Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 8

A Race Through Dark Places

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jan 26, 1995 on

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  • Whoa!

    And double whoa and triple whoa!

    (Specifically, the massacre, the fact the massacre was an illusion, and could these be.. the beginnings of.. a *friendship* between Winters and Ivanova?)

    Another episode that enthralled and fascinated me mostly because of Winters, someone who until recently has failed spectacularly to do either. It seems she, and her story, have awoken.

    This is made even more interesting by the good Doctor being the support behind it all, wow. And using it to explain the downbelow clinic as well.... just wow.

    Nice as always to see Koenig showing up as Bester. Nasty piece of work, he can really just reach through people's brains and kill them? Ouch. Nice to see Mars, too. Though he was curiously charismatic in this episode (except for when he believes the massacre had actually happened)

    "A little nibble here and a little nibble there"? Quote any more Red Dwarf's Captain Hollister and we'll be flying *backwards*. Now I want that cat, and I want it now.

    Throw in some amusement about the living quarters and we have a winner. More of Sheridan's personality comes through, and I just love his sense of humour (I myself can't resist the kind of jokes that make people hate me like "Kosh Who?" "Gesundheit" XDDDDD)

    Good stuff, good stuff. 9.
  • A Race Through Dark Places

    A Race Through Dark Places was a perfect and classic episode of Babylon 5's second season. I enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of character development for Talia Winters as we see her telekinetic powers grow as well as her psychic powers. It was fun to see Bester again, and even better to see him beat at his own game. I thought the scenes with Ivanova and Sheridan discussing the rent were funny. It was interesting to see Sheridan and Delenn on their first date, finding they have more in common than first believed. This episode had a great mix of storys and characters. I look forward to watching more of Babylon 5!!!!!!!
  • What Franklin is doing on his free time...

    I am not sure what is more important on this episode - the fact what we learn about Franklin (what is not very surprising as he is a very caring person, ready to protect any life) or the fact that this is turning point for Talia. She has had her doubts before but now she learns the full scale of them and that she was wrong - Corps is a scary place.

    I most say this episode opens up a new way, new angle how to approach telepaths what later Byron more developes. We have seen then as Psi Cops.. we have seen them in running as Ironheart and as persons who not have many choices by many forms. Now we see some who have the strength and will to make a different, not to tolerate that. And I admire that on them.
  • besters back

    l love every episode that has mr bester in it. he's a great charcter. this episode is about talia and the other telpaths. sinster mr bester is back. played by with delicious malevolence by walter koeing of star trek. is the all powerful telepath employed by earth feared and hated elite psi corps to hunt down rogue telepath and bring them back alive or dead. this time bester suspects that runaway telepaths are ecsaping through babylon 5, and he wants captain sherdian and his crew to assist him, by law they must but laws and minds can always be bent.
  • Psi-Corp comes to Babylon 5 to investigate an underground railroad for telepaths. During the visit, we get more information about how corrupt and dangerous Psi-Corp is.

    Psi-Corp comes to Babylon 5 to investigate an underground railroad for telepaths. During the visit, we get more information about how corrupt and dangerous Psi-Corp is.

    I actually figured out that Dr. Franklin ran the underground railroad before they revealed it to be true. Garibaldi said that a command officer had to be involved with the railroad. Sheridan is too new to the station. Garibaldi just doesn’t seem the type to run something like that. Ivanova said she wasn't involved, and she isn’t one to lie. That left Doctor Franklin. The linchpin came when he told Sheridan that he was setting up a meeting.