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Baby Looney Tunes

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Welcome to the Baby Looney Tunes guide at Here they come, they're the Looney Tunes as little ol' pre-schoolers and they're ready to learn and are still packed to make you laugh. In this series you will see some famous faces such as Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz and Sylvester and many others. The Baby Looney Tunes are very curious and ready to learn from their elderly Granny. Prepare to get your funny bone tickled! Many think that Baby Looney Tunes is like the Emmy-Award Winning series Muppet Babies, created by Jim Henson. Baby Looney Tunes is humorous, but children always learn lessons about life from the two part stories in all 53 half hour episodes. Whether they learn about friendship, stealing, or cooperation by the time the ending credits come on your child will have learned a life lasting lesson. Kids also enjoy singing along to the two minute song in between each episode. Watch these kinds of shows with your kids are baby sister or brother now because before you know it they will be on their own. Other Looney Tunes spin-offs Tiny Toon Adventures Taz-Mania The Bugs 'n' Daffy Show Duck Dodgers On July, 4, 2005 Baby Looney Tunes was added to U.S Boomerang at 6:00 P.M. Characters: Baby Bugs - When Bugs grows up he's going to be quick-witted, streetwise, supremely self-aware and into living the good life. But right now, Bugs is only a kid and just learning to do the things and have the attitudes that will make him a star. Winning is by no means certain. Yet even now, he already exhibits the innate spunk and cockiness that make him a born leader, even if he' s not yet sure he has all the right answers. Baby Lola - The biggest dreamer of the gang, Lola thinks bigger and explores farther than anyone else. Always trying to prove her mettle, she's often the first to charge in, only to find she's a bit beyond her depth. As demonstrative emotionally as she is physically, Lola regularly hits the highest peaks and suffers the steepest drops on the roller coaster ride of childhood. Baby Daffy - Daffy wants things his way � all the time! Completely self-involved, he is a frequent source of trouble for Bugs and the gang. If there's a mistake to be made or a wrong decision to be decided, Daffy does it, and in the end usually learns his lesson. Baby Sylvester - Even surrounded by friends, Sylvester is a lost kitten. He is the most easily frightened of the group and sometimes more self-absorbed than Daffy. He is eternally pessimistic, hungry for all the good things childhood has to offer � nowhere near enough of which are his. Sylvester often feels like he's getting the short end of the stick, and therefore is frequently looking to play an angle to get what he wants. Baby Taz - Taz is pure id. His emotions are full "on" or full "off" � happy, sad, angry... or asleep. Easily distracted by anything more fun and colorful, he's simple and good of heart, with none of the meanness or brutishness of his adult counterpart. His speech patterns are a bit limited, though � think a two-year-old caveman. Baby Tweety - Representing the simple, pure heart of childhood, Tweety is filled with the optimism of someone who believes that dreams can come true. Sweet, kind and caring, his heart is on the surface. With Tweety, what you see is what you get. Sympathetic and empathetic, he often acts as translator of Taz's emotional "pre-language." Did ya' know? Did you know that all the people who voice for the Baby Looney Tunes are all Canadian and that the show is recorded in Vancouver, Canada. Except Granny who records in Sherman Oaks, CA? Did ya' know that in season two of Baby Looney Tunes that animation is darker and the babies are being taken care of by Floyd? Did ya' know that in season two Petunia has black hair and hoofs? Did ya' know that in the series Baby Looney Tunes it stars the classic Looney Tune characters as babies? Hey, there everybody it's a looney-full day, To have a little fun the Baby Looney Tunes way, There's lots to do at Granny's house games to play and balls to bounce. So come one over and shout hooray! There's Sylvester, Bugs, and Daffy Taz and Lola too, Tweety such a sweety, Now all we need is you! Hey there everybody it's a looney-full day to play the Baby Looney Tunes way. Baby Looney Tunes is now part of a new programming block called Tickle U. This "block" includes shows such as Krypto The Superdog, Baby Looney Tunes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) and much much more! It is designed for the the youngsters who are too young to go to school or for the many people who love these shows. It is like the Cartoon Network version of Nick Jr. Aimed at kids 2-5, the franchise will feature newly developed and acquired series hosted by Marty, an adult with a big heart and a kid's unlimited imagination. From his bright and slightly askew workshop (where he can build and fix anything), Marty will inspire kids to sing along, play and laugh with him and his characters.


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    • CN and Boomerang replaced Grojband w/ this SH!T?

      Boomerang is making such a big deal out of this show, they replaced Hamtaro! I love watching Hamtaro, especially every morning when it is on befor school, and now Baby looney Tunes is on. I had to write a review about this, and when I did, I noticed that there are dozens of people allready writing reviews about it. Hamtaro is truly a classic, and just got its hour long time slot, only to be replaced by BLT. I hope they bring Hamtaro Back to its origional time slot. Until then this new show is boring. And mean! that black cat is so mean, Taz cries & everyone can her it. They don't even look like baby, and they don't have dipers on!

