Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers

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Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers

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This series started with a two hour TV movie called "To Live and Die in Starlight", which ran in January 2002 opposite a major football final. Poor rating lead The SciFi Channel to not pick up the series. The show follows a new group of Rangers, a captain with a past to atone for, and a ship rumored to be "cursed," as they follow the ways of the Anla Shok.

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  • Why Why Why didn't they make this into a full series????

    For those that missed this TV movie this was going to be another spin off of B5 focused on the Rangers. I'm really sad that Sci-Fi didn't pick this up and do a full season order. The 2 hour movie was all we got and they wasn't fair.

    One would think that with all of the success B5 had that someone would have picked up this or the Crusade, how many Star Trek spin offs have there been?

    I loved the ranger mythology in B5 and think they really could have had a hit. This dying out and the reported cancellation of the B5 movie, it looks like B5 is dead in the water for the foreseeable future.

  • "Babylon 5 : Legend Of The Rangers" was a failed attempt to resurrect B5. The shows shortcomings were many, but it gave fans another chance to see some of their favorite characters.moreless

    "Babylon 5 : Legend Of The Rangers" was a failed attempt to resurrect B5. The shows shortcomings were many, but it gave fans another chance to see some of their favorite characters.

    First, the show did not bring back all the main characters. There were some scheduling conflicts, but those can usually be worked out. The budget boys were more of a factor.

    Second, it lacked the vast set image of B5. Skipping on extras saves money, but sacrifices the image.

    Third, it was filmed in Canada and separated Babylon 5 from many of its Southern California roots including CGI labs, etc.

    Fourth, Some of the technology was just plain stupid. Note the ship defense system among others.

    Fifth, There was a new cast of young actors, mainly Canadian. B5 was not scared of the Hollywood abcession with youth and cast some great actors. This appears to be another money saving scheme. There's more but I'll leave it there. The good include a return to B5's composer, a chance to see G'Kar, and a wisp of the old Babylon 5.moreless
  • It works...

    A nice character piece for most of them. I like the wry Minbari first officer and the young tough captain. Want to see more of everybody else: the dangerous special ops who's quick and talented but still becomes speechless around G'Kar, the fierce-looking tactical woman, the nicely voiced Minbari healer, the Narn woman... I like her.

    It's an action piece, an obvious pilot for this hopeful series. Here, they have a problem, well...three. They solve them. I'd like to get to know these people and this haunted ship better.

    Beautiful music by Franke working some of the old themes from Babylon 5, the cancelled game Into the Fire, and lots of new stuff. Gorgeous CGI stuff.

    I like the little references back that populate this universe, and the hints into this crew and this new enemy. I have faith it's not just a retread of the big bad Shadows. Crusade was going to solve its big problem in two years anyway, and segue into a much bigger moral problem. I believe this is what J. Michael Straczynski has on the drawing board for this proposed series.

    The characters look fun to play around with. That's the most important thing.moreless
  • J.M.S. has contracted a severe case of what I like to call george lucas` disease.A rare condition resulting a spectactular drop in the quality of the media they produce.Age is also a factormoreless

    Ok Before i begin i will preface by saying i'm a huge B5 fan

    I have the show on vhs and the DVDs.(i even have those crappy micro machines)

    now that you know im a fan i can start taking apart this appauling piece of Tee Vee.

    The characters were two dimensional ,at best.

    the dialogue ,a JMS trade mark, was more woeful than usual.

    Andreas Katsulas does his best with whats on offer

    injecting the show with it only high lights.

    (Imagine a really friendly and likeable waiter

    trying to convince you to order the dog mess specail)

    But Not even Katsulas can save this. I had to turn off the tv in embarrassment during the

    tactical holo battles.The woman hanging out in space punching enemy mines made me cringe in a specail way.

    The way the situation was resolved was quite interesting.

    They repeated the tactic they used ealier in the pilot.

    Perhaps J.M.S. thought repeating himself was a good idea.

    Most of all, the story was unneccessary and pointless

    it added nothing to what had gone before .

    we dont even find out what gkar and lyta have been up to on the rim.

    I felt like the fate of that traitorus ambassador

    (the one in the pod )should have been inflicted on the people that brought this to the small screen.

    Hopefully if we ignore them they will just go awaymoreless
  • Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers – a short lived Babylon 5 spin off.

    I really liked Babylon 5 itself. I am sorry to say that the same does not apply for Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers. The Legend of the Rangers was beyond difficult to get into, as it moved slowly and was not very original. The characters seemed relatively weak and the storyline slow. This is not something I can really recommend for anyone but extremely avid Babylon 5 fans. There was at least a little potential here but the show didn’t last nearly long enough to bring it out. The movie tie in was (in my opinion) the weakest of the Babylon 5 movies.moreless

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