Baby Talk - Season 1

ABC (ended 1992)


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  • Out of Africa
    Out of Africa
    Episode 12
    Maggie's old friend Robin returns briefly from Africa. She visits Maggie at the loft, and is introduced to Mickey and the guys who are fixing up the place.

    Robin's eccentric outlook on life immediately clashes with Joe's city-boy point of view, and the two look like they will end up as enemies. Maggie tries to mediate a compromise between Robin and Joe, but has to leave briefly to take Mickey to the doctor.

    When she returns, she notices a big change in Robin and Joe. They are now acting like best friends - in fact, Maggie soon discovers that the two of them are going to go out on a date.

    Their dates all go well - so well that Robin proposes to Joe just two days before she must leave for Africa. Joe accepts, but is warned by Maggie that Robin has pulled stunts like this before, and usually has left her past boyfriends at the altar with a broken-heart. Joe is upset at Maggie for not being supportive of them. They argue, but eventually make up.

    On the day of the wedding, Joe is standing there waiting for Robin to show up, but she doesn't. Joe finally realizes that Maggie may be right, but Robin surprises both of them when she does show up. It turns out that she was just running super late. Joe and Robin have a very quick wedding, followed by a quick and tearful goodbye as the newlyweds head off to their new life in Africa.moreless
  • Once in Love with Cecil
    Aunt Beverly has invited herself to stay with Maggie and Mickey for 3 days. Maggie is not looking forward to the long visit because her Aunt Beverly is very ultra-conservative and an opinionated woman who is still bothered by Maggie having a baby before marriage. Her opinions flare and hurt her niece until Fogerty intervenes to sticks up for Maggie by insisting that her Aunt Beverly needs to lighten up. At first, Maggie's aunt is shocked, but then surprises them all when she and Fogerty go out together all night. When they return very late to the loft, Maggie discovers that they had a VERY good time on their date - so good that her aunt now refers to Fogerty as Cecil. Fogerty(Cecil) ultimately falls for Maggies's aunt, and thinks about proposing marriage to her. His proposal is not accepted, but Fogerty is thanked for being hard on Beverly - who has been so bitter and uptight for so long, but now is a lot more laid back.moreless
  • Tooth and Nail
    Tooth and Nail
    Episode 10
    The Mommy & Me group is not happy with Mickey after he starts hitting the other babies and taking away their toys. Maggie exhausts herself out trying to teach and reason with Mickey that his behavior is unacceptable. But Mickey won't listen, and eventually mother and son get into a big argument.

    She takes Mickey to see Dr. Fleisher(Elliot) to see if maybe he knows what to do. Elliot says that Mickey probably needs a father figure, and finally asks Maggie out for a date. Maggie is not very convinced that Elliot was being serious about having feelings for her, and she's right.

    It turns out that he does not have strong feelings for Maggie, but instead really loves Mickey and wants him to have a father. Maggie is thankful for Elliot and says that he will be the perfect father figure for Mickey, even without romantic ties to her.

    Mickey finally decides that his behavior is not good when he and Maggie are about to take a family portrait together. Mickey apologizes to Maggie in the only way he can - "baby talk."moreless
  • The Big One
    The Big One
    Episode 9
    It's almost Mickey's first birthday!

    Maggie feels that the best gift for Mickey is to give him a father figure who can do things with him like play ball with or go fishing. She calls Mickey's biological father Nick, and invites him to come by and see the two of them. But to her disappointment, Maggie discovers that Nick is still the jerk that he always has been, so she scratches out that idea and throws Nick out.

    Then Maggie gives Mickey his other gift - A BIG PARTY with all their friends!moreless
  • The Fever
    The Fever
    Episode 8
    When Maggie brings Mickey to Dr. Fleisher (Elliot), Maggie is introduced to Elliot's old college friend Gary. With a very mutual interest in each other, Maggie and Gary decide to go out on a date. However, the idea bothers Elliot who still has been working up the nerve to ask Maggie out. Gary and Maggie have several successful dates, which leads to Maggie wondering if he is the right guy for her. But Gary's true face is revealed when Mickey and Gary are left alone - he does not like children and plans to send Mickey away to a boarding school when he and Maggie end up together. Gary's true personality shines through when Mickey experiences a serendipity, and catches his first fever. Maggie becomes ultra anxious to this new experience and ask for Gary's help. But he does not lend a very helping hand in return. Maggie eventually gets a hold of Elliot, who easily comes to the rescue and saves Mickey's health and Maggie's nerves.moreless
  • One Night with Elliot
    Because Maggie has never been married, she fears that single motherhood would ruin Mickey's chances of going to a prestigious school. In order to avoid this, she lies on the application and claims that she is married. But when the school wants to interview both her and her husband, a desperate Maggie begs Elliot (Dr. Fleisher) to act as her husband. Elliot easily agrees (especially since this could be his chance to tell Maggie that he has feelings for her).

