Babylon 5

Season 2 Episode 12

Acts of Sacrifice

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Feb 23, 1995 on

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  • Friendship is magic

    If only for a little while.

    Londo caught me there. It's frighteningly easy to neglect friendships and take them for granted, only to find one day you have good fortunes and no-one to share them with. It's a sad and cold place, and long live his friendship with Garibaldi and the sacrifices necessary to keep such things going.

    He's a fascinating character, finding himself going down some very dark paths yet remaining someone who can be liked and sympathised with.

    Meanwhile the pain that G'Kar must go through to keep peace. A story of sacrifices indeed.

    I don't know what to make of the Lumati part of the story. The points about our tendency as humans to go against natural selection and afford the most kindness and protection to the weak are always interesting - it makes us the wonderful people that we are, but is there any truth to what he says.. or is the way we do things exactly what gives us a new and unprecedented type of strength? I prefer to think the latter.

    I think I'll give this 8.5 for how thought provoking it is. And also for the laughs - Ivanova is a brilliant character! (I think she's my favourite character on the show - if ever she pulls a Sinclair or a Jadzia, I'll smash something)
  • G'Kar seeks military assistance from the Minbari and Earth.

    G'Kar seeks military assistance from the Minbari and Earth.

    At times, I feel bad for the Narns. They are being brutalized by the Centauri, again. The Centauri kill innocent civilians. But then, as Delenn said, I remember that the Narns have done, and would do again, the same to the Centauri. We see the desperation G'Kar faces after he learns that the best Earth and Minbari can do, is unofficially transporting food and civilians. He realizes that the Narn cannot fight and beat the Centauri on their own.

    I actually don't expect the Lumati to be back. They made them to be important in the episode, but their bigoted viewpoint would result in more conflict than it would be worth to add them to the show. We may see they from time to time, but I'd be surprised to even see that.
  • the centauri start to attack the narns. watch for susans dance.

    in this episode of babylon 5 acts of sacrifice we see g'kar asking for help from the minbari and earth to help fight the centauri, the centauri start to kill the inicent victim of narn. without reason. as tensions mounts between babylon 5 narns and centauri populations, ambassadors g'kar finds his attempts to secure new allies underminded by a young narn eager to launch an offensive against the stations centauri occupants. can g'kar assert his authority before babylon 5 becomes a war zone?. meanwhile commander ivanova's efforts to convices a strange alien race to join the earth alliance leads to a shocking discover.
  • Acts of Sacrifice

    Acts of Sacrifice was a superb episode of Babylon 5. I enjoyed this episode because it had a lot of character development for Londo, G'kar, and Sheridan among others. I really like the line of Londo's "It's good to have friends, even if for only a little while". I enjoyed watching G'Kar hold his place among his people, and it was awesome that Na'Toth had his back. I think this was definitely a great character building episode. I found it funny how Ivanova found herself navigating delicate diplomatic relations with a new alien race. I look forward to watching more episodes of Babylon 5!!!!!!!
  • Sacrifices...

    I would say that now episodes coming, G'Kar will never be the same again as he was. Even if it is only second season and looking back there is not much to compare but he has taken huge steps to other side. This episode is his fight - for the survival of his people, to keeping them safe and having some hope of all - but that hope is fragile and will be broken in the end. The scene when Delenn and Sheridan is informing him about the changes they can give and about their help and then asking his he not thankful and the way he says his answer, then leaves and cries - this shows his pride, his dedication and his will and makes me admire that char.
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