Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 4

A Distant Star

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Nov 23, 1994 on

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  • Seven stuff

    A fairly mediocre episode, although it was interesting to see more personality to Sheridan than just "a nice guy" - I appreciated the idea of giving him a little bit of doubt and a challenge.

    Losing the ship seemed predictable, but thankfully not to the full degree - I was kind of expecting it to be destroyed.

    Interesting to see inside the mysterious hyperspace and catch some of these mysterious nasty shadow guys.

    Not sure what else to say about it. I have to say it's a rather mediocre season so far and look forward to it picking up.

    Is it just me or was the opening voiceover re-done to not sound so dry? At least he sounds enthusiastic about the place now. Maybe it's my imagination :)
  • A Distant Star

    A Distant Star was a really great episode of Babylon 5. This episode had a lot of character development as we learned more about them. I thought Dr. Franklin giving every one food plans and monitoring them was funny. I think this touches upon a larger issue about how we work and eat or skip meals so viewers can definitely relate. It was interesting to see the Shadow's in Hyperspace. Their ships are pretty cool and powerful. I thought this episode was entertaining and I enjoyed the ending. Sheridan finally accepts his position and deals with it. I look forward to watching more episodes of Babylon 5!!!!!
  • the start of the shadows.

    a distant old friend of captain sheridan's visits babylon 5 to restock his explorer ship,the cortez.he tells sherdian about strange black ships he has seen on the rim which disappear in the blink of an eye.the ship leaves to map out sector 900,but an explosion occurs,leaving it disabled with no way out of hyperspace.babylon 5 receives a faint mayday signal from the cortez and captain sherdian esnds his fighters to pull the ship from hyperspace- a task that has never been achieved, risking the lives of his fighters and his good friend.we are now about to see the start of the shadows.
  • The first disappointing episode of the second season.

    The first disappointing episode of the second season.

    This show has four main plotlines.

    One, Sheridan is not enjoying his job at Babylon 5. He always envisioned a job with more glory and adventure. He does not want to be a politician and a bureaucrat, which is the gist of his current position.

    Two, Doctor Franklin is annoying the command staff about eating more healthy, and was even annoying for me to watch.

    Three, to show us more about hyperspace, but so little is actually told to us that its unsatisfying.

    Four, the Minbari are questioning Delenn's status as a Minbari. They wonder if she is even still the same species as they are. But it seems as though this was only the introduction of the topic with much more to come.

    I could tell that Straczynski did not write this episode, without having to look it up first.

    The most annoying part of this episode was Captain Maynard. He seemed to be "off" in every scene. The most memorable example is that when his ship is lost in hyperspace, it seems as though he is actually grinning through the whole scene. At other times his tone was off, making the character seem flat and unrealistic.
  • More about shadows but mostly for getting used with season 2

    Nothing special but there is still many enjoyable quotes and convertations we wouldn't want the miss.

    Story is simple - Sheridan's friend is visting him, he has soon somehting weird on space, his ship gets lost and Sheridan decides to try something new and something mad - find a ship in hyperspace and he manages it and Keffer saws something. And from now one, this won't give him rest and will later costs his life.

    Delenn is just adorable. Her way of seeing things. Everytime I hear her talking about startdust or learning new things about humans - she is just so... adorable :)

    So. Episode what isn't nothing special but gives us excitmenet, informs us about shadows and gives us want to find out what comes now.