    The interview goes very well, but Maggie is not out of the woods yet. At the school, both the pretend husband and wife run into Tammy, an old college friend of Maggie's, who also has a son that may be elligible for the school. Elliot, who secretly does not want his pretend relationship with Maggie to end just yet, invites Tammy and her husband to dinner with Maggie.

    But Maggie and Elliot have to continue the husband and wife act when Tammy and her husband need a place to stay for the night after all the hotels in the area are booked. This means one night of Elliot and Maggie sharing a bedroom!!moreless
  • Whiz Kid
    Whiz Kid
    Episode 6
    While both fixing the loft and baby-sitting Mickey, Howard and Fogerty discover that Mickey is quite gifted. In fact, they wouldn't be surprised if he was a "whiz kid." The convince Maggie that Mickey has many talents and an intelligence that will take him far in life. Not letting Mickey's gift go to waste, Maggie meets with the Academy for Gifted Babies in hopes that Mickey will be accepted. Then both mother and son say goodbye to their friends in their "Mommy and Me" group.moreless
  • Give a Sucker an Even Break
    Maggie is exhausted due to lack of sleep. The cause is Mickey, who goes through the night crying and waking her up on several occasions. When Maggie brings Mickey to see Dr. Fleisher, he suggests that it may be time to stop breast-feeding Mickey and switch to formula. But the process to switch is not easy. Maggie finds herself giving in to breastfeeding just to keep Mickey quiet so she can sleep.

    Meanwhile, Howard and Fogarty discover that the loft is very unsafe for a baby, so they resort to baby-proofing it.moreless
  • Trading Places
    Trading Places
    Episode 4
    Maggie receives very unsettling news that Mickey may not be her baby. On the day of Mickey's birth, there may have been a mix-up with another family's baby who was also there at the hospital. When Maggie meets the other family, the Sorrentos, she discovers that they are part of a family circus act of acrobats. The only way to prove who's baby is who's is through a DNA test. The catch is that the results take three to four weeks, a time that Maggie and Mickey both find to be a very painful experience. However, all is made right when Maggie is proven to be the mother of Mickey.moreless
  • Womb with a View
    Womb with a View
    Episode 3
    Maggie brings Mickey to see Dr. Fleisher because she is concerned about a ridge that she finds on Mickey's forehead. At the office, she meets a 9 month pregnant woman named Cynthia who wonders what Dr. Fleisher is like as a doctor. The two agree to meet and chat at Maggie's loft. While at the loft, Mickey has a conversation with the unborn baby and tells him how to get out of the mother's womb. With the elevator out of order, Cynthia then gives birth in Maggie's loft.moreless
  • Star is Newborn
    Star is Newborn
    Episode 2
    Maggie's new client Bill, is a big time advertiser for baby-food. He offers Mickey a chance to be in the spotlight of a few commercials for baby food. This means extra income for both mother and son. When Joe meets Bill, he senses that Bill wants sexual favors in exchange for his helping Maggie and Mickey. Maggie brushes off that idea until Bill threatens to end Mickey's career if Maggie won't let Bill put the moves on her.moreless
  • Baby Love
    Baby Love
    Episode 1
    When Maggie takes Mickey to see Dr. Fleischer, she meets Craig, a single father to a baby girl named Danielle (who is also the same age as Mickey). While the babies get along well, things don't go so smoothly with the adults. Maggie and Craig try to tough out their rocky dates by claiming that it's best for their kids to have a family. That pressure causes Craig to propose to Maggie, who turns him down. However, neither are really upset about it, except for maybe Mickey and Danielle.moreless