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ABC (ended 1992)


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  • Bad tv ripoff of a decent movie

    This show was a variation of the "Look Who's Talking" movies and was doomed from the start. The show's original star was Connie Sellecca who left before the pilot even aired. Julia Duffy was her replacement but she left after the initial spring run. Instead of cancelling this show, ABC replaced Duffy with Mary Page Keller, an actress who I've always liked but unfortunately seems to be the kiss of death for any show she is on. Scott Baio was added, replacing the departing George Clooney. Obviously with all the cast changes, somebody knew this show was a bomb. Why ABC insisted on trying to salvage this mess is beyond me, but I've got to give them credit for trying. I actually thought the show got better when Keller took over. She and Scott Baio were cute together. It was a bad show, but I still tuned in. I'm still not sure why....