Babylon 5

Season 5 Episode 10

A Tragedy of Telepaths

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Mar 25, 1998 on
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The telepaths have barred themselves inside an area of Downbelow, and their telepathic tricks force Lochley to ask Bester for help. G'Kar finds an old friend locked in a cell in the Centauri palace.

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  • g'kar find his first aid na'tho alive on centuri prime.

    the telepaths trapped them selfs down below. this forces captain lockly to call mr bester and ask for his help in getting them out of down below alive. his deal is that he gets to take them back to ci-corp. bryon and the others find out that bester is on the station so they deciced to come out fighting which will end up with a deadly result. mean while on centuri prime g'kar who is there as londo body guard finds out that one of his old friend na'tho is still alive and being held capture in a cell. its up to londo to help free her.moreless
  • Na'Toth is back

    Oh goodie, I was hoping for more episodes revolving around telepaths. The one consolation of this is Bester. He gets some great lines and you can tell that Walter Koenig is enjoying the hell out of playing him. And while I'm not as horribly oppose to Lochley as I was in the beginning, and I don't find Tracy Scoggins to be particularly attractive... damn, that woman has a fine body! Seriously, wow. It was cool to see Na'Toth again. I always liked her, and I'm glad the got her out of the cells, for her own sake, and for the two funny scenes with Londo getting the dress, G'Kar's reaction to the thing Centauri women have for Narns, and Londo staggering down the hall during the escape. And a great scene between G'Kar and Londo about the sorts of things that happen in an Imperial monarchy.moreless
  • A Tragedy of Telepaths

    A Tragedy of Telepaths was a really superb episode of Babylon 5 and I enjoyed watching this episode as an unknown force seeks to rip apart the new interstellar alliance. I thought it was interesting and the right thing to do for Lochley to confront Byron and the telepaths and let them know the consequences of their actions. I felt bad for them as they only want a place of their own. I also enjoyed watching Londo and G'Kar on Centauri Prime as they rescued an old friend. Sheridan and Delenn utilize the bylaws of the alliance to prevent further escalation in a touchy situation. This was a very interesting episode and I look forward to watching the next!!!!!!!moreless
Leigh J. McCloskey

Leigh J. McCloskey


Guest Star

Caroline Ambrose

Caroline Ambrose


Guest Star

Freddy Andreiuci

Freddy Andreiuci


Guest Star

Kim Strauss

Kim Strauss

Drazi Ambassador

Recurring Role

Jonathan Chapman

Jonathan Chapman

Brakiri Ambassador

Recurring Role

Robin Atkin Downes

Robin Atkin Downes


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When talking privately with the Drazi, Brakiri and Gaim Ambassadors, there's one shot of Sheridan and Delenn in which one of the lights of the wall beside Sheridan goes off for a few seconds.

    • Continuity: Some of the telepaths shown siding with Byron in this episode were among the group who had split from his non-violent ideology in the previous episode.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Sheridan: She went where?
      Garibaldi: Right down the shaft, right smack in the middle of them. Zack just gave me the news. You've got to give it to her, she's got guts.
      Sheridan: She is crazy! She was crazy when I knew her almost twenty years ago, she's just as crazy now.
      Garibaldi: You hired her.
      Sheridan: Don't remind me.

    • Na'toth: For I will kill you at the very first opportunity.
      Londo: Yes, I suspect you have to get in line for that honor.

    • Drazi: Every great fall begins with a single mistake.

    • Bester: I'll do whatever I can not to hurt them. You forget: we are more same than different. We are all telepaths and we are all on this together.

    • Na'Toth: How do we avoid being noticed?
      Londo: We don't. We do everything we can to be noticed. And thus become invisible.
      Na'Toth: I do not understand.
      Londo: The royal court has been trained not to see what is inappropriate.

    • Londo (to G'Kar): And we have to do it without killing a guard, without raising any alarms, and without anyone noticing that she is gone. My next trick: I shall fly around the room under my own power.

    • Garibaldi: Why is that we always break up our history by the .. the wars, not the years of peace? The hundred years war, war of 1812, the first three world wars, the Dilgar war, the war of the shining star, the Minbari war, the Shadow war. Why the war and not the peace? Because it's exciting, and because on some level people like to see something big fall apart and explode from the inside out. And right now, John, we're that something.

    • G'Kar: Would you like some spoo? It's fresh!
      Londo: Pfah! Get that away from me. Spoo needs to age. It takes time to cultivate its flavor. Fresh spoo would insult a Centauri.

    • (Before G'Kar's flight)
      Londo: (to Lara) Very nice. I think you may be just what I am looking for. Would you mind taking off your clothes?
      G'Kar: Mollari!
      Londo: Not necessarily at this moment and certainly not in front of the... (Lara removes her dress)
      G'Kar: It's animal magnetism, what can I say?
      Lara: What would you like to do now, Prime Minister?
      Londo: Borrow your clothes for a while.
      Lara: Ah, of course. Emperor Cartagia also played this game with me but... I'm not your Prime Minister.
      Londo: I'll make do.

    • (After Londo tells G'Kar the Centauri are still manufacturing weapons)
      G'Kar: Well with every one now on the same side perhaps you're planning to invade yourselves for a change. I find the idea curiously appealing. Once you've finished killing each other we can plow under all the buildings and plant rows of flower that spell out the words "Too Annoying To Live" in letters big enough to be seen from space.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The working title of this episode was "Cat and Mouse." Producer J. Michael Straczynski used it in order to avoid the title spoiling the plot of the episode.

    • Na'Toth was recast in season two because Julie Caitlin Brown didn't feel comfortable with being in prosthetics on a regular basis. But the character was then dropped shortly afterwards because the producers felt the role didn't work with the new actress. They therefore brought Brown back for this episode.