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    • Baby Love
      Baby Love
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      When Maggie takes Mickey to see Dr. Fleischer, she meets Craig, a single father to a baby girl named Danielle (who is also the same age as Mickey). While the babies get along well, things don't go so smoothly with the adults. Maggie and Craig try to tough out their rocky dates by claiming that it's best for their kids to have a family. That pressure causes Craig to propose to Maggie, who turns him down. However, neither are really upset about it, except for maybe Mickey and Danielle.moreless
    • Jingle Fever
      Jingle Fever
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      (temporary synopsis) James is writing a jingle for chewing gum. His gig takes up most of his time, which takes its' toll on Maggie's hang out time. When Maggie finds out that the singer of James' jingle is a very beautiful woman, Maggie begins to develop some feelings of jealousy. Her jealousy causes her to question whether or not she has feelings for James.moreless
    • Cold Turkey
      Cold Turkey
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Maggie is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner this year at her apartment for everyone, but her plans are more simple and modern - something that Doris is not too happy about. Doris shows up at the crack of dawn to help cook, and her differences conflict with Maggie's original plans. Arguments result, and Doris leaves the apartment without telling anyone where she is going. After Maggie worries for hours, Doris finally shows up for dinner and the two make-up from their arguments.moreless
    • Teach Your Children
      Teach Your Children
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      (temporary synopsis) It's the terrible two's. Mickey has been behaving very irritable and restless lately that Maggie and Anita conclude that it's part of being 2 years old. Mickey's bad behavior is put to the test when he is placed with other more well behaved children. When he is scolded and made fun of for his behavior, Maggie intervenes to stands up for her son. Later, she apologizes to Mickey and tells him that if he wants to be irritable and restless for the time being, he can. Mickey agrees to behave better.moreless
    • Dr. Duck's Jamboree
      Dr. Duck's Jamboree
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Maggie has a date with the star of the famous kid's show "Dr. Duck's Jamboree" and ask James to baby-sit Mickey. When Maggie's date comes to pick her up, he overhears James singing a kid's song that he made-up for Mickey and comments on it being very good. The next day when Maggie, James, and Mickey tune into "Dr. Duck's Jamboree," James discovers that his impromptu song was stolen and used on the show. Initially, Maggie does not believe him, but later does some investigating to find out the truth. In the end, James is given credit for the song.moreless
    • I've Got a Secret
      I've Got a Secret
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Anita's son Tony is behaving in a way that causes Anita to worry, especially since Tony won't tell Anita what's going on. Tony eventually confides in James that he has a crush on a girl named Samantha who lives across the street, but makes James promise not to tell anyone. Maggie eventually finds out what James knows about Tony, and bribes James (with a hula hoop dance and song) to tell her on the condition that she won't tell Anita. But the truth comes out to Anita who then lets it slip to a very upset Tony, who feels betrayed by James. To get even with James and prove that grown-ups can't keep a secret, Tony fibs a secret to Anita that James is in love with Maggie. This causes another series of secret-breaking-promises.moreless
    • Away in a Manger
      Away in a Manger
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      Only 6 days until Mickey and Maggie celebrate their first Christmas in Brooklyn Heights with their new friends. While Maggie is bakery sitting for Anita, James finds out that Maggie has bought him a very nice and expensive gift (an auto, remote control answering machine). This only leads James to feel bad because all he bought Maggie was a pair of mittens. With not a lot of money to spend, James gets a job as a store Santa to earn extra money to buy Maggie a nicer Christmas present, a necklace. But at the final minute, the Christmas spirit hits James and he gives the necklace to his poor elf assistant's husband so he can finally give his wife a nice gift for the holidays. On Christmas Day, Maggie surprises Mickey with a tree full of toys from Santa. Then James shows up to give Mickey a sled and Maggie a song he wrote especially for her the night before.moreless
    • The Man Who Would Be Grandpa
      The Man Who Would Be Grandpa
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      Nick Miller, Mickey's father, drops by the apartment to see Mickey. Maggie and James pretend to be a couple to make situations easier. However, the visitor turns out to be Nick Miller Sr., Mickey's grandfather, who invites them all to dinner. When Maggie is about to reveal that she and James are not really a couple, Nick Sr. reveals that his son still thinks Maggie is not over him. This causes Maggie to continue to act as his girlfriend. When the dinner is over, both James and Maggie have a hard time deciding when is the right time to stop acting as a couple and return to being just friends. Things get carried away when they share a kiss. Maggie starts to fear getting hurt in relationships again, and ask James to leave. James eventually tells Maggie that he really is crazy about her, but this only leads Maggie to more fear. After James has a talk with Warren, James decides to go back to Maggie to try again. Still afraid, Maggie eventually gives in and gives her and James a chance. Across the hall, Anita is spying on them until Maggie pulls James back into her apartment. She says "YES!" with a big grin!moreless
    • Now I Know How Lassie Feels
      Now I Know How Lassie Feels
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      It's a crazy night at Maggie's apartment. The building is going through a lot of problems. Anita does not have any water, Maggie's toilet is making weird noises, and the elevator is out of order. Maggie and Susan have an accounting deadline to meet, Anita is using Maggie's kitchen to cook for her catering service, it's boys' poker night and the only restroom they can use is Maggie's, and James' wallet is stolen. The only witnesses are the babies.moreless
    • Warren Piece
      Warren Piece
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      Warren becomes an unwanted third wheel to Maggie and James when he is constantly tagging along on their time together. To resolve this, Maggie arranges blind dates with some of her friends for Warren. When none of them work out, Warren concludes that no woman is ever going to like him, until he meets one that's more his type at the park. Meanwhile, Doris receives a ticket for loitering, and decides to fight in in court claiming that the officer was out of hand.moreless
    • The Committment
      The Committment
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      Anita is in desperate need of help when her assistants are unable to help cater the party for Doris and her new boyfriend. She ask Maggie and James to fill in and help out. At the party, James and Maggie get in another argument when Maggie runs into an old classmate. This stirs up some jealousy in James. Their arguments soon disrupts the party, until Doris' boyfriend (a shrink) intervenes to help settle the conflict. Other party guests assume that their argument was a part of the party theme and comment on how much fun they had.moreless
    • Prince and the Pooper
      Prince and the Pooper
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      Maggie is chosen to be the director of a play that will benefit the community center. The play is a politically correct and modern version of "Cinderella." When auditions are being held, Doris tries out for the stepmother, Anita the fairy godmother, Warren the footman, and James the prince. The only person who auditioned for the role of Cinderella is Lois, a very beautiful woman who will share an on-stage kiss with the prince. When the roles are cast, Maggie's jealousy causes her to choose Warren to be the prince over James.