      This show is nothing personally but pure shit in my opinion. I've seen it six times and I've never laughed or found it funny in any way. The shows premise is basically about a group of animals naked who lived w/ Granny. The idea is original, and it sounds like a great concept on paper, but on tv it gets terribly excuted and you'll change the channel when you see how terribly excuted this show gets on tv. The characters are overly detailed which makes their designs look disgusting and hideous. Both men and women would have their kids watch something more clean. It's nothing sexual, it's just FCC vilations. The jokes are mainly just sadistic writing, animal abuse and cheesy one liners. Maybe to little kids its funny, but older people like us find it to be immature and childish. I don't mind a bit of crude humor, but this show goes overboard with it. The intro has to be one of the most annoying theme songs I've ever heard in a series as well as the voice acting. I'm sorry, but this show gets an F for me.

      Here are the results:

      Concept C-, 4/10: The concept sounds great on paper, but on TV it gets horribly excited.

      Graphics D. 3/10: They are way too gross!

      Characters F-, 1/10: Each character sounds annoying and looks hideous and disgusting. They act nothing like their original counterparts!

      Overall stay away from this De Niro awful pile of crap and go watch better shows than this one. Rating: 1.0/10moreless
    • Worst Looney Tunes spin-off

      How does this bullsh*t along with Loonatics Unleashed have higher ratings then The Looney Tunes Show? The original shorts and The Looney Tunes Show are way better then both of these spin-offs and The Looney Tunes Show deserves better ratings. I want to send those Looney Tune Show haters to h*ll.
    • A good show for those under 7.

      Believe it or not, I actually don't entirely hate this apparent abomination. Let me explain. I saw a few episodes when I was a little over the demographic, and found it pleasantly enjoyable. Maybe it was cause I was sick to death with the likes of shows like Dragon Tales and PB&J Otter (which I can't believe doesn't get the hate of this show), and this felt sort of like a breath of fresh air. Or maybe it was just that the animation, score and writing was more of my style.

      Either way, it felt like a good show at the time and to me, THE spinoff of the Looney Tunes. I saw the Tiny Toon Adventures once and felt it was some creepy knockoff of the classic stuff, but this was the actual characters. I even, uh, enjoyed it more than the original cartoons, which, as a kid, I didn't really like, seeing as I hadn't learned to appreciate them for their timelessness, amazing animation, adult jokes and undeniable brilliance, instead seeing them only for their formula.

      This show, on the other hand, was more entertaining to me. However, I was growing out of the demographic and didn't watch much of it, but I remember loving the episode "Creature From the Chocolate Chip" even though I saw it just once, although I was a little pissed with the ending. Anyways, it's galaxies behind the show of it's namesake, but it's less cheaply animated (though not by much) than the 2011 LT series or the 2003 Duck Dodgers series and Loonatics Unleashed, which it probably sits with (although I, myself, am not an anime fan, and haven't really watched LU).

      So in the end, while this show ISN'T the classic Looney Tunes, I look at it as a cheap but sweet kids show that young children can learn from and enjoy at the same time, and which they might look back on nostalgically years later, and maybe even enjoy an episode or two for old time's sake.

      One last thing I want to add is there are a few things I honestly dislike about it. The first would be the irregular but unavoidable appearences of new character Melissa Duck and Petunia Pig, Porky's girlfriend who was pretty much forgotten by the mid 40's (which is extremely bizarre considering Porky himself is nowhere to be found). The girls are so much more annoying than the boys, so yeah, here, there is a benefit to having Lola be Smurfette.

      The second would be the songs that occur mid-episode. In between the two stories there's a song like on "Dragon Tales", but whereas those were at least original, these are rewrites of those crappy nursery rhymes a lot of us wish we could forget. The only saving grace is that they give us cameos of various characters who rarely or never are seen on the show (Marvin, Wile Pepe le Pew)

      And the third would a second season actually exists. The second season, which returned without any notice in early 2005, over two years after the original season aired and continuing after what most people assumed was the last episode, is more like a series of bad Rugrats episode. They hardly are ever at that mansion from the first season---and that's what made it special. The fact that they never left their comfort zone. Oh, and don't even get me started on the new character in the season.

      The one saving grace is that there are no songs anymore. Still, I'd advise you that if you ever decide to watch the series, stick to the first season---particularly the episodes without Petunia Pig and Melissa Duck---and avoid the songs.

      Well, this review ended up being longer than I expected. I guess it's because I rediscovered the show this year and have a lot to say about it.moreless
    • This is not the Looney Tunes!

