the memory or not. The voice actor saying Bob's lines was an inspired choice to my mind. Just doing another Bruce Willis thing would have made no sense. This had a very good cast of actors and the comedy was pretty sharp too.

    The only pitfall for the show was the same reason it likely got made in the first place - similarity to the Look Who's Talking franchise.
  • One of my favorites and I miss it!

    My daughter and I loved this show! I think of myself having a very good "dry" sense of humor and enjoy shows like Late Night With Conan O'Brien, SNL, Reno 911, Monk, Seinfeld (of course) and the Simpson's. For the life of me I can't imagine why Baby Bob was canceled! Even my hubbie thought it was funny.
    I even have it as a Wishlist on my TIVO just hoping that it may come back again. The show was very unique and the premise of a baby talking, to my knowledge, hadn't been done except for cartoons. Even though Baby Bob could speak, he still acted like a baby. I do remember commercials featuring a baby talking and it was "Baby Bob". If it was that popular to make a commercial from the premise of a talking baby, why didn't the show last? Oh well... I hope they decide to run it again.
  • Baby Bob was an interesting, funny and awesome show.

    Baby Bob was a comedy show with a talking baby. Bob was a six (6) month old baby who could talk. The show Baby Bob was very interesting and was so awesome. Just to think that a baby could talk and tell you what they wanted like when their diaper needed to be changed and even when they are hungry and need something to eat. Even though Baby Bob had been talking for a long time it would still amaze his parents that he could talk. His parents did not want him to talk to anyone else because they thought it would scare people.
  • You either find this creepy and disturbing or you love it.

    For most people, you either find this show creepy and disturbing or you love it judging by the other reviews. I probably watched 1 or 2 episodes other than the pilot but dont remember the plots. I DO remember how the baby sounded -- unfortunately.

    The baby sounds like a chain smoking middle aged guy with a beer belly (at least thats the image it conjured up). At least thats the way I remember it. I stumbled across this long forgotten show because the ever helpful TV.COM feature listing other show similar to the one you are looking at included this.... whatever it is.

    The idea was that since the "Look Whos Talking" movies were fairly popular, this would be too. Wrong! Whats really amazing is this show didnt get the axe after episode 1. Babies should not talk like grown men. NEVER!
  • Scary.

    Okay, there is a baby. A cute, normal looking six month old baby. But he starts talking at this very early age! Baby Bob was horrifying in the aspect that his voice made him sound like a forty year old smoking truck driver. I kind of feel bad for that baby who was the actor for Bob. If later in life he saw a rerun of Baby Bob, and found out what a disaster he was acting in, he would be shocked. I am glad this show is off television. It wasn't funny at all and was quite scary. Avoid at all costs!
  • I can see how some people say that there are problems with Baby Bob but I personally think that it is still very enjoyable.

    I can see how some people say that there are problems with Baby Bob but I personally think that it is still very enjoyable. It's nowhere near some of the other shows that I've watched lately but it's just because those were particularly good not that SHOW was particularly bad. Recommended if you have time to spare.
  • 6 Month old Baby starts talking

    I love this show im a UK viewer and my bf and i recorded it every morning to snuggle up and watch after work - i adored it he was sooo cute and not at all dirty!! The way they caught the actions with the voice was fabulous!!! I want it on dvd!!!!! Cant believe they only made a few episodes!!!
  • At least put the show on dvd.

    At least put it on dvd.The show was hilarious.What is funner then a talking baby.Now the only time we get to see baby bob is on the quiznos comerchels.I dont know why they had to cancel the show it was one best ones.I really wish we could watch it again.
  • A baby starts talking. Creepy factor grows by leaps and bounds.

    Baby Bob is one of those sitcoms where you sit back, watch in horror, and wonder what the bloody blue blazes CBS was thinking when they approved the monstrosity.

    Baby talks. Fine. Normally, that's a good thing, but the personality for Bob was disturbingly letcherous, especially towards his mother, making just nursing the kid probably the most unplesant task in the world.

    Half the time, I suspected that the kid was possessed by the Devil. The other half, I was certain of it.

    Add to that, that the demented talking baby sthick is done infinitely better on Family Guy, and you wind up with a show at best superflicious, and at worst, fodder for a really bad episode of the X-Files.
  • Believe it or not, this was my favorite comedy on television. I was angry when it was cancelled, and I want to see it on DVD!!!

    Baby Bob, the story of a talking baby, was my solace of laughter a long, long time ago. When it was yanked off the air in its first season, and then put back on for a second season run (on Fridays, nonetheless) I was overjoyed, and silly me, I forgot to tape the episodes. I want this series on DVD more than I want any other show. I crave the voice of Baby Bob once more, and I crave the laughs that I had so long ago.

    Baby Bob will never be considered one of the great sitcoms in the eyes of the critics - in fact, they really hated the show...cute little Bob and all. But it will always be a classic in my eyes. And who should deny a classic show to me? Not CBS. For now, I guess I'll settle for the Quiznos commercials.

    -Adam Polaski
  • Give this show a second life on dvd

    I loved this show so much it was so flippin funny. A talking baby with a creapy old guys voice. With no chance of it coming back it has a chance on DVD. Which would make fans very happy. This show had some funny stuff happen. This show is a classic.