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Cartoon Network (ended 2005)


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  • I'd rather watch Loonatics Unleashed than this junk

    If there's one thing that ruins a good show,it's turning them even younger. We've had Muppet Babies,A Pup Named Scooby Doo,Flintstone Kids and Tom and Jerry Kids. Now,let's hear about the worst of them all:Baby Looney Tunes. Now,this is the Looney Tunes,and you would expect slapstick,,explosions and crazy cartoon antics.But no,instead,it's aimed at little kids,and we get a crappy excuse for the Looney tunes. The show is about Bugs,Daffy,Lola,Taz,Tweety and Slyvester as babies. Now,the first problem is continuation. Most of the original Looney Tunes like Gossamer,Witch Hazel,Elmer and Yosemite are not even in here. Second of all,the characters act nothing like their normal selves. Bugs is not clever or witty,and is just a big pussy. Daffy is annoying,and is the worst character of the entire show. He is just a selfish brat who whines about everything. Lola is not as independent as she was before. Taz is a huge cry baby who acts like the Cookie Monster. And Tweety and Sylvester are now friends. And plus,these characters always fight all the time,and cry over everything. The plots are just stupid and are always things we've seen before,like trying to give Taz a bath. And there are always parts that just make me say "WTH?". For example,Tweety had to go to the bathroom,and Floyd had to take him. I know she's a baby,but she's a freakin bird,and she could fly! And what's worse is that during the middle of the episode,there's a freakin musical number. And these always have to be filler for the show itself. Overall,this show is such a disgrace to the Looney Tunes. It acts nothing like it,and just feels like you are watching animators rape the cartoons you loved since childhood. If you want a good spin-off,watch Tiny Toon Adventures and Duck Dodgers
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