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Gus, Beres, Linvall and Johnny are the closest of friends – the sort of friends who share a beer and provide moral support when the going gets tough Their varying fortunes are captured in this enthralling and funny drama that proves the old adage: “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Described as a “black, male, UK version of Sex In The City”, this highly original, contemporary BBC drama is a male perspective on modern relationships starring some of Britain’s top black actors. Set in Brixton, London, Gus, Beres, Linvall and Johnny meet regularly for football practice, putting the world to rights over a pint of beer, sharing the most intimate details of their often stormy relationships, and offering each other support in times of crisis. Gus, currently reaping the benefits of the successful family jewellery business, is in good spirits. He’s young, single and relatively wealthy, although his parents’ imminent visit from Jamaica is making him feel a little bit apprehensive. What does he have to fear? Johnny is caught between Lesley, his live-in girlfriend, and Pauline, a more recent affair. With both women due to give birth to his baby, it can't be long before his cheating ways are exposed. Beres, married to the beautiful Sonia, is content with what he has: a steady job at the garage, a wonderful daughter, Lara, and a seemingly happy marriage. His wife however prefers to seek companionship from her ‘friend’ Grace. How will he cope when Sonia leaves him? Linvall, an aspiring fashion photographer, is tiring of his mediocre job at a High Street studio. Linvall wants to be a creative artist. When he becomes sexually involved with his new business partner, Lucy, the sparks begin to fly. Not least because she is the daughter of Edwin Fry, perennial grandfather of rock music. Babyfather depicts the core feelings at the heart of modern life, through the experiences of Gus, Johnny, Beres and Linvall. Sexual scandal, youthful ambition and family loyalty all feature in a drama where true friendship always prevails.moreless