Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 3

A Day in the Strife

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Nov 23, 1995 on

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  • A Day in the Strife

    A Day in the Strife was a perfect and most likely under rated episode of Babylon 5. This episode was really great because it really showcased G'Kar's journey and "hero's quest" which add's complexity to the show. A few of the main characters are all on their own journey's in relation to the same circumstances. I enjoy watching the diverse points of view in this series. This episode had a lot of character driven scenes, suspense, a little action, and drama. I like how we get to see more of each individual character and I can't wait to watch more episodes!!!!!!!
  • Building the ground..

    It felt little slow, in some point, and the main development did not seemed to be not in the big story or something.. but this episode did some ground setting. I mean, we got much closer idea of what Franklin is going trough and if Garibaldi sees a problem, then there is..

    I specially loved the story arc with G'Kar. His decision to leave and the way they made him stay. The words that narn said.. "Your sword is on your head and heart"... I really have started to love those storylines with narns more and more. They are getting so much depth, so much philosophy.. Love that.
  • "i carried my sword in my hand you carry yours in your heart.

    ' i carried my sword in my hand you carry yours in your heart and mind' as the genocide of the narn race at the hands of the centauri continues, two emissaries from the narn homeworld arrive to repatriate g'kar. as the leader of the narn resistance g'kar has a harsh choice abandon the cause or stay and see the murder of all the families of any narn still on board babylon 5, meanwhile the command crew are confronted by a bizarre alien doomsday probe orbiting babylon 5 , it will detonate and obliterate the station in 2 hours unless they can answer a complex intelligence test. is the probe all its seems or os there a deeper purpose to its threat.