      During the night of the play, disaster occurs when the punch bowl ends up with real alcohol in it. This causes both leads to become very drunk. The audience, thinking that it is all part of the play, is not bothered by the disasters one-bit. The show is a success and money is raised for the community center.moreless
    • Broadway Baby
      Broadway Baby
      Season 2 - Episode 15
    • Requiem for a Lightweight
      Requiem for a Lightweight
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      A day at the gym turns out to be a fight for the honor of Maggie. When a well-built bully puts the moves on Maggie, James challenges him to a fight. Of course, James gets knocked out, but challenges the bully to a rematch. With the help of Tony, James endures some heavy training before the rematch. This leads to James and Maggie breaking up. Meanwhile, Susan takes Maggie out on the town to find a new boyfriend. During the rematch, Maggie shows up to support James' fight. In the middle of their conversation, the impatient bully interrupts and hurts Maggie arms causing James to punch him out. James and Maggie make up afterwards.moreless
    • Maggie's Left Foot
      Maggie's Left Foot
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      (temporary synopsis) Maggie injures her left foot and has to be on crutches for the time being. Everyone takes part in helping her around the house until her foot heals.
    • Maggie's Personals' Birthday
      Maggie's Personals' Birthday
      Season 2 - Episode 4
    • Security
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      After Anita's apartment has been burglarized, Maggie worries that the burglar may strike twice. She purchases a high-tech and very expensive alarm system for her apartment. However, the system won't be installed until the next day, so Maggie and Mickey are left alarmless for one LONG night. That night, Maggie is disturbed by a series of bumps and noises which terrifies her into calling both her mother and James. James agrees to spend the night until her security system is installed the next day.moreless
    • Whiz Kid
      Whiz Kid
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      While both fixing the loft and baby-sitting Mickey, Howard and Fogerty discover that Mickey is quite gifted. In fact, they wouldn't be surprised if he was a "whiz kid." The convince Maggie that Mickey has many talents and an intelligence that will take him far in life. Not letting Mickey's gift go to waste, Maggie meets with the Academy for Gifted Babies in hopes that Mickey will be accepted. Then both mother and son say goodbye to their friends in their "Mommy and Me" group.moreless
    • Give a Sucker an Even Break
      Give a Sucker an Even Break
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Maggie is exhausted due to lack of sleep. The cause is Mickey, who goes through the night crying and waking her up on several occasions. When Maggie brings Mickey to see Dr. Fleisher, he suggests that it may be time to stop breast-feeding Mickey and switch to formula. But the process to switch is not easy. Maggie finds herself giving in to breastfeeding just to keep Mickey quiet so she can sleep.

