Baby Looney Tunes

Season 2 Episode 11

A Turtle Named Mrytle / There's Nothing Like A Good Book

Aired Weekdays 9:30 AM Apr 18, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

A Turtle Named Myrtle: The kids are at the beach with Floyd. At first the kids are full of excitement and enthusiasm until Melissa is mad that her shovel is not as nice as everyone else's. When Floyd tells her that she can't get another one she decides to hold hear breath until she gets her way. Floyd informs her how dangerous that was, but Melissa wouldn't give up until she got her way. Floyd and Melissa decide to not talk to each other for the rest of the day. Melissa then wonders from the group by herself. She then finds a little turtle and decides she will keep it. She names it Myrtle. When the kids come to see what Melissa is doing she decides to hide Myrtle under a pail. When the kids are discussing what she is doing Myrtle starts moving in the pail causing the pail to move as well. The kids soon discover what is going on, but Melissa says that it is hers and that they can't play with her. After much talk they all agree to help Myrtle to come home. For a long period of time the gang fills the car with water until it is completely full! When the kids go back to Myrtle she is gone! After a long quest to find her they succeed. Sadly, Floyd sees what the kids are doing. He tells Melissa that Myrtle would be much happier here at home. She obeys him and lets Myrtle go. When the kids get back to the car Floyd says that they all deserve a round of applause. He then opens the car trunk and is swept away by a car full of water. There's Nothing Like A Good Book Bugs and Daffy are pretending that they are out in space while in the kid's bedroom. Thankfully Bugs has finally reached his final destination, the moon. Taz then eats the "moon." Bugs says that they can't play anymore because they don't have any Swiss cheese. Soon Daffy and Bugs are arguing over what the moon is made of. Bugs thinks Swiss while Daffy think Cheddar. Bugs then tricks Daffy into saying that the moons is made up of Swiss cheese. Lola then gets involved and says the moon is made of marshmallow. To solve the mystery the whole gang goes to the library with Floyd. First Floyd has to explain that a library is a big place with lots and lots of books. After being shushed by the librarian the kids go into the children's library and watch a play of assonants on the moon. Lola then goes and makes a model of the moon, but Taz eats it. Eventually the gang sits down and the kids find out what the moon is made up of. To their disappointed they find out that the moon is made up of dust like all the other planets. The kids There's Nothing Like A Good Book.
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