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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Taz in Toyland / Born to Sing (song) / A Secret Tweet
      A) When Taz keeps breaking most of his toys, Granny gives him a new one. When he thinks he broke it Granny says that's the toys job.

      B) Granny plans a surprised birthday party for Tweety. Tweety thinks everybody doesn't like him then he searches for the answer.
    • Comfort Level / Twinkle Baby Looney Star (song) / Like a Duck to Water
      A) Sylvester looses his blanket and the gang helps him look for it.

      B) Granny gives the babies a swimming lesson. Daffy is afraid to swim because the pool is to big.
    • School Daze / Mary Had a Baby Duck (song) / Things That Go Bugs in the Night
      A) The babies want to go to school but granny doesn't let them. So then they decide to play school at home and they practice things such as: going on the bus, crossing the street, fire drills, and other things. b) The babies are startled when they hear noises in the nite and learn that hings are not always as the appear or sound.moreless
    • The Creature from the Chocolate Chip / The Looney Riddle (song) / Card Bored Box
      A) Sylvester eats all of Granny's cookies and when he realizes what he did he asks the babies for help to make up a cookie eating monster to blame.

      B) When it rains, the babies make use out of a box to play with.
    • Time and Time Again / Does Your Tongue Hang Low (song) / May the Best Taz Win
      A) Granny gives the babies lessons on how to tell time. Daffy thinks he doesn't need a lesson and skips it.

      B) Bugs & Daffy fight over who gets Lola on there team to play tennis. Lola chooses Bugs team and Daffy is stuck with Taz on his team.
    • Mine! / Over the Burrow (song) / Sylvester the Pester
      A) Daffy learns a lesson when he finds a purse filled with money. B) An attention starved Sylvester wont let Granny have any time to herself.
    • Cat-Taz-Trophy / If You're Looney (song) / Duck! Monster! Duck!
      A) The babies play race cars to win a cookie trophy prize. Taz & Sylvester win the race. B) Daffy tells the babies a scary story. When they go to bed he starts scaring all of them.
    • The Brave Little Tweety / Foghorn's Talkin' in the Barnyard (song) / The Puddle Olympics
      A) The babies make Tweety brave so he won't be so scared at things. B) The babies take turns jumping over a puddle, but it turns out Sylvester is afraid of water.
    • A Lot Like Lola / Baby Elmer Had a Friend / Mother's Day Madness
      A) Lola wants everyone to be like her. But when they act like her, she gets mad. B) The babies compete to see who can make the best mothers day card.
    • Takers Keepers / D-A-F-F-Y (song) / To Tell the Tooth
      A) Daffy steals Taz's favorite toy. But he soon learns a lesson that he can't take everything he wants. B) When Bugs looses a tooth, Daffy tries to figure out a way to scam the Tooth Fairy.
    • Spinout / Taz's Fridge (song) / Snow Day
      A) Taz gets sick when he spins to fast after eating candy. B) The babies experience their first snowfall.
    • Shadow of a Doubt / John Jacob Jongle Elmer Fudd (song) / Christmas in July
      Shadow of a Doubt: Tweety sheds some light on what a shadow is.

      Christmas in July:The babies pretend its Christmas so Lola will get the stethoscope she wants.
    • Bruce Bunny / Baby Bunny (song) / Leader of the Pack
      A) When Daffy makes up hurtful rhymes, Bugs changes his name to Bruce. B) Daffy starts a secret password club for everyone except Bugs.
    • Flower Power / Looney Tunes Zoo (song) / Lightning Bugs Sylvester
      A) The babies all want to pick the best flowers for Granny, but end up destroying her garden. B) Sylvester learns to overcome his fear of lightning.
    • Flush Hour / Paws and Feathers (song) / I Strain
      A) The babies are afraid of the toilet.

      B) Baby Petunia can't stop watching television.
    • The Sandman Is Coming / Ten Loonies in a Bed / Some Assembly Required
      A) Granny tells the babies about the Sandman coming and putting the sand in their eyes while sleeping. Daffy gets scared and stays up all night. B) Bugs orders a toy but he has to put it together and he can't. So the babies help him.
    • All Washed Up / My Bunny Lies Over the Ocean / Did Not! Did Too!
      A) When Granny asks the babies to take a bath, Taz doesn't want to. So the babies try to make Taz take a bath so they can have play time. B) Frustrated that more of the Baby Looney Tunes regard Baby Bugs as the leader than her, Baby Lola challenges Baby Bugs to a winner-take-all match. At stake is leadership of the group! Two strong personalities end up working together rather than in conflict.moreless
    • Tea & Basketball / Down by the Cage / Taz You Like It
      A) Sylvester wants to play Tea Party and Lola wants to play Basketball with the boys but neither of them can't because Tea parties are for girls and Basketball is for boys. So Sylvester fakes an injury for him to play tea party and Lola to play basketball. B) When no one wants to play with Taz, he starts faking accidents like falling down to make the babies like him and spend time with him.moreless
    • Band Together / Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Baby Martian Gone / War of the Weirds
      A) The babies hear Granny play her favorite music and decide to get together as a band and play music for her. B) The babies meet Baby Marvin, who think hes weird and doesn't play with him. Baby Taz is the only one who likes him and becomes friends with him.moreless
    • The Harder They Fall / Business as Usual
      The Harder They Fall:Bugs gets embarrassed when he doesn't know how to skate.

      Business as Usual:Bugs and Daffy compete against each when they start their own lemonade stand.

    • 10/14/02
      Mr. McStuffles:Daffy tries to keep his old play toys to himself and not share with the others.

