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  • No wonder it got canceled

    By far one of the worst sit-com I've ever seen. It's not funny, the characters are shallow and stupid, the situations are so typical we've seen them 1000 times and the romance between the 3 main characters is nonsensical from start to finish. Seriously, how people can find this crap funny is beyond me, I doubt even 13yo kids can laugh at this thing. Now it got canceld, but I can't believe this lasted that long compared to other series...
  • Love the show! Hate they cancelled it!

    Literally one of my favorite shows. Right when the show was climaxing with Danny and Reilly, they cancel it in the middle of a season. Which is confusing to me considering everyone I've talked to loved it too.

  • Thank God for Netflix

    Found this show a few weeks ago on Netflix and I LOVE IT!! IT IS SOOOOO FUNNY!!! <3

    It's my favorite show of all time! It has everything: comedy, drama, family, an adorable baby, and more! There's nothing I could ask for more than more seasons and staying on air. I would recommend this show to anyone who's feeling down, needs some laugh, family moments. You won't regret it!
  • Bring on the Daddy!

    It's a GREAT show. Very funny, entertaining and both myself and my boyfriend can watch it. It's something the guys and the gals can enjoy and I'm proud to say I watch this great show. Keep the episodes coming! :)
  • Seriously, Fox? Seriously?

    This show started playing in Australia just recently and my first thought was "I'll be damned if this makes it to a second season". It reminds me of one of those cheap Pre-teen Disney shows, and many times I heard this playing and went to change the channel thinking it was 'how to rock' or something. Seriously people, it's just laughable, and not the good kind... Get some originality. But I've only seen some of season one, so all I'll really say is "the first half of the first season sucks like a pea flavoured goat hog" But it did make it to season 3, so congrats on impressing your target audience and at least getting somewhere with it. Hopefully the others continue to enjoy it.
  • It is just hilarious!

    I just finished season 1 and I loved it. Plus isn't Emma just adorable?
  • Unbelievable....

    Insane how so many good shows got cancelled this season, but this POS keeps going. Watched it for about 4 episodes, it was a very poor attempt at copying Raising Hope which was funnier, wittier and much more entertaining than this crap fest. Some talented actors in this show but the writing and situational comedy is just horrid. Worst show on ABC... but hey as long as there are still people that need velcro laces for their shoes... this show will have a place.
  • Baby Daddy the Best

    Yoh so Funny!! love to the maxxx!!
  • Raising Hope 2.0

    Cardboard cutout characters, which are often offensive; unfunny jokes; and a less good carbon copy of Raising Hope. What more could you want?
  • love it! watch it!

    i looooooovvvvvvvveeeee this show its my favorite!
  • love the comedy

    Me and my three friends love this show so much
  • Helps me relate and prepare

    I'm about to be a father myself, and and this show lets me have my comic relief from all the stress people say raising a baby is. The whole plot is great! The actors are all so funny, they have a great chemistry! Thank you so much for airing it again for season three, keep them coming! I love Ben and Riley together!
  • Enjoyable

    This is a cute show, not perfect, but funny and I enjoy the interactions. Have to say I 100% think Danny is a better fit for Riley than Ben!!
  • baby = cuteness overload!

    I mean yeah, I also like the show, but Emma... aww...

    When she's touching Riley's glasses! :D

    I wish there would be some kind of a behind-the-scenes video with the baby, or probably babies.
  • Help me please!

    Great show!! Love it!! But I got questions.. Okay so episode 15 emmas mom wants her back and ben throws rylee a surprise party and I think ben and rylee start to date?! I hope. but not sure. I do want to know if there is going to be another episode where they continue it because I really want to know and it has been bugging me! Dose emmas mom take her??? Are Ben and Rylee dating? Please answer if you know?! -Thanks!
  • Lots of heart. :)

    Not perfect, but this show has heart. I really like the characters. I think Danny is super sweet and sometimes smarter than he seems. Unlike Ben, he's loved Riley since she was Rigantor, and that tops anything Ben has to offer. He's a good friend and he'd be a wonderful, supportive boyfriend. Open your eyes, Riley! You got a good one and you don't even know it. This one's the real deal.
  • Ehh...