      Really Warner Brothers? You had to make the Looney Tunes an educational show, but more likely, this should have been the Looney Tunes I grew up with! I love the original Looney Tunes, but not this stupid spin off. All the characters are crybabies and they don't act like their original selves.

      Bugs is not clever anymore.

      Daffy is a very huge jerk that keeps throwing tantrums over his mistakes. What a baby! You need to forget about your mistakes like I do with mine!

      Lola is acting like a mother! She's nagging a lot though mothers do nag. But at her age, I don't know why she's acting like this! You know what! If I was Sylvester and I was still in my diaper days, I would shout out, "You can't tell me what to do!" - the asdfmovie4 line in skit 5

      And nobody knew Lola till Space Jam!

      Taz is a huge crybaby that cries over the dumbest reasons. He's not the tough devil we know of anymore! Are you trying to make Mother's Day Madness A Day Without Tears Warner Brothers?! Spongebob cried 43 times! And Taz only cried 3 times! I knew he was a big baby in this episode and also Taz in Toyland! Not watching either of these episodes!!! I'm going to punch Taz and present day Spongebob's faces for acting like big babies! This is what kids these days are becoming!

      And yes, we have Sylvester and Tweety. Sylvester is my favorite character in the original Looney Tunes, but not in this show, why? Because both Sylvester and Tweety are friends and not enemies. And possibly, when he chases Tweety, it's just for fun and it's not for real! He doesn't actually eat the bird!

      Granny: Oh Granny! How could I have forgotten you in the series. But her voice is not squeaky anymore. And why is she still old? Shouldn't she have been younger?

      Floyd: Floyd is not a Looney Tunes character! He's just the dumb babysitter who appeared in Season 2 of the show! Floyd never appeared in the old Looney Tunes shorts!

      Okay, so people need to stop asking about who Melissa and Petunia are!

      Melissa is Daffy's girlfriend and Petunia is Porky's girlfriend. They did both appear in the old Looney Tunes! Melissa appeared in this medieval episode when Daffy tries to save her from Sylvester so she gets married with him. And Petunia appeared with Porky in the black and white Looney Tunes shorts.

      So will you shut the hell up and stop asking about these characters! Hmmph! But where are all the other characters? They're gone! They're ghosts! I'm so upset that the rest of the characters only appear in the musical numbers! Speaking of musical numbers, I hate the musical numbers! If I see one of these musical numbers ever again, I'll be crying and burrowing myself under the covers! I would rather watch SkyGuy16's YTPMV Big Beat Mario which is actually better than these musical numbers! Don't believe me? Go check it out!

      Or I'll do this! I'll put Queen's music in the musical numbers! Mwahahaha!

      Twinkle Baby Looney Star: Don't Stop Me Now

      Born to Sing: Bohemian Rhapsody

      Down By the Cage: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

      If You're Looney: We Will Rock You

      Mary Had a Baby Duck: You're My Best Friend

      Looney Tunes Zoo: I Want It All

      Baby Bunny: Save Me

      This is just a parody of Baby Looney Tunes musical numbers for the teenagers and adults! Listening to baby songs at this age is so immature! Queen is on the way for the older kids! Also, the cartoon itself needs a parody! The Looney Tunes need to be absolutely looney! Take the dumb brats to Wackyland! It can happen here!

      What is the educational value of the show? Oh that's right! It's to teach kids to be spoiled brats and throw fights (like Caillou). This show is not Looney! Should be called Baby UnLooney Tunes! It's not funny in any part of the show! I only laugh at how bad the show is! Babies being scared of stupid imaginary crap! Wow! You need to learn that these things are imaginary! You know what! I made Granny's house in Minecraft because I used to like this show! Now I don't! I want the explosions, I want the funny jokes, and I want the characters to hurt each other! Not like the episode when Lola stuck a banana in Bugs's arm and he faked dying! Holy shit! He should be really hurt! And there should be blood just like in the Family Guy parody of Looney Tunes! This blows! The babies and young children need to laugh at my version of the show, not the one Warner Brothers produced!

      You need to watch Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, or anything else made by Warner Brothers and not this show! Please! I'm begging you!moreless
    • Wow,I can't believe I used to like this.

      Even though this show is not as bad as mickey mouse clubhouse ( that show is 100x worse than this show) , it's still pretty bad. I mean, I used to love this show as a kid, but now....... it's just too bland for me. The characters are all annoying ( even bugs ) ,the art style is nothing special and the jokes are just bland and childish. The only reason I'm giving this show a 3.5 score is because it sorta gives me a nostalgic feeling. But other than that, I dislike this show for ruining the good name of the original looney tunes.moreless

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