      Picture This:The gang decides to make up their own ending to their favorite fairytales.

    • Hair Cut-Ups / Does Your Tongue Hang Low / A Clean Sweep
      A) Lola hides from Granny when she has to get a hair cut. B) Daffy wont clean up after himself.
    • Daffy Did It! / Foghorn's Talkin' in the Barnyard / Pig Who Cried Wolf
      A) The babies are playing soccer with Tweety as the goalie. But he's so small, the ball keeps going back him. So when the ball comes in his direction, he says he saw a flying saucer! Everbody turns around to see and he takes out a bat and whacks the soccer ball away....right into Granny, making her drop all the clothes she washed! Granny then asked who did it. Nobody saw what happened and Tweety took advantage of it and said "Daffy Did It!" This shocked Daffy, who was sure he didn't do it. But he HAD kicked the ball last. So Granny forgives him, but makes him help wash the clothes again....the rest of this episode deals with Daffy doing chores and Tweety coming by and messing them up, always adding "Daffy Did It!" By the end, Daffy is sentenced with no dessert at dinner! Luckily for him, Tweety became over-whelmed with guilt and confessed. But, it turned out, Granny and Daffy had made a deal to make Tweety confess. Daffy gets extra dessert for a week! B) As the title suggests, this episode is about Petunia. She was having a Tea Party with imaginary guests when she tried to invite some REAL guests over. But nobody wanted to play! When a ladybug lands on her nose and causes her to freak out, everbody came running, concerned for there friend. But soon after, everyone left. But, this gave her an idea! This episode consists of Petunia 'crying' for help from a bear and even a dinosaur! But soon everbody learns that she just wanted attention. Then when she was trying to refill her teapot with tea(water) she knocked the plug into the drain and the water wouldn't turn off. When she tried to get help, everybody ignored her. Eventually, it flooded and everything was wet. Petunia learned her lesson and promised never to cry "wolf" againmoreless
    • New Cat in Town / Baby Bunny / Magic of Spring
      A) Sylvester gets jealous when the babies pay more attention to Peppi, a baby skunk. B) Bugs tries to learn magic tricks.
    • Who Said That? / Paws and Feathers / Let Them Make Cake
      A) When Daffy gets mad he starts saying a bad word. B) Granny teaches the babies how to make a cake.
    • For Whom the Toll Calls: Tweety and Petunia makes a huge phone bill by calling long distance. Cereal Boxing: The gang becomes obsessed with getting prizes from the cereal boxes.
    • Mind Your Manners:The gang practices trying to have good dinner manners with Granny.

      Petunia the Piggy Bank:Petunia tries to start saving her pocket money to buy something special.

    • Pastime for Petunia / Looney Tunes Zoo / Pouting Match
      (A) Baby Melissa urges Baby Petunia to do something she's good at. (B) When Lola doesn't get her way, she starts to pout.
    • Wise Quacker / Yours, Mine...and Mine, Mine!
      Wise Quacker: Melissa tries to make the others laugh by telling jokes about them but in the end she hurts their feelings and gets a taste of her own medicine when the gang decides to get back at her.

      Yours, Mine...and Mine, Mine: Daffy thinks that Granny will buy him some new toys if he gave his old ones away.moreless

    • Loose Change / Act Your Age
      Loose Change: Baby Sylvester is afraid of change and wants everything to stay the way they already were.

      Act Your Age:The gang competes amongst themselves for the Granny's attention by competing to see who's the biggest baby.
    • Who's Your Granny? / Tattletale
      Who's Your Granny:When Granny gets sick Lola takes over her responsibilities.

      Tattletale:The gang gets mad at Lola for being a tattletale, so she is left in the nursery with no friends left.

    • Yoke's on You / Baby Elmer Had a Friend / Baby Gate
      Yoke's on You: Daffy and Melissa play bad jokes on the gang. Baby Gate: Bugs tries to prove lies about Taz.
    • 12/9/02
      Never Say Try:Sylvester feels bad after the others tell him he is a bad dancer.

      Pair O' Dice Lost:Daffy learns to keep trying even if things do not go the way he expects them to.

    • Melissa the Hero / Trouble with Larry
      Melissa the Hero:Melissa starts to bug the others by bragging about how she helped Petunia out of a jam.

      Trouble with Larry:Petunia invents an imaginary friend that will let her do whatever she wants and get her own way.

    • The Littlest Tweety:Tweety gets upset when he is overlooked because of his size.

      In Bugs We Trust:Bugs uses the gang's pocket money to buy different toys that they didn't want and what he said he would get

    • 12/26/02
      Cool for Cats:Sylvester believes buying Chewy Chomps will make him look cool according to a commercial.

      Time Out:Granny makes Bugs, Daffy and Taz go to a time out for being bad.

    • Present Tense / Neat and the Sloppy
      Present Tense:Baby Lola suggests that the gang uses their money to buy a present for Granny.

      Neat and the Sloppy:Sylvester desperately tries to keep their nursery clean, after all the cleaning Sylvester did Daffy comes in and makes a mess.

    • Tell-a-Photo / Born to Sing / Move It!
      Tell-a-photo: The babies find a photo album and reminisce about their about the adventures they've had in the past.

      Move It: The babies overhear Granny and they think they are going to move away. They think about all they experiences they've had in their old house.
    • Baby Looney Tunes' Eggs-traordinary Movie
      Baby Daffy Duck finds himself doubting the Easter Bunny even exists. It is up to the rest of the Baby Looney Tunes to prove him wrong. This family-friendly film will make a great addition to your little one's Easter basket this spring.
  • Season 2