      Meanwhile, Howard and Fogarty discover that the loft is very unsafe for a baby, so they resort to baby-proofing it.moreless
    • Trading Places
      Trading Places
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Maggie receives very unsettling news that Mickey may not be her baby. On the day of Mickey's birth, there may have been a mix-up with another family's baby who was also there at the hospital. When Maggie meets the other family, the Sorrentos, she discovers that they are part of a family circus act of acrobats. The only way to prove who's baby is who's is through a DNA test. The catch is that the results take three to four weeks, a time that Maggie and Mickey both find to be a very painful experience. However, all is made right when Maggie is proven to be the mother of Mickey.moreless
    • Womb with a View
      Womb with a View
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Maggie brings Mickey to see Dr. Fleisher because she is concerned about a ridge that she finds on Mickey's forehead. At the office, she meets a 9 month pregnant woman named Cynthia who wonders what Dr. Fleisher is like as a doctor. The two agree to meet and chat at Maggie's loft. While at the loft, Mickey has a conversation with the unborn baby and tells him how to get out of the mother's womb. With the elevator out of order, Cynthia then gives birth in Maggie's loft.moreless
    • Star is Newborn
      Star is Newborn
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Maggie's new client Bill, is a big time advertiser for baby-food. He offers Mickey a chance to be in the spotlight of a few commercials for baby food. This means extra income for both mother and son. When Joe meets Bill, he senses that Bill wants sexual favors in exchange for his helping Maggie and Mickey. Maggie brushes off that idea until Bill threatens to end Mickey's career if Maggie won't let Bill put the moves on her.moreless
    • One Night with Elliot
      One Night with Elliot
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Because Maggie has never been married, she fears that single motherhood would ruin Mickey's chances of going to a prestigious school. In order to avoid this, she lies on the application and claims that she is married. But when the school wants to interview both her and her husband, a desperate Maggie begs Elliot (Dr. Fleisher) to act as her husband. Elliot easily agrees (especially since this could be his chance to tell Maggie that he has feelings for her).

      The interview goes very well, but Maggie is not out of the woods yet. At the school, both the pretend husband and wife run into Tammy, an old college friend of Maggie's, who also has a son that may be elligible for the school. Elliot, who secretly does not want his pretend relationship with Maggie to end just yet, invites Tammy and her husband to dinner with Maggie.

