Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers

Season 1 Episode 1

To Live and Die in Starlight

Aired Unknown Jan 19, 2002 on Syfy
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To Live and Die in Starlight
The background story for David Martel, our lead character, is that he left the scene of a battle while commanding a Ranger ship called the Enfalli. His friend of three years, a Minbari named Dulann, and what seems to be a reasonably new friend, a human named Sarah Cantrell, were there at the time. Early on in the telemovie, it is now a short while after the events on the Enfalli. While his fate is being decided by the Rangers Council, David is assigned to menial jobs. We see that he is currently guarding a Minbari industrial complex, and has been told to stop some people smuggling Dust. He hears a twig crack, and he is on the defensive. But it is just Dulann. Amidst some more friendly banter, they both dispatch the smugglers who soon appear. Dulann is in fact here to fetch David, as the Council has made up its mind on what to do with him. We then visit the Ranger Council headquarters on Minbar. Here we meet Tannier and Sarah. Tannier finds it rather stupid that the Council needed to even deliberate on David's fate. To him, David acted without honor by retreating from a combat zone and violating the principles of the Anla Shok. Sarah, on board the Enfalli at the time, defends David. Tannier explains he has no quarrel with Sarah, but implies that he most certainly does with David. Then, as the scene ends, we see an old friend lurking in the shadows. He's listened to the conversation, but for what purpose? Moments later, a large ship arrives, the Valen. By all accounts it's a large ship, one that might have gone to David if it wasn't for his troubles. It's actually going to our friend Tannier. David surmises that it would probably have gone to Tannier anyway, and makes comments to suggest he doesn't like the Valen anyway. "In space things don't have to be aerodynamic," he explains. "You can put a really big engine on a brick - which pretty much looks like what they've done." After some character building scenes, David notices another ship, the Liandra. David can't believe she's still flying, but Sarah explains the alliance needs all the ships it can get. The Liandra, however, has a history of its own, some believing it to be cursed. Its last crew were all found dead on board, and no one knows what happened to them.moreless

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    • Sindell: Impressive is not exactly the word I was searching for, G'Kar.
      G'Kar: Ominous, perhaps? No, menacing? Potentially hostile, heavily armed, and aesthetically displeasing?

    • G'Kar: I imagine the humans felt that way when they first saw your ships.
      Sindell: We were hardly menacing.
      G'Kar: Of course. So that whole Earth-Minbari war was just a silly rumour?

    • David: (to Tennier) Y'know, I just love it when you get all self-righteous and stuff. Makes your head bone quiver, right back here.

    • Sarah: The weapons systems were down. What the hell were we supposed to do, look really mean and hope the bad guys surrendered?

    • Dulann: I must make them understand that there is nothing to be gained by expelling you from our company.
      David: Well, you'd get my room. It has a better view than yours.
      Dulann: Hmm, a point I had not considered.

    • G'Kar: They put their lives and their careers at risk for his sake. I've met very few who can foster that kind of loyalty. One in particular comes to mind. Stubborn, difficult, fractious, annoying, independent and willful!
      Council Member: And what happened to him?
      G'Kar: He became the president of this Alliance, of which the Anla'shok is a part.

    • David: (wearily) Comm system?
      Malcolm: Still down.
      David: Weapons?
      Sarah : Still down.
      David: Captain?
      Sarah : Definitely down.

    • Kafta: Rangers don't murder in cold blood.
      David: Yeah, well, lately I've been having disciplinary problems.

    • Kit: Okay, I'm parking the ship right here and we're not leaving until someone tells me what the hell just happened here.

    • G'Kar: We are imperfect reflections of the universe around us. We cannot change the past, we can only learn from it and try to create a future in which such errors do not recur. Sadly we are still working on that last part.

    • Tirk: Citizen G'Kar, Captain Martel would like to speak with you.

    • Minister Kafta: I am sure there must be a planet with a breathable atmosphere somewhere in this sector. He... [pauses as he refers to Capt. Gideon]... could land, drop us off, and get help.

