Babylon 5

Season 3 Episode 13

A Late Delivery from Avalon

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Apr 25, 1996 on

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  • A story of forgiveness

    This one really surprised me. It seemed pretty weird at first - Arthur? Oh surely not, we've already had Jack the Ripper, what is this, Voyager? etc.

    But wow, what a story that unfolded, and who of all the men it should turn out to be.... but the very man who accidentally started the Earth/Minbari war.

    I can't even imagine the feelings someone like that would go through, to have compassion and to have started something like that.. the remorse, the regret, the "if only"s, and he was just a good man who was mistaken.

    I'm pretty sure it'd have driven me to insanity too, and also that desire to just help anyone and everyone possible. But ultimately, the need to be forgiven. By our equally compassionate Minbari and then, by himself.

    A powerful bit of fleshing-out for the backstory. Great stuff.
  • A Late Delivery from Avalon

    A Late Delivery from Avalon was a great episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed watching this episode which applied the King Arthur myth the series. It was very interesting to see this story develop and Arthur making friends with G'Kar whom he bestowed a great honor and sense of hope for his people. I thought it was cool to see Dr. Franklin and Marcus back in action again. This episode was a fun side step from the larger story lines, yet it definitely makes contributions. There was action, intrigue, and humor in this episode. I look forward to watching more episodes of Babylon 5!!!!
  • Different ways of dealing with pain..

    So.. this has been one of the episodes that just never manages to catch me. I mean, I love that Franklin and Marcus have some screen time but.. the story seems so irrelevant to everything else and even the whole Arthut setting on Babylon 5 (who is who..) It did not made it any better.

    But it wasn't that bad for an episode. The Arthur story, on its own was following.. there were some questions like why he thinks that and his ideal views.. helping other, getting into fight to get the picture back.. I liked that and the way G'Kar got involved.. so.. It had its pros and cons
  • king arthur arrives on the station look for forgiveness.

    a man comes to babylon 5 carrying a sword claming he is no other than king arthur. what no one knows is that he is the one who opened fire on the minbar war ship and cause the earth minbar war. because of his guilt he has blocked out who he is. so king arthur goes down below and finds a old woman crying. she tells him that a group a theifs stole her picture fame her late husband give her. so he goes and gets it back. with the help of g'kar they fight off the bullies and return the frame. meanwhile steve tries to get the man to confront his demons and asks for forgiveness from the one person one the station who can forgive him delenn.
  • A mysterious man comes to Babylon 5 dressed in chainmail and armed with a sword. His name? King Arthur - Son of Uther Pendragon, come to help when he is needed most.

    In Arthur, we actually meet the Earth Force gunner who started the Earth/Minbari War. He was the man who, without orders, opened fire on the Minbari Leader, Dukhat's flagship. As Arthur, he headed to downbelow to roam and finds an old lady who is lying in her little alcove crying. She tells him why (some thieves stole her ramaining belongings, including a picture and frame, the only item she had to remember her late husband with) and sets out to find the thieves. After defeating the thieves, they refused to "submit" and warned Arthur that they "have friends". To Arthur's surprise, G'Kar was the only one who was honorable enough to stand at his side. For that, Aurthur "Knighted" G.Kar, dubbing him "Sir G'Kar, the Red Knight".

    The person that would eventually find this out would be Dr. Franklin, thanks to a DNA scan. Captain Sheridan also tries to convince the League Of Non-Alligned Worlds to sign the "Babylon Treaty" in which each world representative that signs agrees they won't start any wars against any other race that signs the treaty.
  • KING ARTHUR arrives on Babylon Five!!! WHAT??

    At the beginning of this episode, I truly believed it had the potential to be one of the stupidest things i've ever seen. But somehow the story worked. Despite the crazy idea, the episode really played out well. First of all, I think the actor who played Arthur carried the show because he convinced me that he really may be who he claimed. Also, I loved the score of the episode. All in all, I credit whoever directed the episode because Im sure upon reading the script, it was not easy to figure how to make this one work. I recommend it.