    This is SO "been there, done that". Totally cliched. Totally BORING.
  • love love love

    i totally love this show! riley is so beautiful and danny is the perfect dumb/hot guy and bonnie is hilarious. i've loved her since reba. I would watch it every week! fav!!
  • That Laugh Track

    I like this show a lot, It's funny and all around a good show. But when i hear that laugh track it makes me want to turn my tv off. I don't get why people this it's a good idea to use a laugh track.

  • Derek Theler and Chelsea Kane deserve a higher quality show

    This show has great potential if it would only stay away from the cheap one liners and laugh track. Derek Theler and Chelsea Kane are fantastic, but if the show doesn't improve than these two deserve a better quality show.
  • Has the Potential to Be an Awesome Show!

    The producers of this show owe a big fat raise to Melissa Peterman. She is genius for bringing her laugh out loud inducing comedic talents to a pretty unbelievable situtation. I also think the good looking brother should have been the one to have the baby and maybe a strained romance with the Baby's mother that would explain why he cannot act on his crush with Riley. Currently, the tension between Danny and Riley just isn't believable -- and does anyone really care if Riley and Ben hook up? I think not. The writers had better fix this problem if they want this show to survive beyond a Season 2.

    And how about Tucker? Can't he just be gay already?
  • The Next Full House!

    This show has the making of being the next full house. The only problem is the intro title. It needs more 'your at home feeling" rather than what is now.

    This show is witty and funny. I love the love triangle! Danny likes Riley, Riley likes Ben, Ben is Danny's brother. Also that Danny doesn't really try that hard to hide his feelings.

    Besides for the love triangle there's also the really funny Tucker. He is what makes the show complete! I love this show!!!!!!!!
  • Funny and Charming

    I had seen this show advertised about a month ago and I thought it looked good, not to original but still really funny but I sort of forgot about it untill a few days ago when I saw the first and second episode and I loved it. First of all I love Reda and Mellisa so seeing her do something new was awesome, and about time, she is once again playing a slightly crazy person and a loving mother which she does amazingly. The guys in this show are very cute and incredibly funny and even though some of the jokes are a bit over done they are still funny. I cannot wait for the next episode because this is a good show and there are some haters but remember this is ABC Family this is the type of show they do so there probably won't be anything too heavy, just very emotional.
  • Not Perfect but pretty Great start

    The show is two episodes in and lets be honest, it isn't perfect. There are some glaring uses of laugh tracks to remind the audience that this is a joke, the cast hams it up a lot and there are already a plethora of sitcom tropes in this show. With all that said, I kind of love it. The baby playing Emma is adorable, the 3 guys are cute in different ways to appeal to a wide female audience, Chelsea Kane is that pretty actress that was trained in the Disney school of comedy so is well versed in light humor and if you saw the show Reba from way back when, hello Melissa Peterman! So yeah, if you want to be a sitcom snob this show is not for you. But if you like ABC family comedy shows, this is a pretty great add and I hope that it gets renewed cause I'm already liking the journey I'm on with Ben and Emma and the gang. :)
  • Perfect cast for this show!!!!!!!!

    When I saw this show advertised on tv I immediately set a series record, knowing that it would be worth watching. When my 6-year-old Sat down and put the pilot on we watched it together. She loved it and so did I because It was so full of heart!

    You have Ben and his best friend/roommate, Tucker. Then, there is Ben's big bother Danny and their childhood neighbor Riley. She used to have the unfortunate nickname "fat-pants" but has since lost all the weight and is now in law school. Also, she is quietly in love with Ben, and Danny calls her out on It. But, the sad thing is Danny secretly has a thing for her so that poses a future problem.

    When Ben's ex leaves their 3 month old baby girl, Emma, on his doorstep with a folder that says she is giving the baby up for adoption and needs him to sign off, he has to make a difficult hard life decision. Will he or won't he keep the baby? Um, of course he will keep the baby! This show Is sweet and I can't wait to see what happens.
  • Awesome new serie

    This new serie is great, cant wait for episode 2
  • Good and Funny

    I thought it was good and funny. The cast were good. I thought about the audience reaction and monologue. I grew up with Tahj Mowry, and Jean-Luc Bilbodeau has cute eyes. Tahj is cute too. The baby was adorable. Nice premiere :)