      But Maggie and Elliot have to continue the husband and wife act when Tammy and her husband need a place to stay for the night after all the hotels in the area are booked. This means one night of Elliot and Maggie sharing a bedroom!!moreless
    • The Fever
      The Fever
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      When Maggie brings Mickey to Dr. Fleisher (Elliot), Maggie is introduced to Elliot's old college friend Gary. With a very mutual interest in each other, Maggie and Gary decide to go out on a date. However, the idea bothers Elliot who still has been working up the nerve to ask Maggie out. Gary and Maggie have several successful dates, which leads to Maggie wondering if he is the right guy for her. But Gary's true face is revealed when Mickey and Gary are left alone - he does not like children and plans to send Mickey away to a boarding school when he and Maggie end up together. Gary's true personality shines through when Mickey experiences a serendipity, and catches his first fever. Maggie becomes ultra anxious to this new experience and ask for Gary's help. But he does not lend a very helping hand in return. Maggie eventually gets a hold of Elliot, who easily comes to the rescue and saves Mickey's health and Maggie's nerves.moreless
    • The Big One
      The Big One
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      It's almost Mickey's first birthday!

      Maggie feels that the best gift for Mickey is to give him a father figure who can do things with him like play ball with or go fishing. She calls Mickey's biological father Nick, and invites him to come by and see the two of them. But to her disappointment, Maggie discovers that Nick is still the jerk that he always has been, so she scratches out that idea and throws Nick out.

      Then Maggie gives Mickey his other gift - A BIG PARTY with all their friends!moreless
    • Your Loss is My Gain
      Your Loss is My Gain
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      (temporaray synopsis) While Maggie does James' taxes, Maggie starts to know James a bit more.
    • Starting Over
      Starting Over
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Maggie and Mickey say goodbye to their Manhattan Loft and start their new lives in their new home in Brooklyn Heights. Despite the dismay of Maggie's mother Doris, the not-so recommended words of neighbor Anita, and the seemingly unreliable super/songwriter James, Maggie stays put on her decision to remain.

      Maggie's moving day is interrupted when her accounting office calls her in to handle an urgent client's claim. While she is gone, Doris is asked to baby-sit Mickey. But a domino effect of accidents and errands causes Mickey to switch baby-sitters from Anita to James. When Maggie returns from work, she goes on a worrisome chase to find Mickey. When he is finally found in her apartment with James, Maggie makes the decision to work at home more and at the office less.moreless
    • Out of Africa
      Out of Africa
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Maggie's old friend Robin returns briefly from Africa. She visits Maggie at the loft, and is introduced to Mickey and the guys who are fixing up the place.

      Robin's eccentric outlook on life immediately clashes with Joe's city-boy point of view, and the two look like they will end up as enemies. Maggie tries to mediate a compromise between Robin and Joe, but has to leave briefly to take Mickey to the doctor.

      When she returns, she notices a big change in Robin and Joe. They are now acting like best friends - in fact, Maggie soon discovers that the two of them are going to go out on a date.

      Their dates all go well - so well that Robin proposes to Joe just two days before she must leave for Africa. Joe accepts, but is warned by Maggie that Robin has pulled stunts like this before, and usually has left her past boyfriends at the altar with a broken-heart. Joe is upset at Maggie for not being supportive of them. They argue, but eventually make up.

      On the day of the wedding, Joe is standing there waiting for Robin to show up, but she doesn't. Joe finally realizes that Maggie may be right, but Robin surprises both of them when she does show up. It turns out that she was just running super late. Joe and Robin have a very quick wedding, followed by a quick and tearful goodbye as the newlyweds head off to their new life in Africa.moreless
    • Once in Love with Cecil
      Once in Love with Cecil
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Aunt Beverly has invited herself to stay with Maggie and Mickey for 3 days. Maggie is not looking forward to the long visit because her Aunt Beverly is very ultra-conservative and an opinionated woman who is still bothered by Maggie having a baby before marriage. Her opinions flare and hurt her niece until Fogerty intervenes to sticks up for Maggie by insisting that her Aunt Beverly needs to lighten up. At first, Maggie's aunt is shocked, but then surprises them all when she and Fogerty go out together all night. When they return very late to the loft, Maggie discovers that they had a VERY good time on their date - so good that her aunt now refers to Fogerty as Cecil. Fogerty(Cecil) ultimately falls for Maggies's aunt, and thinks about proposing marriage to her. His proposal is not accepted, but Fogerty is thanked for being hard on Beverly - who has been so bitter and uptight for so long, but now is a lot more laid back.moreless
    • Tooth and Nail
      Tooth and Nail
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      The Mommy & Me group is not happy with Mickey after he starts hitting the other babies and taking away their toys. Maggie exhausts herself out trying to teach and reason with Mickey that his behavior is unacceptable. But Mickey won't listen, and eventually mother and son get into a big argument.