    • G'Kar: Every spacefaring race has two things in common. First, they have a food identical to what humans call "Swedish meatballs."

    • G'Kar: Of course. Love to stay, can't, have to go, kiss kiss, love love, bye!

    • G'Kar: Minister Kafta, this ship is being held together by little pieces of wire and good intentions. If we land in this condition, assuming we do not have an unpleasant encounter with the ground on the way down, I doubt very much they could take off again. They would be trapped with us, and the ship looking for them would find it, find them, find us, find you, a brilliant cascade of cause and effect. Isn't the universe an amazing place? I wouldn't live anywhere else.

    • Tafeek: No, we don't have any first-class accommodations! However, we do have several very long hallways and some very nice closets!

    • Sindell: One of the Anla-Shok has acted inappropriately and must be punished, perhaps even expelled.
      G'Kar: What was his crime?
      Sindell: Staying alive!
      G'Kar: Curious. Until now, I hadn't known it was a crime.

    • David Martel: We live for the One, we die for the One, but we don't die stupidly.

    • Sarah: Today is a good day to die.
      David: Oh with you everyday is a good day to die.

    • Dulann: Mimbari ears are substantially more sensitive than human ears.
      David: Well at least ours are bigger and better placed.
      Dulann: Size is not everything.
      David: Yeah, I've heard that before.
      Dulann: So I am informed.

    • Drazzi Ambassador: Your name is Tirk, isn't it? That isn't a Drazzi name.
      Tirk: My mother created it. She says it means "Don't touch me I'm not having another child after this, EVER!"

    • David: I'm going outside. I need some fresh air.
      Sarah: There's nothing outside but hard vacuum.
      David: Typical

  • NOTES (5)

    • Writer and producer, J. Michael Straczynski planned from the start that all live action, composite, and CGI would be filmed in wide screen. He did this so no matter what format The SciFi Channel choose the master would be in a true wide screen format.

    • The character, Captain Gregg, is named after a Babylon 5 fan, Bart Gregg, who was the winner of The Sci Fi Channel's "B5: Be in the Movie Contest."

    • The pilot "To Live and Die in Starlight" was produced by the Sci Fi Channel to test the waters for a new "Babylon 5" TV series. It became a victim of scheduling. The original air date was scrapped after the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York City. The final air date was January 19, 2002 in the same time slot as the NFL AFC Divisional Championship playoff game featuring the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders. This resulted in poor initial run ratings. Sci Fi dropped plans for the series.

      Creator, writer, and producer, J. Michael Straczynski posted this to his USENET group eight days after the initial air date:

      "The east coast ratings got hammered by the football game, which was the highest rated such game in something like 5 years. The B5 male demos are pretty much the same as for sports, and we lost heavily to football. So there we did not do well. By contrast, on the west coast, where the show aired *after* the game had finished, we not only met but *exceeded* SFC's expectations, getting a 3.2 or 3.6 in many markets, which is actually pretty unheard of for a basic cable network. The problem is that the average, 1.7, is still what's used for advertising."

    • As part of the promotion for this episode, The SciFi Channel President, Bonnie Hammer, and select fans had their cars "wrapped" with Babylon 5 : Legend Of The Rangers promotional art work.

    • As part of the promotion for this episode, The SciFi Channel released digital trading cards. The cards were released in this order: Card 1 - Capt. David Martel, Card 2 - Sarah Cantrell, Card 3 - Citizen G'Kar, Card 4 - Malcolm Bridges, Card 5 - Na'Feel, Card 6: Tirk, Card 7 - Dulann.


    • The Minbari character, Dulann, in the pilot episode sees ghosts of the dead crew. The SciFi Channel who produced the pilot created web ads that used Dulann's image and the quote "I see dead people." That sentence is a direct quote from the movie "The Sixth Sense" that premiered a year before in 1999.