      She takes Mickey to see Dr. Fleisher(Elliot) to see if maybe he knows what to do. Elliot says that Mickey probably needs a father figure, and finally asks Maggie out for a date. Maggie is not very convinced that Elliot was being serious about having feelings for her, and she's right.

      It turns out that he does not have strong feelings for Maggie, but instead really loves Mickey and wants him to have a father. Maggie is thankful for Elliot and says that he will be the perfect father figure for Mickey, even without romantic ties to her.

      Mickey finally decides that his behavior is not good when he and Maggie are about to take a family portrait together. Mickey apologizes to Maggie in the only way he can - "baby talk."moreless
    • He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Super
      James may be getting his big break as a songwriter when he is chosen to write some ballads for a heavy metal band. But his big break is taking too much of his time that it starts to take a toll on his superintendent duties and his relationship with Maggie.

      On the night of James' debut, Maggie shows up at a tough bar where the new song will be performed. But the ballad is not a hit as the audience boos the performance. The band then revises the ballad to a heavy metal version, which pleases the audience. Either way, James has written his first recorded song for a record.moreless
    • The Littlest Shoplifter
      The Littlest Shoplifter
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      (temporary synopsis)
      James' parents are coming to town to meet Maggie for the first time. Maggie goes overboard with worries that she will make a bad impression, but James reassures that his parents will love her.

      When Maggie and Mickey stop by the market to get food for the big dinner, Mickey places some items in Maggie's coat pockets without her knowing it. At the checkstand, Maggie is arrested for shoplifting and has to call James to come down and bail her out.

      When James comes down to the police station, he brings along a surprise with him - his parents. The charges are dropped after the surveillance camera is reviewed, which proves Maggie's innocence.moreless
    • Pop Goes the Question
      Pop Goes the Question
      Season 2 - Episode 21
      Mickey says his first word, "Daddy." Maggie worries that he will think that James is his daddy. This makes Maggie wonder if James would be the right man for her and Mickey. James decides that he is going to propose to Maggie. He takes her glove to the jewelry store to figure out her wedding ring size. Meanwhile, Maggie decides to propose to James as well. She arranges a romantic dinner with James to pop the question the same night that James has prepared a romantic dinner for the two of them so he could pop the question. They start arguing over what they should do, and this leads them to disclose their plans of proposing to each other.moreless
    • Wedding Bell Blahs
      Wedding Bell Blahs
      Season 2 - Episode 22
      Tired of all the pressures of preparing for the wedding, Maggie and James decide to drive to Maryland to elope. When they arrive at the chapel, Maggie begins to get cold feet and backs out of eloping. Later, she realizes that she needs a wedding with all her friends and family and heads back home.moreless
    • Scenes from a Marriage
      Scenes from a Marriage
      Season 2 - Episode 23
      Maggie is just about to walk down the aisle to marry James, but before that, Mickey tells his version of what happened that morning. Both Maggie and James have bad dreams and Maggie worries that her wrinkle from her pillowcase will ruin her looks. Maggie starts to get cold feet and calls James to meet her in the laundry room to talk (not face to face because it's bad luck)to make sure that both of them really want to get married. After they finally agree that they do not have second thoughts, they rush upstairs to get ready for their wedding day. At the church, Maggie goes through a series of hair changes, Maggie breaks her nail, James has trouble with his tuxedo, Susan flirts with the minister, Warren gets a stain on his tuxedo, the marriage license becomes glued to both witnesses of the party (Susan and Warren), and James' parents are wondering if James is making a mistake. When the moment arrives, Maggie and James become very calm, and the wedding goes smoothly.moreless